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Found 81 results

  1. ethottie

    Style Me!~

    So I recently got back from my vacation (Christmas with family) and I was given money that I'd like to spend on lindens. I don't want to spend too much money on lindens. Personally, I'd like to spend around $20-25 if possible (cheaper is great). Any kind of style is fine but I'm more into streetwear/indie and kawaii cutesy type outfits. It would be nice to see the outfit before I spend money on it (so if you could please send a screenshot with it but if not it's totally fine no worries) P.S. I was also wondering if anyone had good Asian mesh heads/skins. In real life I'm Asian and I'd like to give my avi a personal touch to it Thank you guys so much! I really do appreciate this if you do decide to help me out
  2. Zeynepsen

    Need heels/shoes that fit my feet

    I am a newbie with little more than 2 months here. I have been fortunate that a lot of friends have very generously shown me freebies and given me skins, hairs, body parts, etc. And I think my avatar looks good, though I may be biased:). Also had a guy I met here take some fabulous photographs on SL. But none of the shoes, particularly heels, I got as freebies fit my feet. The shoes are too small and cover only a part of the feet. I looked at edit appearance options but did not find anything to help. I would love some advise. Thanks
  3. I wonder if anyone can help. Does anyone know of any fashion designers in Second Life that are from the UK, My SL partner is an SL Model and needs a designer from the UK. If anyone has any ideas that would be awesome. Thanks in Advance
  4. Are you a burlesque performer in need of a stage? Experienced or just starting out - we are interested in hearing from you. Must be able to do your own choreography and build your own sets. We supply the stage and music. We are also interested in getting in contact with live performers and fashion designers who are in need of a venue for concerts, release parties, private parties, etc. This is our homepage and a presentation of the sim: https://mobhomepage.wordpress.com/ Visit us here: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Devils Ranch/53/107/36 IM LolaStigmata Resident or Choo Vegas (Sally Spark) directly in-world if you are interested in collaborations.
  5. I'm asking because I don't know and need some help in this, i'm wearing slink hg.
  6. helo ! i was wondering if the there was fashionable people out there, that could help me with my SOS? so, basically im looking for any info regarding asian aesthethic on sl? like good asian brands out there, stores, gachas, etc. i did my own search but i kinda fail miserably, since sometimes it seems is better to know someone expert on the matter and whenever i try to do my own shape with random skins i dont quite get the result i want... i hope is not illegal or anything, but i want some result like this random resident ♥ (see pic below)
  7. Making my own thread for help! Since I put down snow on my land, I have been wandering there wearing 1 outfit, that I bought last year! I intend to remedy that. Alright; I have some in standard sizes, and jeans to wear, but I want fitted clothes (Maitreya), and something new. I was looking at the top events advertised in Seraphim, but nothing really caught my eye. I want sweaters, coats, mittens, all you can think of as winter clothes. Help me make a shopping list, please?
  8. Yesenia Zero

    Looking for work

    I hope this is the right place to put this. I am looking to work either as a DJ or a model these things I have done in the past and would love to get back on the horse as some say. I do hope hear from someone soon and free a lot of the times so most likely I will be free. Contact me at Yesenia Zero by notecard or message.
  9. MaxineRoadshow

    Inworld store looking for help

    Hello to all. **Natasha's**, a new brand with a new inworld store, is looking for help. We need someone who can help with promotion/advertising, ppossibly knowing the most important fashion groups of the grid. If you are interested, please drop a notecard Inworld to Natasha Bracula saying that you read this post. Thank you very much.
  10. millwall1982

    what are good places to find freebies

    does anyone know any good places to get free clothes, skins, hair ect.. im low on cash and can't afford to buy anything.... please no judgemental comments
  11. Jeny Howlett

    Renewed Outfits Challenge Thread

    I was inspired by an old video from Alicia Chenaux, she basically created a challenge where people were required to wear mesh items they had bought from 2016-2017. I been thinking how we all always rush to buy the newest and hottest releases , wear them once or twice and then completely forget about them. Let's appreciate what we have. Time to dig deep into your inventory and clean the dust. Can't wait to see what guys come up with. Current events are excluded. And don't forget to put credits!
  12. Visit Willow Grove Art Centre Willow Grove Art Centre is a place for all types of artists to come together. The month of August, our event will bring SL fashion artists together! Designers of clothes, shoes, hair, tattoos, accessories, and make-up may qualify for this event but one general rule applies; NO items showcased may include any nudity or adult acts. We will be accepting up to 30 vendors. Each vendor will be given 15 prims and will be required to provide one quality free gift for expo attendees. The product must reflect your shop's other merchandise. You will be provided with a gift box to be placed at your stall (and does not count against your prim count). Other fashion items are not excluded and we encourage all different types even if they are not named here. There is NO charge to participate in this event as a vendor. Applications close AUGUST 13th at 11:59 pm SLT Set up begins August 12th at 12:01 am SLT (You will need one group open for the duration of this event) Set up must be complete by August 14th at 9:00 pm SLT Event Opens August 15th at 12:01 am SLT Event ends August 31st at Noon SLT More details will be sent to vendors once they are accepted. Once the following application is completed, you will be contacted within 72 hours if you are accepted as a vendor. Any questions should be directed in world to Beyonkah resident using a note card. Please fill out the following google form https://goo.gl/forms/dRH3LKGWmojHiRHB2
  13. I am seeking a skilled mesh clothing creator, I pay in US dollars over $120 Dollars per project and typically I would like to have two full outfits (two projects at a base starting price of 240 dollars in total which can reach 400 US dollars in total per month) per month one for men and one for women, plus bonuses for add ons and such that can be 40 - 60 dollars. I own a business and I am looking for someone to work with for a year, this is a monthly income that is steady and contractual. If you are interested in working with me please contact me inworld by saying " Bonjour " so I know what you're messaging me for... IF YOU ALSO ARE SKILLED IN TEXTURING THAT IS A PLACE, BUT NOT NECESSARY! my username is orlandodechristoph. Thank you and I hope you who are a skilled mesh creator of clothing message me.
  14. OnlyMon

    Paying a Model - How Much?

    Hey everyone, a quick question. If you needed a model for a store that would undergo 4 dress changes and a pair of shoes (both would have color changes), how much would be a reasonable pay for the model (Model needed for photography purposes). Thanks!
  15. AikoRaynn

    New Blogger!

    Hello Hello! My name is Aiko and my dream is to learn how to be an exceptional blogger! I'm very busy person but is making it my goal to be online more so that I can create and continue to write stories! I have a full time job , but she still makes time to commit to a project! I'm usually online during the weekends.Please let me know how I can be part of your organization and help you as well as myself flourish in SL!!! My avi is over 30 days with being online since 2013ish?? But I started out in medieval Rp and then ventured from family, modern, supernatural, and even Scifi! Now I spend most of my time thinking of interesting topics to photo and write about!!!
  16. Kenvincible303

    Mesh Fashion Designer Wanted

    Fashion Designer Needed Immediately! Hello, Our Team is looking for someone who has experience with Mesh Clothing creation. The person would need to be versatile and be able to create things for both a male and female. After the creations have been made those said creations will become the property of the Family Trust. We will pay from 1000k - 8000k per item created for us based on quality, size of an item, etc. We will negotiate each item before work has commenced. This person will need to be able to communicate via email proficiently and in world via messages. Other forms of communication such as Discord or Kik are an added benefit. We are hiring immediately and we may hire more than one designer because of our needs. A contract will need to be signed before work to protect us and you with everything clearly stated such as the item made will become the Trust's property, etc If you would like to apply please drop me an email. If you have pictures or links to past created items that would be a plus. My email is arieswingate@gmail.com . You can also reach me in world at secondlife:///app/agent/f8798316-c2ff-4ac5-9063-8126c077a994/about
  17. I'm writing this post, not simply to whine and complain, but because I believe the arguments I've heard as to why creators don't think it's economically viable to sink time and effort into a minority of the community can easily be countered. I do not have the means to personally, directly change the situation - I'm not a skilled mesh designer, nor do I have the time it would require for me to train myself to that point. But if I did have the time, or indeed the skills in hand, there wouldn't be a moment of doubt which part of the market I'd try to tap - and not only because it would give myself more variety in my apparel. Six days ago I created an alt, because doing photography of your avatar when there are so few options that meet my aesthetic preferences and quality requirements simply gets old. I was kindly guided by some friends to various events and stores which offered a large quantity of clothes, hairs and accessories - for free - and after having hoarded it all and gone back home to purge it, that alt's wardrobe certainly had the numerical means to stand off against my main's. Soon thereafter I thought to myself that I'd like to at least play around with creating clothes, and since I already know how to navigate a photo editing program since I've been playing around with photography for a while now, I bought some full perm clothes and started playing around with it. When I looked at full perm clothing which suits my mesh body - which from I hear is the 'most popular mesh body for men' (Signature Gianni) - I could hardly find anything but tank tops, T-shirts, boxers and shorts. But if I changed the search to the most popular female mesh body, which I'd bought for my alt, well, there's page after page after page with dresses, lingerie, tops, trousers, shoes, period clothing, fetish apparel. Everything one could think of, and then some more. I doubt any of what I've said so far is news to anyone who has ever set foot on the marketplace. A search for 'Signature', with copy permissions ticked, says there are 21,134 items listed as men's clothing. For 'Maitreya' the result is 447,293. Sure, I guess much of that is, just like the products I've listed in that category, re-textured full perm clothing - but there's 21 times as many hits. So, the most common argument I've heard as to why creators don't bother making menswear is that the market is much smaller - and I'll admit I believe that to be true - but that should also mean that you're up against a stiffer competition, no? Put X amount of hours into creating a decent quality piece of apparel for women and you'll have to try to draw attention to that one item among the 447,293 items already out there, where a search sorted by 'newest' is flooded within hours by dozens of new items. Put X amount of hours into creating a decent quality piece of apparel for men and your item only has 21,134 items to stick out from - and the rate of new stuff being added won't be anywhere near as prominent. But men aren't as interested in buying stuff, they don't want to put any L$ into their appearance. Frankly, most of them don't appear to care what they look like. Over the past few days when I've been out and about, the majority of male avatars that I have seen are system avatars, many of them are still wearing full-bright bling as if it was 2010. But, the same guys have no trouble tossing hundreds of L$ at girls on dance poles - it could be that most men really, really don't care. If you can grab someone's attention by throwing some money at them, it doesn't matter what you look like, right? Of course - and this is not me calling myself pretty - but if I step into an average club, the IMs start to hail; I don't need to throw a single L$ at anyone to receive everything from compliments to lewd suggestions to people trying to tackle something they read in my profile to show interest in me. I don't think men in SL are afraid to spend L$, I think many of them simply do not see the point of going mesh because the 'I'll just look like everyone else' argument actually holds some validity in our case - there are only a handful of brands that create quality menswear, and once we've all plundered their stocks, wherever we go we'll see other guys wearing the exact same thing as we do. The shopping events for men don't help all that much - and don't get me wrong, I applaud the sentiment, but every event is basically the same as the other; mostly there's tattoos and poses, most of which are unisex, then there's T-shirts and tank tops, board shorts and swimwear, the most original items on most events are either fetish wear or just tight clothes that show off ridiculous genitalia shapes through them. And on occasion, there's an item or two (I actually bought -three- items at one event recently, which is a new personal record) items of moderate to genuine interest. I probably sound ridiculously picky - but if I had known what I know today, a year after getting my first mesh body, and I was still using a system body - would I invest in a mesh body, knowing how poor the diversity is, or would I stick to a system body and prim/sculpty/flexiprim/layer clothing? Probably not, I was quite happy with my wardrobe, and if it hadn't been for a picky ex who didn't mind that I didn't have much to wear I would probably still be rocking my old self, mohawk and all. /rant
  18. You are hereby invited to the 1st Challenge in the search for Miss Virtual Diva 2018. On this occasion with the hardest challenge in Miss Virtual Diva history, we are always looking to reach that point where everything is possible, and our candidates proved that 100 percent with their art, imagination, magic, emotions and so much more. This Saturday, May 12th at 11 AM SLT, join us for another spectacular MVD event! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nile River/53/32/3857 Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VirtualDivaACouture/
  19. i meant for maitreya in world
  20. I'm looking for one or a few new, female (avatar) models to work with. It's not a paid gig, but you may use any pictures as per the terms I list below, and when the occasion calls for it I may cover some or all expenses for clothes, hair, accessories or such which I specifically want for a specific picture, and I will also be the one to buy any poses, backdrops and props that I want for the shoot. For a sample of my 'style', feel free to browse my Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/160224995@N04/ Whether you've modeled before, or if you've dodged being caught on a snapshot in SL for as long as you've been around doesn't matter - I'm happy to instruct and teach you what you need to do. I do have some requirements, however, as follows: - You must have a full-mesh avatar (body & head), bento most certainly is a plus. - You must be fluent in English (and/or Swedish), and your written grammar must (for the sake of my nerve) be 'decent'. - You must be patient, mature and have a calm demeanor. As far as availability goes, I work on an SLT+9/CET schedule, but it's not a strict-schedule job which requires your daily attendance, so what time zone you're in doesn't matter all that much; 05.00-11.00 SLT/16.00-23.00 CET is when I'm usually available in the weekdays, weekends may vary though. You're free to take your own snapshots at your leisure during a photo session, as long as it doesn't get in the way of things. The finished photos will go through editing, be watermarked/signed, and posted on my Flickr - there 'might' be a blog in the future, in which case I reserve the right to use them there, too. You will be welcome to use the photos freely (sharing on social media, using for your own blog, etc.), on the conditions that the watermark/signature is not tampered with and that full credit for the shot is given to me. If you want a shot in-world, I will be happy to resize it as required by SL, and upload it (and pay the fee). You are also always welcome to suggest a shoot if you have ideas of your own, I'm more than happy to discuss the possibilities and execute it under the same conditions as any other shot. If you are interested you may either respond to this thread, sending me a PM through the forums, or contact me in-world by NC or IM (my online status is not hidden; if I appear offline it's best to send a card - if I'm marked as busy or away, it's also best to send a card just in case). Thank you. /Orwar
  21. You are cordially invited to the Miss Virtual Diva Official Presentation, which will take place on April 21 at 11 AM SLT. Come see who will be the official candidates for the next face of fashion for the Virtual Diva brand by Angels Kristan. Dress Code: Formal Black http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nile River/67/24/3803 https://www.facebook.com/events/632836817058424/
  22. Looking for a qualified, highly motivated person to assist with promoting the store, and help with organizing bi-annual fashion shows. EXPERIENCE: Experience in the SL fashion industry and blogging/styling a plus. Training is provided. REQUIREMENTS: -Skype account -Must have ability to voice with myself and other RAPTURE staff though Skype -Must be reliable and available 8 - 10 hours per week. -Must have the ability to work independently -Must have access to Google email and Google documents -SL fashion industry market knowledge RESPONSIBILITIES: -Scheduling photo shoots on a monthly basis (or every 6 weeks) for new products. -Overall sales promotions - find ways to increase product sale and foot traffic at main store -Working with designer in organizing fashion shows and events -Advertise new releases on Facebook and Flicker on a weekly basis -Attend weekly meeting with designer and be available to be reached through Skype Please go here to fill out the application.
  23. Looking for a qualified, highly motivated person to assist with promoting the store, and help with organizing bi-annual fashion shows. EXPERIENCE: Experience in the SL fashion industry and blogging/styling a plus. Training is provided. REQUIREMENTS: -Skype account -Must have ability to voice with myself and other RAPTURE staff though Skype -Must be reliable and available 8 - 10 hours per week. -Must have the ability to work independently -Must have access to Google email and Google documents -SL fashion industry market knowledge RESPONSIBILITIES: -Scheduling photo shoots on a monthly basis (or every 6 weeks) for new products. -Overall sales promotions - find ways to increase product sale and foot traffic at main store -Working with designer in organizing fashion shows and events -Advertise new releases on Facebook and Flicker on a weekly basis -Attend weekly meeting with designer and be available to be reached through Skype Please go here to fill out the application.
  24. THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST IN THIS EVENT! The Fashion Loft & D I V I N E are hosting an upcoming photo contest from April 6-21, 2018. There will be 3 fashion themes that you can choose to style: 1. Punk 2. Casual Chic Pastels 2. Sporty/Athleisure ======= Prizes ======= The top 3 stylists for each theme will be able to win 1,000 L, 2nd place 500 L, and 3rd place 250 L.. Contestants will be judged for styling as well as photos. Emphasis will be on the styling, but if the photo is not presented well, that can affect the contestants' placement. ========================================== IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT THIS CONTEST: ========================================== - PHOTO ENTRIES will be accepted from April 6-21. - FINAL ENTRY TIME will be April 21 @ 9 AM SLT. - WINNERS will be announced by April 23 * Post processing can be used, but not so much that it distorts the outfit(s). * You do not have to be the photographer, but you must credit the photographer if it's someone other than yourself. Please do not spend thousands of Lindens for a photographer - that is NOT the point of this styling contest. * People can submit a maximum of two stylings per category. The styles does not have to be newly created, but all items used to create the style must be currently available for purchase. * Include a style card for each entry. The winners will have the style card in our upcoming lookbook, so this is important. No style card = no winner. More information can be found on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thefashionloftsl/posts/476994552719965
  25. xhoneyball

    Glitter Bodysuit

    Hi Forum! So I spent hours and hours looking for this specific Bodysuit.. With no success. If somebody happen to know where this is from PLEASE let me know! D: