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  1. AlexandriteGem

    Premium account mainland confusion

    So, looks like all areas are residential only..
  2. AlexandriteGem

    Premium account mainland confusion

    Gotcha, thank you
  3. AlexandriteGem

    Premium account mainland confusion

    Just finding any parcels with that description does not give me the right to buy it with the benefits I am reading about. I just spoke with the ownerr of a region who told me those are only inn LL areas. Where are these areas?
  4. AlexandriteGem

    Premium account mainland confusion

    So, to recap and make sure I understood. A vacant land 1024 m2 for sale is available... Price is 1L and fees are say 500L a week after that.... Do I only pay the 1L? And that is it, I have nothing else to pay afterwards, as a premium member?
  5. AlexandriteGem

    Premium account mainland confusion

    I have owned land before , in several locations and am familiar with what is involved. I appreciate your suggestion very much but am most concerned about what will be covered if I do it now as a premium member. Thanks!
  6. AlexandriteGem

    Premium account mainland confusion

    Thank you so much. So, do I get prims in addition to the ones I get as a premium member when I buy land like that, or do I have to pay for more?
  7. AlexandriteGem

    Premium account mainland confusion

    I see... So, this is anywhere, right? Residential and commercial areas? The allotted prims for premium members in a mainland site do not change?
  8. AlexandriteGem

    Premium account mainland confusion

    So, I still have to put up more money and buy land? I just do not pay for the extra acreage? The Premium house in already included with Premium membership at no extra cost. Does this apply to any region I choose? Are they already pre-selected? Thank you
  9. I am confused about this new, premium account feature. I see where I can select a Premium house in a region, but how can I select a place in the mainland? Is it only for residential purpose, or can I set up a store there as well? Thank you
  10. AlexandriteGem

    3D AO file

    I recently purchased a designer kit that opened as a 3D file in Photoshop. I am used to the flat, 2D AO files. How can I flatten it and get all sides in 2D, to make sure the texture fits correctly? Thank you
  11. AlexandriteGem

    Hold a bouquet animation

    Please help me again, I am totally dumb with scripts. I want to have an avi hold a bridal bouquet of flowers when i is attached. So I put these two in the object: Animate on attach string HOLD_ANIM = "animation name"; // -------------------------------------------------------- default { on_rez(integer rezzed) { llRequestPermissions(llGetOwner(), PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION); } attach(key attached) { if(attached != llGetOwner()) if(llGetPermissions() & PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION) llStopAnimation(HOLD_ANIM); } run_time_permissions(integer perms) { if(perms & PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION) llStartAnimation(HOLD_ANIM); else llDetachFromAvatar(); } } And holdbouquet animation which I bought in the market, and Animate when attached string gAnimation; string gCurrentAnimationState; key gOwner; default { state_entry() { if(llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_ANIMATION, 0) != "") { gOwner = llGetOwner(); gCurrentAnimationState = llGetAnimation(gOwner); gAnimation = llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_ANIMATION, 0); llRequestPermissions(llGetOwner(), PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION | PERMISSION_TAKE_CONTROLS); } } changed(integer change) { if(change & CHANGED_OWNER) { llResetScript(); } } attach(key id) { if(id != NULL_KEY) { llRequestPermissions(llGetOwner(), PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION | PERMISSION_TAKE_CONTROLS); } } run_time_permissions(integer perm) { if(perm & PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION) { llStartAnimation(gAnimation); llSetTimerEvent(0.5); } if(perm & PERMISSION_TAKE_CONTROLS) { llTakeControls(1, 0, 1);//This takes no controls. //It only exists to operate the script in no script zones. } } timer() { if(llGetAttached() != 0) { if(llGetAnimation(gOwner) != gCurrentAnimationState) { gCurrentAnimationState = llGetAnimation(gOwner); llStopAnimation(gAnimation); llSleep(0.1); llStartAnimation(gAnimation); } } } } The three are in the content tab in the object. The window asking for permission comes out but I get a message saying it could not find the animation. Could you please help me determine where it should be? Thank you!!
  12. AlexandriteGem

    Sitting on flying object script

    Will try that. Thank you so much!
  13. AlexandriteGem

    Sitting on flying object script

    Can anyone please lead me in the right direction to find the script to sit someone on an object leaning correctly (like a flying broomstick)? Thanks
  14. AlexandriteGem

    Visors acting out?

    Correct. And that is not what happened. Turns out the person disconnected and it took a few minutes for the update to show. Meanwhile, I saw what I described
  15. AlexandriteGem

    Visors acting out?

    Thank you. That is my impression