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  1. Is there a limit on blocking?

    Dont blame it on her. I had over 350 blocked, have never been a troll but am the one trolled on. I visited Latino sims and it did not matter if I reported the incidents and the people, I would still get hit on by scripts and harassed. It is my suspicion that the administrator of he sim likes to harass women in his, and other sims. So when you block numerous avatars, you may be blocking the same owner of them all...
  2. Mesh skin with multicolors

    T H A N K Y O U !!!!
  3. Mesh skin with multicolors

    Actually, I only saw it once. Never again. The second time it happened, everyone else noticed but me. What can I do?
  4. Mesh skin with multicolors

    Someone noticed that my Maitreya skin has a multicolored pattern. Like waves or stripes. He said he saw four more females with the same issue, yesterday. I am on FS, but logged on with Alchemy and still had that issue. This is what I mean: Has this been reported? Is there a solution? And yes, I restarted, cleared cache, cleaned inventory, went to Aich until I rezzed.... blah blah What can be done?
  5. Is there a limit on blocking?

    But avatars can also be derendered, even permanently. So that blocks them as well.
  6. Is there a limit on blocking?

    Arent they blocked when you derender them?
  7. Is there a limit on blocking?

    1000 limit is awesome. I am sure I have over 100 already and have been a member for three years. I get annoyed that some blocked objects always find the way to sneak right back. Like some annoying merchants sending ridiculous notifications daily. But am happy with how well the blocking works with people. I can not even see them on my screen andcan even choose to completely ignore what they write in chat
  8. Is there a limit on blocking?

    Is there a limit on the number of people and objects that can be blocked? Thanks
  9. Progeny Vampire System

    Obviously the scripting does not help or otherwise it would be available on the market by now.
  10. Progeny Vampire System

    Leash Holder Ring - NF custom - nx-VIIa That is the name of the sniffer I got. You wear it and it lists in chat the names of the avatars wearing progeny attachments, and the distance from you. This is in the entire sim. It is not available in the marketplace, you need to make friends in high places to get it. Surely the Progeny do not mind. It is all part of the game, isnt it? I just know they would rather not have it easy. But then, there may be a reason why they say the Progeny are those who could not make it in to Bloodlines...
  11. Progeny, griefer attacks

    Obvious that the annoyance is not just me. If anyone comes up with anything to push these losers away, he will make good money Someone gave me an attachment called Leash Holder Ring which does scan anywhere and lists those wearing Progeny attachments, and which attachments they are. It helps to know who to get away from. I got it from someone very close to the creator of the Progeny, without becoming one of them.
  12. The point is, you just found out.
  13. There's the option to have ban lines in Linden homes now. And make whatever happens in your house inviSible and inaudible to your neighbors. And, you can lock the door as make access available only to a group.
  14. Too funny! This kills me Indeed whenever I posted about the problems I had with the thieving abuser landlords, my post either got deleted or they posted in their defense. Mind those furnished places. Those plot only areas that allow you more restrictions are best, and the landlords never messed with me or stole my money. A grouch once even kicked me out ahead of time because I was not visiting the place. I said, I will move at the end of my term and she kicked me out immediately without refunding my money. I submitted a claim to LL which she already knew would fall on deaf ears. I like the privacy controls in a Linden home, while being part of a community does not put me in utter isolation. Another perk!
  15. That is what I hope to do