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  1. helo am user from second life, sorry for my bed england. you guys from this forum are actually poggers and really helpful ♥ so thanks in advanced. not sure if i chose the right theme forum topic but i'll give it a try. i am looking for a free translator, do you guys know where i could get a reliable one? i've been looking for one for some time but it's been kinda futile. it has to be one that can allow me to change languages, type something in chat with language chosen, and one that automatically translate what the OTHER person says as well ! it seems now that most are disc
  2. helo ! i was wondering if the there was fashionable people out there, that could help me with my SOS? so, basically im looking for any info regarding asian aesthethic on sl? like good asian brands out there, stores, gachas, etc. i did my own search but i kinda fail miserably, since sometimes it seems is better to know someone expert on the matter and whenever i try to do my own shape with random skins i dont quite get the result i want... i hope is not illegal or anything, but i want some result like this random resident ♥ (see pic below)
  3. FINALLY, after days of investigating its finally OVER. The owner of the store Shiho Akutsu (seefor) sent me a copy of the house, im so glad she responded my notecard. I recommend her little store for those who need storages, and skins for bento heads~ It was indeed a very old item, and she promised to put the item back on in marketplace so... here is ♥ full perm: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/SS-2F-4Room-having-Open-Ceiling-Space-SSB-001/11363988? I have to thank you all of you girls, U ROCK ♥ without you, i couldn't find it ever and possible forget it like people wa
  4. Oh my.. i even saw this store before while i was searching in mp for days. Ill send her a note card right away too~ Thank you again for all girls ♥
  5. So far... nothing. I sent a ticket to LL but no response yet, which it seems i might need to wait longer. And also notecard to owner of the store, but no response, The only options i have now, it just to ask people in SL if they know about the house. Keep checking inworld stores to happen to have a copy of the house. Or basically, encounter the house by accident inworld. No more ideas for nows...
  6. Im going to~ im glad u are here to help me out grills ♥ <:) TICKET sent to LL, and notecard sent to store owner.
  7. Oh, ill try to contact them. I tried that solution in the past but didn't worked. Still... there is a chance to get my house? I never couldn't logged in Second life Beta.
  8. Well i cant. I'm having the same issue from the past, every time i want to login to second life beta, it wont allow me. It always says that is the incorrect password and user.
  9. LOL u girls are funny~ and nope, because when i mean with "lost it" i literally mean, they're gone forever. Because when i had all my stuff form the land, moving and deleting folders, i accidentally delete the one form my land and it became one of the worst days of my life.
  10. I looked but.. i know is not going to be there, since my friend gifted me the house in game. These are only orders you buy yourself in marketplace ^^"
  11. i think the walls were white wood, and the roof tiles red or blue. but im okay with any color, since i remember i could edit all the textures of the house~
  12. Yea... he was my best friend of sl and rl, i want to find this house so bad... just im kinda sad i dont have pictures of it. Being a newbie and not taking pictures.
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