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  1. Does anyone know the identity of this male system skin? I think it's the receding hairline and signs of grey creeping through on his short beard which does it for me, although it's a shame about the silly scar. Otherwise, I find him rather attractive and fancy him on one of my male alts. .. Here boy!
  2. Have you heard the one about being able to add old system layers to mesh bodies? It's called Beans on Toast and will be out by the end of 2018.
  3. The most critical elements when considering the purchase of an animation. Faultless.
  4. Any advertisement which spends more characters stating policy than it does describing the item it is there to sell is a pass for me. Often times the seller comes across as a pain, even if they've been messed with in the past. It's like having Picks in your Profile listing all a person's likes/dislikes and do's and don'ts .. Drama waiting to happen. In terms of full-perm items; I buy occasionally, never sell, but all my alts get a copy too so the cost is divided by a healthy number.
  5. Other people can be distracting and/or irritating. I very rarely seek the attention of anyone in particular. I prefer to focus on myself alone and spend the bulk of my time on my lonesome doing what I want to do. The only time I interact with others is to thank them for their plaudit when I venture out to pose, or I may converse for a while with someone if they surprised me with a gift from my wishlist. The minuscule remainder of the time I may socialise with an individual but it rarely extends beyond that session. I don't like interruptions or clingy and needy people. SL is a place to be selfishly self-centered, with the occasional spurt of sociability on my terms.
  6. Imagine if the same question had been asked 10 years ago. How disappointed we'd now be seeing how little of what was dreamed and wished for never surfaced. Another 10 years time .. Continued assumption that everyone is within 10ms ping of the LL servers, all running state of the art devices and minimum 10gbps optic fibre connections .. However, still takes an age to rez a scene. Still endless questions about crashes, failures and general discontent. Necro'd threads 20 years old and my letter still hasn't come up on the Apple May Designs lucky letter boards.
  7. Strappy is too broad a description. Post a picture or two of the style of shoes you seek and what type of body/foot you have, that would assist others in assisting you.
  8. Any chance you can put your adverts in world too. Save the bandwidth.
  9. With over 4,800 characters still available, wouldn't it've been easier to have typed 'land impact' in the first place. I hate abbreviations in Marketplace descriptions, as sometimes they can misunderstood or left open to interpretation. An item description is a place where clarity should be paramount. Lazy description, to me, implies lazy seller.
  10. The 'Review' system needs review. Only being able to list 2 reviews at once would've been fine back in the day when people were running Pentium III's with 512k RAM and a dial-up connection. These days my system, and I suspect yours too, could cope with a bit more. I want 20 per page, then if I click one to read more it opens within the same page, so I don't have to start all over again, again. While we're having a moan at MP .. Why can't it save my choices of 'Lowest Price First' and '48 items per page' without having to set them every time 😐 I'm not all negative. I like the new Wishlist thingie.
  11. I quite like urban scenes/settings. There are quite a number I have seen which, in addition to providing facilities for casual visitors to do each other, often subsidise their own costs by renting out houses and/or apartments. One adult place springs to mind - Barnesville City - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jackstone/65/221/2524 They have unfurnished apartments from L$35 per week w/ 40 prims, or L$50+ per week w/ 50 prims. Outsiders cannot enter a rented property, nor can they see the resident/s inside, but they can scan around inside to see how you spent your pervy prim allowance.
  12. This has happened to me several times over the years, it can be a real nuisance. What I do now is have all my commonly worn HUDs in one folder, then keep a backup of that. It happened again last week and there's nothing I've ever managed to do other than replace the broken HUDs from backup (or redelivery) and systematically 'Replace All Links' for my outfits. I have over 400 outfits, so it can take a while. Can't do much about a crash, but those impatient security orbs become tedious - "By the time you read this you will have been ejected' - especially if you visited an innocent old LM that used to be a store. I stay focused if checking old LMs nowadays, just in case.
  13. Neither. I do what I want, when I want, in SL.
  14. Create a little somewhere in SL called 'The Knitting Circle' where you can invite other SL residents to talk about how boring their lives are. Please, not here within the SL forum. It doesn't belong.
  15. No I remember giving it thought 10 years ago and looked into it, and I'm not suggesting I'd've been any good, but I'll never know now. Without sounding defeatist, I honestly think that ship has sailed for me. The time has passed. How long has the betagrid been available, since the birth of SL? From where I've been sitting it's been well hidden.
  16. L$10 upload is the single reason why I've personally never bothered trying to create anything for SL. I'm fussy. I'm picky. Everything would have to be just right before I'd be happy to call it finished. L$10 x many, many attempts, tweaks and uploads would cost me thousands of Linden I'm simply not prepared to spend during the process.
  17. If I could give your pic double-likes, I would. After my own, of course , this is probably the best pic I have seen within this whole thread I just saw it again, a day after I first did, and I think I'm more impressed on the second viewing. It's got everything. And everything is flawless. Outstanding! Your style is very much my style, so I am a bit biased.
  18. Not the same problem you describe, but I have had things happen following logging-in over the past week, which have never happened before over many years on SL. I use Firestorm, but not the latest for-animish one. - I've had my 'Outfits' folder order scrambled with no way to get it back to alphabetical, besides re-logging. - I've had all my Firestorm Preferences return to default on two occasions in the past week. It happened for the second time today, although this time I'd backed it up so it was a straightforward and easy exercise to rectify. There definitely does seem to be something iffy in the air, at least the air that I'm breathing.
  19. While on this subject, does anyone know how to remove windlights from the list in Firestorm? There are way too many in there and large chunks I know I'm not nor never will be interested in. Apologies to Pierre for butting-in 🚺
  20. Eww, such a dirty garage. Nevermind, where did that handsome mechanic go? .. I need a tune-up.
  21. Yes, including an option to exclude DEMOs too. Gachas. Once, many moons ago, I played a gacha. Never again. However, my inventory is awash with gacha items. I love them. All small items, often under L$20 each, sometimes only L$5 each (much less than the cost of one random in-world play) and a few multi-purchases to make a little set of matching things. Thank goodness for gacha items in Marketplace!
  22. People of colour? I'm eurasian, which colour am I? Whatever color I am it is not black. So, for that reason, I'm out.
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