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  1. Is my experienced with erik linden's egg a form of griefing too? hahah just wondering..
  2. I reloged and I was still wearing erik's egg lol but fortunately i managed to detached it. where the heck is that egg came from?? lol!
  3. ok after being a cloud, my avi appeared at last but with an egg like marble attached to my waist. I don't remember having this item before and i didn't wear any item except my mesh outfit before i crashed in Gol (bar). I've check the details of the "egg" and this is what i got.. Name: Rock-medium, round description: medium, round landscaping rock creator: eric linden I tried to remove or detach it but it won't let me and i decided to log out. Is it a bug? I'm using firestorm btw.
  4. Hi val! yes i did clean install everything but i still cant log in with the older viewer. i also tried v2.6xx and it also requiring me to install the update manually;( ty for the link will check it out
  5. Hello! I'm try to downgrade my viewer to 2.5 but everytime i try to log in it always requiring me to update my viewer to v3.xxx I have issues regarding shadows and loosing alpha textures in the latest viewer. I already set the "update viewer manually" but i still cant use the older viewer. Could somebody help me regarding this issue? Thanks in advance!;)
  6. Also check out ORACUL at kuso,kuso sim. They have lots of funny and cute typing animation and they are really cheap like 10L per animation.
  7. I've watched some youtube videos of twinity... all the avis looks dead it's like you are in a zombie themed sim omg lol!
  8. Message me inworld. I love doing make over with newbies;) I'll aslo give you a shape if you like
  9. control+alt+f1 also hides all the ui except your hud attachments;)
  10. I'm asian. When i was a kid i dont speak nor understand english but i love watching hollywood films and sesame street. Am i crazy that time?....
  11. :matte-motes-grin: Hair: vive9 shirt and highwaist shorts: Willow Earings: Fri.day Flagship store Clutch: Coco design Shoes: Lelutka Lashes: Lelutka Lipstick tattoo: Glamorize Skin: Redgrave
  12. sorry about my second comment. we were invaded by the spammers yesterday. Now im gonna figure out how to delete my rant hahaha.
  13. Visually or graphic wise v2-3 is comparable to v1 imo.
  14. Thank God for the steady cam shot without panning. Lots of machinima here in sl has camera swing overload that gives the viewer a terrible headache. I also love the color grading of the movie;) But the musical scoring is a bit overused (in youtube they call this soundtrack as "one of youtube's nation anthem") but still its a nice machinima and easy to watch. Congrats! Suggestion, maybe you could also insert some ambient sound effects to make it more convincing;) Ty for sharing your film!
  15. Or better go to Oracul main store at Kuso Kuso for you to try the animations before purchasing it.
  16. then i just checked the blog.. O M G :matte-motes-crying:
  17. i was drinking my hot coffee while reading this post..next scene...BOOM:matte-motes-confused:
  18. tako Absent

    All about Lycans

    Are furries considered as lycans too? hehe
  19. ok that one is freaky but very timely for this coming halloween lol! I've seen one store which they sell oldies but goodies stuff like old folks skins and shape (grandma and grandpa ) oldies wardrobes, accessories etc etc... evrything for oldies and the likes. The problem is i forgot the name of the store haha! but The store is located in a mall which you can also find the TRES BLAH store. I'll try to get the slurl as soon as i get inworld today;) Oh btw i just remeber, I bought a cat eye reading glasses in that oldies store yeah i remember;)
  20. VIEWER 2 ERA: I hate the side bar! i hate it! this is the worst UI im going back to Phoenix! PRESENT: The sidebar was V2's best feature, i can't imagine LL removing it totally. That's just crazy. I'll try firestorm again. L M A O !
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