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  1. What about alts here in SL forum?
  2. It is either you are clueless or just plain dumb. Not everyone has the technical skill in 3d software. You don't need to have technical skills building* to be an artist and to innovate. I bet you know the concept of being an editor or a curator. What about administrative art? 1491 is creating a paying job for Secondlife residents that could give them a reason on continuing their craft. It is already 2018, be happy and tone down your bitchy and arrogant comments in this forum.
  3. Yes, they will be extinct like the dinosaurs. You know, they really look like dinos like T-rex...ugly giant with short arms.
  4. "First... your biggest mistake in the OP was referring to SL as a 'game'. I'm surprised no one has berated you for that, yet. Which would be unfortunate because it would call attention away from the true question you are asking." Stop being a hypocrite. Secondlife is a game. I am tired of this sl-is-not-a-game defense or justification of your computer 3d gaem actvity. Inside sl you play with your avatar , you play with the objects if you are building, you play with the script if you are a coder and you share or sell your creation to others for them to enjoy and play with it. SL IS A GAME AND THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT.
  5. can you also use this "NOT" on any specific items you dot wanna see in your search? like for example, p e n i s and v a g i n a and other toys for perverts which i find very annoying since i have to enable "adult" in my search cos alot of non sexual non pervert items are on adult section too.
  6. some mesh eye product has unrigged option and this is great for taking photos especially selfies but sometimes you need to put your eye direction to where your camera at and the huds like Ikon's is very handy. Ikon eyes has an option of moving and non moving eyes with optional look direction. If you have an exisiting non scripted mesh eyes , you can attach them to any part of your head excluding the eyes. take note that you might have a hard time editing or balancing the position of each eye since it is not attach anymore to the system avi's eye. So in my case i use my Fiore's non rigged mesh eye when im taking photos of my avi and my Ikon eyes for everyday use. Sometimes i find it weird if i see my self/avi in fixed eyes because it looks kinda creepy and no life.
  7. Another tip. If you are using the firestorm built-in AO you must take off any AO hud in your avi or it will have issues in walking.
  8. Tuty AO has version for big boobies.
  9. if you are editing an AO hud, either you add or subtract an animation , you must edit the correspoding notecard in it. Maybe the error you are getting is like "can't find animation..." it means that there's still animation name file on the hud's notecard that hasn't deleted or edited.
  10. Alwin Alcott wrote: yes thats LL.... and your point to discuss? What's the point? Isn't awesome for some poeple playing Secondlife especially those living outside the US to realise that Linden Lab is also tangible and has a nice Brick Gothic Achitecture style HQ? Why dont you keep your negativity to yourselfl and fart it in Negaland?
  11. EveMarie Artis wrote: preciso recuperar avatar de nome "mariamariah bloch, atraves dela tenho que recuperar um parente perdido no mundo real downloading subtitle.......................
  12. Rhonda Huntress wrote: Looks like a the message you get when you crash or disconnect and the servers have not removed your avatar from the world yet. Try to log on again and see what happens. Yeah, this issue was very frequent years ago. I already experienced this scenario when my avatar was ghosted or stucked on a sim corner. @KamikazeLenna if you have an alt and can still remember the last place you've been to since you crashed or logged out. Ask the owner or manager of that (private)sim where your avi is ghosted to have a sim restart. Usually avi is burried on the sim corner. I really hope this issue wont happen to me again. The worst glithch in sl.
  13. If this thing happened to me I WILL POST THE NAME OF THAT DELINGQUIENT VIDEOGRAPHER. I dont care if I'll get banned from this forum because of the TOS. You have no option but to accept this dude's unprofessoinality and lack of work ethics and a being a thug. But again you can warn other possible victims to avoid this person. 51usd is 51usd and he should give it back to you in common sense. It is easy to make excuses about the internet cos hell yes it really happens but running away with you cash is not acceptable at all.
  14. Marianne Little wrote: First and most important, it is a mesh head, so unless you use a mesh head, the skin will look different and of a very lower quality on a default SL head. The skin can be mixed up with other eyebrows, beard and hairpase. (And most certainly is) A TMP skin is sold browless and beardless, so different styles of beards, hairbases and eyebrows has to be bought and added to the Styke Mode Hud. Here is the fun part, it does not have to be a skin made by TMP to be worn with a TMP head. But the eyebrows look very much like the "dangerous" brows sold separately. The hairbase and beard is probably not TMP. So unless someone owns just this mesh head and just this skin or skin/brows/beard/hairbase, you will have to dig after it. The best way is to ask the avatar. Maybe you asked, and he just said "TMP". What you can do, is go to the TMP store, get a free mesh hed demo (I guess it is the classic head) and try on their free skin demos. I am very sure that vampiraclhoe is asking for the exact name of the skin and i also have a strong feeling the she/he already knows the basic infos about mesh heads.
  15. owning or renting a land or place in sl is the same as having your own website or webpage. So sharing a place in sl is like having a website owned by 2 owners with different intention. Why not just rent your own place? rental adjustments in sl is very common especially in residential themed sims.
  16. "....What to do?" Make friends with his alt? maybe his alt is your real soul mate
  17. and both of you created an account here in sl forum today just to vouch? do you realize forumers can check the date of your registrations? nice try.
  18. Nice publicity stunt . Lmao! I've checked the link and read some reviews and hey jimmy i found cloned comments made by different accounts. haha!
  19. In my opinion, Adam has the most realistic looking mesh body of them all you just have to tweak your shape and do not expect the mesh body to follow your existing shape proportion. Also, try to rely on your eyes when editing shape. Mesh body is less complicated compare to system avatar shape editing since it has less editable parts. if you think the head is small with the default shape, why not go to edit mode and fix the head size? and for the tiny waist try lowering the width of your shoulder then following up by widening the body on the body tab.
  20. omg i am packing my stuffs now! will be there for a vaction!
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