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  1. I really don't want to know if you are a 300 pound misanthrope with bad breath in RL. PLEASE LIE! Be the J-Lo lookalike with the sweet disposition for me. Please tell me nothing about your RL, I don't want to know. Anyway, I am a Swedish supermodel in RL so I am not interested in your RL self. Just forget about it.
  2. What a good discussion topic. My two cents: Early on, some RL couples want to share everything, to the point of going to the bathroom with the door open and things like that. A super high level of openness is not practical for many couples. Do you really want to be told that your partner likes the body of one of your friends? That is may be a mess if you try to force confessions of every stray thought. I found it necessary to accept that some things are best kept private, or at least between the person and God. In particular the fantasy sex life often continues for at least one member o
  3. oh Oh, and thank you for the link. Yes, that is a nice example of clothes that fully cover.
  4. I didn't mean literally that the shirt has be physically tucked in, just that it is difficult to find clothes that cover the body.. It can be done however. I now have a kind of undershirt called "Norma" from Alaskametro, that covers the midriff and looks great with whatever jacket or top I want to wear. So it can definitely be done.
  5. For some amazing reason, it seems to not be possible to buy a Maitreya shirt that can be worn under a jacket and tucked under blue jeans (or any type of slacks). You must must must have a bare midriff, or else have a dress that is worn over your slacks. Has a law been passed by evil male politicians that women are required to show their midriffs? I don't dress that way in RL, so why can't I have a normal tee-shirt or blouse in SL? Does anyone have a way around it, other than reverting to the legacy avatar ? Thank you.
  6. Double Update: Still blocked. I used different computers, different operating system (LINUX + Windows), different everything and that is not the problem. I also defriended my friend to see if that makes a difference, and it does not.
  7. I've seen several articles about mesh versus non-mesh avatars. My question is, do you think that eventually everyone will have a mesh avatar? Is mesh like the Borg, certain to assimilate you in the long run? Or do you suppose there will always be a group of people that use the non-mesh style? I have both, but it is much easier to use the older style than fuss with the mesh and get everything right. If I don't learn to use the mesh, will that doom my social life?
  8. Update: After two years, my friend is still permanently blocked. I can temporarily unblock her in a million different ways, but she is blocked again when I log off and log back on. I've used many different computers, many different browsers and nothing works. I can block and unblock everyone else with no problem, just this one person who I originally blocked with Metabolt as a test, and found it to be irreversible. I believe this is an unfixable bug, possibly having to do with that now-defuncct browser. So, everytime I log on I have to temporarily unblock this one person, and that's t
  9. I have the same problem with a friend. I wasn't sure how to see whether someone was blocked or not using the Metabolt viewer, so I asked my friend to help. I blocked her, unblocked her, ok got it! But then when I logged on again, she was blocked. I tried unblocking from the profile, sending an IM, sending a Linden, and all methods work until i log off and log back in. I tried all of the above using Second Life viewer, Firestorm Viewer. I have used different computers, LINUX and still the automatic blocking can not be eliminated. Ih short, it is either a problem at Linden (sounds
  10. I am a complete idiot on computers, but SL runs on my Ubuntu 12.04, which is installed as of last week on a 3 year old machine (Toshiba satellite) originally installed with Vista. I tried "run in terminal" on the executable, which in former releases would be the kiss of death. However for this version, it's the only way to make it work. I can't explain how or why, don't know anything about computers, but it works for me.
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