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  1. I was reading New World Notes and thinking / realizing if not al mesh is created the same then maybe I could travel through SL better if I reevaluate my avatar. Are there mesh body head combos that have less polygone things? Where can I find this information? Are people checking some kind of stats when shopping? Can other things like my skin slow me down in sl? Someone has had to compare the bodies and heads in this regard, right?
  2. I just got done watching all the bbc / tlc shows on Gypsies .. Now I just wish there was an rp for it here in SL. Anyone want to think tank the idea with me? Pros: Family clans: with almost kingdom heirarchys , cool campers or old fashioned wagons, wild clothes very much like current sl style, parties, horses, sulky racing, boxing, lots of kids included cause family dynamics, giant wedding dresses & fabulous weddings, wild funerals, drama & fights like a soap opera, witchcraft (some mix witch craft and christian ) Cons: where's the plot?, no external conflict
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