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  1. If buying a custom shape it is essential that the shape is MODIFY, otherwise you are stuck with it exactly as it came and will be unable to adjust it in any way at all. Very few are non-modify, so just check beforehand before buying. I've purchased several custom shapes over the years and, besides ensuring it is modify, I am basically buying the head/face shape (above the neck), I don't really care what the body shape is like (below the neck). I can rustle-up my own body shape within 1% of how I like it within 2 minutes these days. Despite this I am forever tweaking .. a little less boob here, thicker legs there. It never really stands still if you're fussy
  2. Had a rummage and found some pics from a few years ago, so it's not strictly 'How does your my avatar look today'. Then again, that doesn't seem to matter. Somethings in (2nd) life are not free ..
  3. I just set up a RAMDISK and it runs really well. I think I'll keep it set up like this for a while and trial it over a week or two. My RAMDISK will lose all its data upon shutdown/restart which, as mentioned above, is one of the reasons why it appeals to me. I tend to reboot once per day, or longer in-between.
  4. I have a ASUS ROG laptop with 16GB RAM. C-drive = SSD - D-drive = HDD. All applications, including Firestorm's cache, are on the C-drive. This thread now has me thinking .. With the general feeling of speed improvement I experience following a cache deletion, added to the logistics/overkill/expense of adding a second dedicated SSD purely for Firestorm's cache, I am going to set up a RAMDRIVE exclusively for Firestorm's cache instead. No hassle, no costs incurred, making use of resources already onboard. Two birds with one stone .. or is it?
  5. Block and Mute seem to be synonymous, but it would be really nice if they were actually two different things, i.e. block means block and mute means mute. A pair of yappers in local who think they're entertaining everyone with their incessant garbage sums up the vast majority of people who I block, but that doesn't happen often. However, I'd much rather 'mute' them, literally, so that I simply never hear (see) their comments in local chat anymore and I'll never get an IM from them either. Blocking someone renders them silent, but now I have this blob worse than a jellydoll in the vicinity. Ok, I could derender them but then they're still there and could be standing right behind me for all I know, unless I man the minimap constantly. For those in sight, be seen and not heard would be the ideal option - mute. For people elsewhere who you never want to hear from again - block. Unblocking. If the person is in your vicinity then you can right-click on their avatar and unblock. If they're not around then I always struggle to locate the list in Firestorm.
  6. I love hair in general, but I particularly love short hair. I picked up this lovely short hair from the Salon 52 event just recently (aka Hairology) - https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/MINA Hair/114/76/29 It is made by DURA. I bought a blonde set called U90 Fatpack4. It comes with a color-picker, so blue would be available, but I guess you'd need a lighter hair color to begin with. Here's my normal look, plus I tried a blue color just for you showing the color picker
  7. Catwa heads remember their animations, the HUD is used to set them up. I have numerous copies of my catwa heads for various different skins, with different sets of makeup, hairbases etc.. Each will retain it's own set of animations which were last in play prior to re-attaching the HUD and changing them. Also, if you're a Firestorm user, you can go to the menu >> Avatar > Avatar Health > Stop Avatar animations. Nothing worse than having left SL in a hurry. Then resuming later looking like you're still in the dentist's chair.
  8. I don't use Altamura much (in use on one of my alts) but I've found Belleza shoes fit the feet well. I wish feet had bento bones (or do they?) so that flat feet could rise up to tippy-toes, with a joint at the toes and heel. That could potentially be a nice thing.
  9. Walks past and glances over .. Yep, still too much yippy-yapping in this thread. Maybe next time.
  10. Sorry to be a stick-in-the-mud, but I don't like any of them. I never go to fantasy sims, only places with avatars in human form.
  11. That's a long thread title, so long that it sends the thread listings a bit skew-whiff. Perhaps something more streamline, such as 'Morality Police get Banned'.
  12. My post was primarily an exacerbation of frustration borne from years of looking ridiculous whenever I (we) move. If nothing else, I felt better for getting it off my pixelated bosom I've spent thousands on AO's over the years. Not just complete AO HUD setups, but literally 100's of individual animations of varying types from a myriad of animation stores, culminating in days and days of collective demo'ing in the hope that things can be made better. As I stand there in SL, not moving, I look fine and dandy as my avatar goes through the motions of its few animations which I find useable out of the many I possess. The problem/irritation occurs the moment I touch, even for a fraction of a second, any of my arrow keys. My avatar does the SL-shuffle and all the coolness evaporates. It has nothing to do with AOs, turn anims, walk anims, or any other animation I could add to the array of AO HUDs at my disposal. It is the dreadfully limited ability to move or turn, just slightly, with a little grace, without looking like I'm having spasms. Just tired of all the 'upgrades' while the absolute basics are either ignored or forgotten.
  13. Preamble: I'm a non-Premium, non-land owning, non-selling resident of Second Life so my negligible impact in-world is essentially irrelevant. I'm nothing more than an ant nibbling on whatever available SL resources it takes in order to render my little body in-world and keep tabs of my inventory. I'm just a basic consumer, a user. My one redeeming feature is that I have payment information setup on my account, just one tiny step up from pond-life. My opinion, and the opinion of my peers (and those one rung beneath me) is worthless to Linden Lab. - - - Get on with it, you stupid girl! Ok, this is what I'm trying to say .. - - - Upcoming features, new things in the pipeline, what's next for SL? .. etc.. - Baked-on-mesh - sounds decent (if I hadn't already deleted inventory I thought I'd never need, or use, again). - Animesh - just arrived. Not interested - Marketplace improvements - recent. Wishlist = excellent! - Physics - cheap, nasty, and embarrassing. I never use it. Where is the suggestion box? Where does this committee reside? Who on earth comes up with this stuff?! Running before they can walk, literally .. - - - The Forgotten Fundamentals. How about improving some of the basic things in SL, such as AVATAR MOVEMENT. Walking: I'm embarrassed to walk. Skimming along like a speed-skater. It's like watching someone on a travelator at the airport who is moving faster than their feet and legs can carry them. A reverse moonwalk. Never mind the walking AO, I've never found one that even comes close to matching my speed and strides. Turning: Rotating in eight clumsy stages to complete on revolution. How ungainly. - - - A complete standing turn in 32 segments, not 8. 2 or 3-speed walks, not just super-walk and run. We can all make ourselves look fabulous, still images can look amazing, but the real in-world movement is tragically awful. It still feels like 2005. Come on .. Focus on the basics before spending more time and resources on the fancy stuff!
  14. An answer can only ever be as good as the question posed. A poorly worded and/or constructed question will likely attract further questions, or result in supposition, guess work, or a stab in the dark. A common mistake made by questioners is the assumption that certain facts are obvious or already known when, in actual fact, a multitude of possibilities exist rendering any answers a potential waste of time. Hopefully, my reply was helpful
  15. Talking of groups, I too silence most and also do not show groups in my group list, which I hide anyway, just for good measure. The pet peeve .. Groups by a store where they have lucky chairs .. Someone kindly posts the current lucky letters (if being cynical, I might suggest they just want others to hurry the letter changes along) .. Then, some lazy, bone-idle 'member' wants a TP as well 😫 Would they like me to unpack it and organise the item into their inventory too?! 😖
  16. SL - reduce inventory count by aggressively dumping things I know I'll never wear, all the while collecting more event gifts and freebies to repeat the same resolution next year. RL - visit Ayutthaya for my first time in April. Followed by Angkor Wat for my third time later in the year, hopefully before rainy season.
  17. With the information provided I have no idea if this would be relevant to you, but it might be ..
  18. Sorry to interrupt .. Back on to the subject of 'pet peeves' .. - Doors, commonly at the entrance to a store. The worst ones are the ones you faceplant before realising you have to click on them to open. Next in line are those which you faceplant in order to get them to open and then stand there as it glides at such a painfully slow speed before you can proceed, then worse still if they're hinged and you end up trapped between the outside of the door and the wall. Why can't doors detect you coming and open in time for an unhindered arrival?! - Landing points, using LMs provided by the actual store. Why am I facing the wrong way? Why is it such a long walk to the actual store? TP'ing in .. As I wait for everything to rez - Which of several stores surrounding me is actually yours?!
  19. When clicking on a slider I use the left/right arrow keys if I want to get amongst the finest increments, rather than flailing about with the mouse pointer. Works with all menu sliders in Firestorm, as far as I know.
  20. You are all losers! .. Who wants to be a loser like you? << Is that what SL outsiders are thinking? I spend an inordinate number of hours per week logged into Second Life, but nobody I know in the real world knows that I do that. Perhaps a few here and there to whom I've mentioned it to in the past, but I could count them on my thumbs. I never talk about SL in RL. It's as if it's my dirty little secret, almost embarrassing to mention. Second Life, in my opinion, outside of itself and its associated peripheral existences on fora, blogs, Flickr, Pinterest, Facebook etc. is considered naff and untrendy by the outsiders. At least that's how I've begun to feel for a number of years. A game to which only lonely people with no real life gravitate and sexual perverts lurk in order to get their thrills and fulfil abnormal desires. Because the attraction of Second Life is not easily explained to outsiders makes it an easy target for mocking, for the reasons mentioned above. This often makes me wonder if I am alone in keeping my dirty little secret to myself out there in the real world, in order not to be labelled a loser.
  21. Removed due to it already being mentioned a few posts above, by LittleMe Jewell. Never mind. Happy Christmas! ♥️
  22. Whether it is politically correct, or not, I would still like to wish all my fellow SL'ers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, wherever you may be in the world. This is lovely, if a little cheesy, but see if you can get through this without your eyes watering ..
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