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  1. I use Maitreya and I do that also. In addition, I also save a copy of modified bodies into a folder with the same name as the outfit. All these reside in a folder using the name of the skin, so when I switch outfits it is all organised and the correct alpha'd body, the correct feet, with sub-categories for sock/stockings etc., produce the exact outfit. I also have numerous sub-categories for shoes, clothes, jewelry, hair etc. which have options, ensuring everything is available and worn upon wearing my chosen outfit. Regarding the Maitreya HUD, for a while now I have also been saving a copy of the HUD with the alpha changes in the appropriate outfit-named folder along with the body. Rant Warning!! Ever since Maitreya introduced auto-alpha it immediately became a total f*^&#ing pain the rectum. I utterly despise auto-alpha'ing with a hateful passion. I really hate it. I hate it. I really do. I cannot explain how much I despise it. It makes me want to puke violently. I cannot abide the hideous and choiceless introduction of something which was designed 'to help', but causes nothing but frustration. Don't tell me I can delete the script, I tried that and it is terminal. It is an abysmal option. It is rubbish. Include a check-box so users can CHOOSE to have auto-alpha, or not. While your at it -Mrs. Maitreya-, add two little check boxes to the minimised HUD so I don't have to keep opening it and flipping pages to click something. One box for 'Ankle-Lock' and one for 'Bento hand anims on/off'. With all their skills in creating one of the best mesh bodies out there they screw it up by failure to include simple fundamentals. Idiots! I'd still buy it again though, because I love the body shapes I can achieve for my taste in short avatars, plus I love the V-tech flat chest. Don't get me talking about the flat-chest and its auto-alphas or I'll threaten to write another paragraph. Rant Over. Don't forget to make backups of your Maitreya HUDs and body. I have yet another folder containing all usually-worn-HUDs, plus backup, so that I can replace them (using replace links) if an orb or an idiot causes them all to die.
  2. I generally just do my own thing and don't pay that much attention to others. However, in response to the thread title, perhaps this thread and the thread linked below share something in common ..
  3. For that reason .. I'm out. Post-processing of any sort is tantamount to cheating. Same on all the 'look at me' threads, in my opinion. If you can't manage without the help and assistance of additional tools beyond the realm of SL, then it isn't pure SL.
  4. I've messed up a few times when editing something. Besides making general errors or clumsy slips, I sometime fluff my mouse-button control. For some reason it's not uncommon for my fingers hovering over the right mouse-button (which I don't want touch) relax and press, causing things to go awry. In addition to what others have said, when I realise I have messed-up an edit (and not made a copy) and will struggle to get things back-to-normal, what I DO NOT do is remove the item.. keep wearing it. Then go into inventory, find the messed-up item you are wearing and make a copy, preferably into a new or other folder to make it easy to know which is the spoiled one. In a nutshell; Changes only become permanent once you remove the item. While still wearing it the changes are not yet final, so make that copy before removal.
  5. America is a small planet revolving around the Earth in geosynchronous orbit. The majority of the indigenous population rarely, if ever, venture beyond their own atmosphere as everything they need is within their grasp. For those that do explore their neighbouring planet (Earth) it is primarily for oil exploration or conflicts pertaining to the same, or for sex-tourism. On the whole they seem a friendly species despite possessing deadly weapons of mass destruction and carrying loaded weapons whenever they go shopping. The capital of America is called Hollywood, where many documentaries about life on their planet are produced. A particularly well observed documentary portraying daily life on planet America is called The Walking Dead and is well worth viewing in order to fully understand the culture. Their leader is called Jerry Springer. Americans communicate using a bubblegum version of English, which is sometimes difficult to understand. If you fart in America, it is referred to as a 'Trump', with a capital 'T'.
  6. So I have to buy a telephone to be able to access Second Life?
  7. There is a free hair (group gift - free join) at BarberYumYum, called *barberyumyum*53(FAT) GroupGift and comes with a full colour HUD. They have two other free group gifts hairs too, they make lovely cute hairs. This is not exactly what you posted for, but similar. Shown is a colour from the HUD, but can choose white and tint, if preferred. The LM is: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Minnaloushe/184/206/23
  8. These shoes are killing me .. At least they were, about 3 years ago, when this was taken.
  9. I don't understand what's happening here or what people are talking about, but I like the pictures and it got me thinking .. It would be great if we could run our own mini-SIM on our own home computers that have off-grid coordinates that people can TP to when we are online. Of course, our little bit of land, or skybox, or whatever, disappears when we log off. Wouldn't that be fun! (or would it?)
  10. The thing is .. I DO NOT WANT 2 factor authentication. I despise it. It is impractical. I do not want to need my mobile telephone to log into SL. However, having a user log in name that is not our actual avatar name would be beneficial, as then not one of the two criteria required to currently log in is known to others. Regarding passwords I, for one, am capable of making a usable password which would take a computer about 2 trillion years to crack https://howsecureismypassword.net/ This wouldn't be the first time I've said this:
  11. As a general loner and spending most of my time doing my thing while keeping myself pleasantly entertained, I decided to upgrade a rather dusty and forlorn alt with items from the Skin Fair just a few weeks ago. Then subsequently invested exclusive time in tweaking, adjusting, updating her wardrobe, and giving her first dibs on lucky chair waiting time etc., she finally surpassed a 90%+ acceptable level of appearance, at which time she was ready to be presented to the world. What followed was more attention than usual, more empty conversations than before, and more interference from others in general, than I recall previously. With what seemingly appears to be arguably my most appealing avatar to date she could almost be labelled as a burden already. I'm not into relationships per se, certainly not in SL, but to escape the general male populous I gravitated towards a few of the nicer ones in an effort to dissuade others so they'd leave me alone. But in doing so struck up two separate relationships in the past 10 days, they both seem smitten. I quite enjoyed the courting phases, but now I get messaged the second I log on if they happen to be online at the same time. My fault for getting involved to the extent I did in the first place as a means of escape and it was fun for a while, but now I find myself not logging on as this avatar because I don't want to be bothered constantly by my love interests. No doubt we all enjoy praise and admiration for the work and time we put into our avatars, but being overly attractive has its downsides. Time to become distant again, I need the peace and quiet only I can give myself.
  12. How on earth someone can come to this idiotic conclusion is beyond me. Forces personnel are not on some higher plane, they're institutionalised by being told what to do from the second their morning wake-up sounds until a slighter higher ranking man with a loud voice shouts "lights out!". They volunteer to be there, commonly because they're not suited to a vocation within the normal world where they would have to think for themselves and make decisions. If they subsequently get sent to a war zone and 'fight for their country', then good for them. But anything negative which transpires may have them pondering upon their initial decision to enlist. During times of war when compulsory call-up may exist then that's a completely different kettle of fish. Common people need people who cannot cope in normal society and who offer themselves up for such services, but don't for one fleeting second hold them in any higher regard than any other normal person in the world. Americans seem to treat forces personnel like some special superior being. They most certainly are not.
  13. I've been on SL for years, but up until just recently I've never really spent any real money on eyes, as I've always liked some I'd received at events or as group gifts. However, at the recent Skin Fair I bought a new LAQ mesh head and the eye appliers which were on the store wall alongside the head, called "LAQ ~ Eyes Applier 01" The head itself came with no eyes at all. I tried applying this over the system eyes .. nothing. I wore an eye alpha and mesh eyes (from elsewhere) .. nothing. I bought the LAQ Omega System Kit (not just for the eyes), tried the eye applier again .. nothing. Redelivery of LAQ head, LAQ HUD, and LAQ ~ Eyes Applier 01 and repeated the above .. nothing. What am I doing wrong! ~ How do I get these eye appliers to work? 😣
  14. hold my udders hump my undercarriage have my uterus Possibly, but unlikely. What does 'hmu' mean?
  15. Are these AND, NOT etc. in searches mentioned anywhere outside this forum? .. This forum is where I originally picked up these 2 search functions a year or two ago. In terms of 'drilling down', I never know which sub-section to drill down to in the first place so I always search everything first using the search box. I then find something in the category I'm interested in and then I may click on the sub-category. But then I may use "Maitreya NOT demo" and it becomes a mess. Would it be too outrageous to suggest that the bulk of poor results from searches (using the search box) are down to unscrupulous vendors using spam words in their descriptions. I often get totally irrelevant returns on searches which are categorically outside the parameters which were input.
  16. While on the subject of searching on MP, using the example above, what other terms can be used? I only know of: - - maitreya NOT demo - maitreya AND demo Are there others? Can they be mixed using multiples? Do they always have to be in CAPITALS? Is there a full list somewhere?
  17. This reminds me of the many useless, profileless, and socially hopeless individuals in SL who IM with one or two words then idly sit back and expect others to make the conversation, yet offer no discernable input themselves, without cues. Next.
  18. I wish there was a discreet checkbox for Ankle Lock in the Maitreya HUD when in minimised mode (also an Alpha Lock), instead of having to click several times to get to it for certain poses, and then off again. The Maitreya Ankle Lock always works, I've never known it not to work, unlike some of the more convenient 'animation ankle-locks' which, once on-screen, are one click away. I can't say I've ever really noticed the Maitreya shoulders issue. My shoulders are usually set between 30 and 40.
  19. Are you being obtuse? When designers /creators /developers are surrounded by sycophants all they receive is praise. From time to time the tabling of constructive commentary highlighting issues non-sycophants note may lead to changes /alterations /improvements which may otherwise have taken an unnecessarily long time to either stumble upon or acknowledge. By all means have the last word and take the thread even further off-topic. Out of courtesy to the OP, I shall not respond to you.
  20. I use Maitreya Lara and I've always been on the lookout for a suspender belt with a strap count of 6, or more. Everywhere seems to only make with 4 straps. I had a set for the classic avatar in the past but never managed to replace it. Images below from Google images to show what I mean. Mesh or appliers, I don't mind. Does anyone know a store or creator who does these?
  21. I've been wanting an alternative to (the bloated) Firestorm for some time and finally got around to trying Catznip. I really like many things about it, but some fundamentals stopped me using it almost instantly. The following are not criticisms, purely observations, as otherwise I truly like Catznip's cleanness and leanness. In descending order of acuteness: - #1 - My absolute #1 show-stopper has now been confirmed as an ongoing show-stopper, having read the latest release notes, as follows: .. Is there a reason this cannot be made optional in preferences? #2 - No built-in AO. I missed that immediately. #3 - Preferences backup. Maybe it does exist, but I couldn't find it. Hopefully we're not expected to do it manually. #4 - The minimum size of the chat box is still enormous, to my eyes. #5 - No 'Area Search'. Otherwise, really nice job! .. But I can't use it because of reason #1. That alone makes it unusable for me as that method of movement (orbiting) is ingrained within me and used constantly.
  22. I hope some of your ideas include matching sets of bento nails for both fingers and toes. To my knowledge and extensive searching, I am yet to discover even one. Also, rigging toenails so that the wearing of a shoebase is irrelevant. Good luck!
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