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  1. I've spent thousands on 'stand' AO's over the years and am still not truly satisfied with what's on offer. The same goes for dances too; I wish there were more dances where you don't look like a pro-dancer performing on stage, more like stood at the side feeling the vibe without moving your feet is the style I always seek. Back to stands. I like what Body Language offer, it is a breath of fresh air. LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bon Voyage/95/131/1253 During Black Friday everything at Body Language was offered at 50% off. I filled my little boots Here's one of my favourites, although it doesn't complete it's cycle in the GIF time allowed, this is pretty much it. ..
  2. Besides trialing it for less than a minute soon after I first noticed it I've never used 'physics'. There's just something rather tacky about all those jelly boobs and bouncing butts wobbling about. I prefer my firm buttocks, pert milkies and 6-pack abs on my sub-5'3" non-child-like frame. As I rarely, if ever, bump the attachment maximum of 38 I wonder if I could trade my 'physics allowance' for a few more group slots for more non-social VIP joins. That would be nice.
  3. No, that was him talking to me about his "little twig"
  4. To me that is normal as I do not possess any image editing software, so every picture of mine is a "raw, unedited photo straight from the viewer!" .. Firestorm. Welcome to Plebsville! - - - While loitering by some lucky chairs in my current favourite freebie dress two movie title wafted through my mind .. The Usual Suspects and Get Shorty. It's at times like this my size becomes more noticeable (4'6" in flat feet)
  5. I can only speak from a buyer's perspective, but Marketplace has so many fundamental failures in its general usability and operation. However, all the moaning and groaning in the world isn't likely to get anything changed. We get what we got. Having said that, I wish: - 1. we could flag a store so it doesn't appear in our search results (user operated store ban list). 2. demos had their own listing setting so we could opt out of demos returning in search results, for example. 3. demos return with black&white images by default (option set by sellers when creating ads for demos). 4. there was a greater choice of pages to jump to. 5. I could retain preferred search criteria, such as; 48 items per page, lowest price first etc.. That'll do for starters I often use Marketplace in preference to a shop because I have some minor level of redress by way of the Review option. Buy in-store and you have nothing if the seller decides to ignore you. Despite the pain I find myself browsing Marketplace almost always whenever logged into SL, commonly triggered by something someone else was wearing or something I want to complete an outfit. I'd hate it if it went away, even with all its niggles and failings
  6. Why me?! .. I don't come into your bedroom and tell you to tidy up.
  7. Absolutely, categorically, most definitely .. No! I have Maitreya and, to me, it was a no-brainer to have purchased it for my alt too. It is difficult to find fault with the Maitreya body in terms of available clothing in all its forms, there is simply a mountain available. I have never been disappointed to find something I wanted not being available in Maitreya. So much available for free too, or as group gifts, lucky boards etc.. Simply wonderful! My only criticism of Maitreya is the alpha section of the HUD since the introduction of 'auto-alpha' on recent updates. It can become a real nuisance. Its use should ideally be optional, not mandatory. I suggested that to their support many months ago too. With regards to a Dev kit; I don't make things, I just wear them, so I am unaffected by that. I shudder at the thought of returning to any classic avatar body. Sorry if I sound like a mesh body snob
  8. Thank you, it is a combination. Hair from Foxy and bangs from barberyumyum. I love bangs. I bang most hairs, or at least try
  9. Raise your hand if you over spent on Black Friday.
  10. It's getting cold outside. Hey! .. careful with that nose!
  11. Some of these remind me of that great Pulp Fiction quote .. "The one with all the ***** in her face"
  12. My favourite saved outfits change almost daily. After a while, a few weeks or a month, I'll have a good clear out.
  13. One of my alts uses one of those free TMP bodies and I've never regretted spending zero lindens on it. I use Maitreya Lara body normally and, among other things, I enjoy hunting down nice freebies. Once in a while a nice freebie will cater for TMP. In logs the alt to go pick it up.
  14. Until I see some non-hunk mature mesh male avatars then my attention will continue to be drawn towards the classic bodied, older and out of shape males. Men should not be perfect, that's for the girls I find the hipster/hunk male rather unnattractive, but at the same time sympathise with male avatars for the options which they have (n't) available. SL is such a visual platform that the visuals count for so much, at least for a first impression. This would likely be considered 'shallow' in the real world, but this isn't the real world.
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