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  1. The MIrai Amusement Park! my favorite amusement park of all time in sl :matte-motes-big-grin-evil: The place still exist! here's your taxi : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mirai/141/83/65
  2. The best looking vintage themed jazz club imo is the OZ CLUB located at the calas galadhon parks. Though this club is not 24 hours like frank's bograt's etc but sometimes they do live jazz music. I attended a concert of 2 jazz vocalist/pianinst and they are amazing.. a real musicians. Just join the CALAS GALADHON group for the updates of their events. Here's the limo :http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Emerald%20Coast/97/143/47
  3. check out town of valhalla http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Emerald%20Coast/97/143/47 . It's a new place and they might need fd staffs.
  4. You can actually wear multiple items (mesh,normal prim, sculpts, tattoos, alpha layers) by using ADD instead of wear. *In your inventory right click the item then choose add.*
  5. Why can't you just post the photo here?
  6. omg i want #9! but 1st of all for god sake LL resolve the lag , avi cloud and the avi texture blurring even if everything around you totally rezzed except your own avi even tho you rebake for gazillion times!
  7. It's hard to tell where this skin come from 'cos we might also dealing with tattoo make ups and lashes. I can make my avi look different depends on the makeup or even only lipstick im wearing. This skin on the photo looks a bit close to GRACIA skin from redgrave (try the darker tones ). I hope you find the skin soon. Good luck!
  8. for the skin try this one from THE BODY CO. --> https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/the-body-co-SKINSHAPE-Orchid-05-ToneBlonde-Hair-Female/3180436 (makeups sold separately and i think there is smoky makeup style in their set) for the hair maybe try LAMB http://slurl.com/secondlife/Lula/107/105/34/?title=lamb
  9. Check out this video from MODAVIA fashion and also the old promotional video of LELUTKA (stiill one of the best imho)
  10. More QUALITY vintage stuffs (1930's- 40's) like mesh clothings, rigged hair, and shoes for men and women. I think there are only few people who rp pre to post ww2 but i think there are lots of us who are into vintage fashion
  11. Have you check the Body Co. skin? Their base skin is completely makeupless and it actually forced me to buy some eyeliners and lipstick tattoos cos the face is totally no make up at all like you just got up from the bed hehe;) the one in my profile is from body Co. Ylang Ylang skin and i put like 5 inches thick of make up in that photo shoot lol.
  12. You have to "rezz"(put the BOX from your inventory onto the ground) then you right click on it then choose OPEN and then COPY TO INVENYORY. Once you copy the items to your inventory go to RECENT ITEMS in your inventory then you will find the folder containing the items. *you can only REZZ an object in a place where rezzing is allowed like sandboxes or your own place.
  13. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Role-Play/Hope-Harbor-Schools-Is-Now-Hiring-Elementary-and-High-School/m-p/1675741#M6200
  14. Lol i just found this youtube vid today hahaha! Does anyone knows where to get this animation or gesture?
  15. get a THINC BOOK Printing press idk if this link will work---> http://thincsl.com/category/products/thinc-printing-press/
  16. After months and months of being ABSENT here in slforum and in world tako ABSENT is back lol! I just want to start a thread about how do we look in rl or to be specific our own ethnicity. Sl is a wonderful place because it breaks the racial barrier between each people but at the same time preserves the art and style such as fashion, taste, and even the culture of each individual who comes from different parts of the world. I'm so happy i found my "own skin" ;) so i'll start this by saying: Hi! I'm Tako and I'm asian ;) Hope you post your favorite profile pic that will represent your race;)
  17. post the pictures (close up shot and full body shot) without putting any details( brand, brand skin name and the price) then let us estimate how much does all of those skin cost.
  18. Check out DURA hair. they have nice hair base tattoo.
  19. i will never use system hair as my hairbase Hair base tattoo is waaaaaaaaay better imo.
  20. i think it depends on the whole get up and shape of the wearer. I find them cute on petite male avis and an eyesore on bulky "johny bravo" type male shapes lol
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