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  1. Valentine's Day can be fun in SL, but the rest are utterly meaningless and non-relevant to non 'mericans. Columbus day. Did you make that up? Never heard of it ?
  2. Besides the 4th of July, Halloween must rank as one of the most tedious times of the Second Life calendar year for people who are not from america. Freebies, group gifts, hunts, and event items are as close to useless and unwearable as can be and at time of writing we are still a week and a half away. There are over 7 billion people who inhabit the earth, outside of america.
  3. I had the same issue a few weeks ago. It always worked, then out of nowhere it stopped and I had to copy/paste the links manually. I installed the SLURL Proxy. You can find it here:- https://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/slurl_proxy
  4. I read the OP twice and saw no mention of a stipend. Therefor, I'm out.
  5. I don't wish to poke my pinkie into the bell-end of anyone's tiny trumpet, but reputation points, in isolation, are meaningless and possess zero significance. The true worthiness quotient of a forum member =Z X=community reputation (reputation points) Y=content count (post count) X/Y=Z In summary: If Z>1 (greater than one) you may consider yourself worthy. If Z<1 (less than one) don't be ashamed, you're simply less appreciated and of less value. At time of posting, my value is 4.46
  6. To me, SL is a fantasy. I could adopt any SL character and an RL persona to go with it, but for me and my alts I am almost always pretty close to being the same person every time, just variations in appearance as the avatars have individually developed over time. In terms of lying, I'd prefer to say it's a case of not telling the truth. However, all my answers, my style, my persona and my opinions remain within my avatar's character. So am I lying? - No. because I am the person within SL I chose to be. Even questions relating to RL are always answered the same, as RL is an extension of my SL character in the fact I can, again, be who I chose to be with my RL persona. I find it extremely easy to play these characters within SL and my RL extension from within SL because I like them and and I like playing them, my RL stories always remain consistent. I've even made notes on a few specifics (dates etc.) in case someone who's spoken to me has a good memory or has kept the conversations and decides to check. How can I lie when I am playing my character? - Not possible. When it comes to matters of the heart people lose track of what is real within this online fantasy land, which is SL. Leave your true RL the heck out of it, unless you're so naive that you believe everything people ever tell you. Yes, there have been examples of people meeting in RL who first met on SL, but they re a minuscule percentage of players. Second Life is not a dating website.
  7. Music snobbery is a sad thing. If I like a piece of music, a track, a beat, an anthem, then I like it because I like it and just because it may fall into a category or genre that is mainstream or popular, or not, does not make me like it any more or less. Having said that, country music and heavy rock likes are far and few between compared to everything else, but that doesn't mean I automatically dislike them due to their musical genre. I think it is because I am not American. My musical likes tend to fall mostly between happy and upbeat soul/funk, mellow relaxing jazz/electronic/smooth jazz, to sad melancholic. In general, my music collection is not very mainstream and I have no idea at all what music resides in the current charts as I never listen to commercial radio or watch live television. If I had to choose only one instrument to listen to, it would be the piano. mesmerising ..
  8. I wonder if posting similar or same images simultaneously in How does your avatar look today? AND The VaNiTy ThReAd would be considered spamming too. Maybe only if the images were all water-marked and/or have links to external blog posts might they bring unwelcome attention ?
  9. This thread is beginning to feel like I'm back over at that other forum <shudders> I've forgotten its name already, please don't remind me.
  10. I first joined SLU years ago under a different user name, but after making a forum faux-pas early on, in other words, I had the audacity as a noob to hold an opinion which differed from the clique. I was forever tarnished in their eyes and just lurked occasionally from that point onward. There is almost zero control over there (no moderators, just the owner/admin) and many think they own the place due to their longevity, the sucking-up and fawning towards the owner is embarrassing. I then joined here not so long ago, can't remember my join date, but it is so much nicer here and the people so much friendlier and more helpful. Although a few minor ding-dongs occur here now and then it is very tranquil compared to that other place. No doubt there is cross-over of certain users between these fora and certain gobhorns over there act more civilised over here under a different user name, incognito from their peers on SLU. That's assuming they lower themselves to come here. The old clique at SLU will no doubt relocate to the new diluted forum en mass, so it will be no different in terms of enjoyment. I shall chuckle if all their stats and awards are reset to zero, but I doubt that'd happen. A place I haven't given any thought to for a long time and shall now resume.
  11. I love hunts and do many, but if each hunt item costs L$1 then it might just as well cost L$1,000 each. I won't play unless I specifically know what the hunt item is and whether I really want it. I rely on websites and blogs to show me a picture. Similar to buying without a demo, even if the cost is negligible. About 80 to 90% of hunt items are not suitable for me, that doesn't mean they're not good or nice, it just means they're unsuitable in style or need etc., for me. Well done for organising another hunt though, I really like them, but not searching, finding, clicking, paying. Searching, finding, clicking is much better. It's not about being stingy, it's about being careful with money and not paying for things which ultimately get trashed. Hope all the one Lindens are worth it and add up to something significant.
  12. He said he wanted to get his cockerel wet, I think. Seemed strange, but hey, why not?
  13. As it hasn't been mentioned yet, I thought I'd mention it .. There is a free horse included with one of the free avatars. In Firestorm Viewer it is accessed via the top menu under Avatar - Choose an Avatar. In the New Avatars section she is the 7th one along. If you wear your own outfit you can add just the 2 items; AO Female Rider and Rhiannon - Pet Horse Eirwin. It's something, at least
  14. Just to avoid any difficulty in locating the place mentioned above, the store is called Stix, the group is called ~PixyStix~ Yes, they will work, but breasted female skins will look appalling on a V-tech flat chest. I have used smooth male Omega skins on my Maitreya/V-Tech, but they tend to be overly muscular and not ideal. Unless the Omega skin also includes skin for a specific mesh head or omega head applier, you'll be left trying to make a decent neck match too. Maitreya's auto-alpha can become a real pain when wearing a V-Tech flat chest mod too. Which is why I've been known to moan about things designed to help forced upon us without the ability to opt-out.
  15. I like the old threads as they're a little trip down memory lane as to what people were thinking and/or dealing with way back when. Sadly, they're almost always spoiled by all the whinging and moaning. Live and let live. Be happy.
  16. The Femboy Hunt is on until 30th September - http://femboyhuntsl.blogspot.com/ Each hunt item costs L$2. At +Father+ there is V-Tech/Omega skin as a hunt prize. - - Pink Fuel have V-Tech (flat chest) skins with Omega/Maitreya.
  17. Hair: Sintiklia - Teri - Group Gift Dress: neve - Iza Rainbows Dress - The Liaison Collaborative 5th Anniversary Gift Shoes: zk Anais - Summer Cosmopolitan Event Gift I like gifts Head: LAQ - Poppy Body: Maitreya
  18. This is just one of several fora I participate in on a wide range of different subjects. The question or perception of unfriendliness, negativity or trolling is something which occurs across all of them from time to time. It is not exclusive to this one. In fact, I would say here, in general, from my experience, people are much better behaved because if you do misbehave there are real consequences, such as sanctions which can impact your access to Second Life itself, not only the forum. The longer a forum exists, the wider the gap between established members and new members becomes. The longer you frequent a forum the more often you see repetition. The way the established members handle repetition can vary widely. There are some extremely helpful and knowledgeable long-term regulars on this forum who assist whenever they can. Collectively they have the answers or pointers to pretty much anything that's thrown at the forum. Unless you created your account for the sole purpose of trolling, the majority of people begin their forum life tentatively, usually with a question, or participating in something straight-forward and easy. Here that might be a picture of how your avatar looks today. On the subject of posing a question to the forum, particularly from a new poster, is that those wishing to help can only base their replies upon the information contained within the question itself. People can easily lose interest in helping and become frustrated when they have to continually dig for more information or understanding of the issue because the OP failed to include pertinent information, or simply underestimated the complexity of their problem in the first place. Many have become so used to Googling for answers that they use fora for the same purpose and expect instant answers. This often results in people becoming irritable on either side. The more confident a person the more likely they will participate, the more a person participates the more confident they become. Responding to something you disagree with is not compulsory. Personally speaking, I am rather pleased with myself that I have the ability to simply move on without any compulsion to respond to something which I find disagreeable. You will never see me participating in ding-dongs over opinions. I enjoy posting my opinion, if I have one, but can easily resist any temptation to respond to those who may disagree with me. On any forum there will always be sections, members, posting styles etc. which you dislike. Learn to look past them. Negativity in all walks of life can be lessened by avoidance and not becoming involved with those aspects. Life is as uncomfortable and as irritating as you allow it to be.
  19. Not an answer to the question exactly, but a thought for a work around for different arm tattoos .. Wear two Maitreya bodies. Alpha only the left arm of one, then everything except the left arm of the other. Each body with different arm tats applied.
  20. Where I come from it is rude to show the soles of your feet in another person's direction when sitting and never point with your feet or raise them above someone elses head. Also, please leave your shoes outside. Feet are the lowest part of the body.
  21. What may seem irresistible to one person can be a total -meh- to the next. I remember a default setting in the past which opened all notecards and images upon receipt. Happily that is no more, for me. Barely a notecard be read by yours truly.
  22. Being able to change our user ID for logon purposes would be a positive forward step. 2FA using smartphones is an extremely poor idea, commonly championed by people who live their life in one single country. Should any change ever happen I hope it is an option, not compulsory. Nothing worse than being forced to do something which claims to be for my own good when I don't want it. I log in and out of SL all the time, as I'm sure many do. I don't want it to turn into a palaver, otherwise it's likely I will begin to log in less and less.
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