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  1. Hi out there. o/ I joined Second Life ages ago - I dunno, a year? - and was at first quite excited about it. I really joined for the reason of hearing about an RPG area based off a movie, but I found that it was long gone, and so searched for more things to find. I came across free things, a nice little meant-to-look-rundown town that I set as my 'home', and a beautifully crafted post-apocalyptic RPG sim that I fell in love with. But my computer was bluescreening randomly, Second Life's viewer (I tried the main one and a second community-made one) regularly took up half the memory available to my computer when playing, in addition to freezing, hanging with no way to close the window, and outright crashing. The FPS was unbearable. Still, I stuck around. Until I decided one day to buy some Linden Dollars to get a feral avatar I really liked, along with a replica of a Pagani Zonda from a car lot - and found that they demanded you agree that they will save your bank account info, and that you will agree that if withdraws happen from your account that appear to be from Linden Labs - they're not. That's a big red flag for me. From there I started to really see the underside - customer support seemed to be bad, a lot of Google searches returned results of 'where did Second Life go' and 'why is no-one in Second Life anymore'. Even 'why is Second Life boring' was a top suggestion as I began to type Second Life's name. Now, after finally telling. Is this game even worth being in anymore? I had thought I made my decision last year when I removed the Viewer from the computer's hard drive and immediately stopped having the bluescreen errors (and they haven't come back since), but now I'm kind of missing After the Fall, and other areas that I had come to enjoy hanging out in when nothing else was happening in my other games. I ask the community: Is the game still good? Did I just see the bad side and there's still a good side to be seen, or is what I saw the true face of Second Life as it is now? Thanks, and thanks for reading. I know I tend to write novels. ;)
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