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  1. CC's Compact Carnival -Now Open!

    Great little spot and amazing Rides! Nicely done!! ^__^
  2. Thoughts on a Second Life art museum

    It might be possible! A sort of Crowd-Funding might work. That paired with participation from influential artists might be enough to fill out a Museum. If the project has a focused enough mission, I could see important artists being willing to donate a piece to be featured with their story be told!! I would personally try to talk to some residents who have been for as long as possible, either artists or not, and try to hunt down as much info as I can. If I need to send emails and contact past residents so be it! I just think it would be so fascinating to have a location documenting how Art has been created, displayed or enjoyed inworld!! It may not be telling in this forum thread, but I think the interest is there, and perhaps with a group we can pool people together towards this goal...
  3. Thoughts on a Second Life art museum

    My main concern with either using a Rezz-Group or an Ad-Board style system would be people participating simply for the promotion. Even if it is difficult getting people to participate, having the "easiest" method might not be the best . I am certainly not against promoting peoples art, in fact I love it, but if this is going to be a "Museum" there needs to be a level of curation happening to some extent on the side of the administrators. I already own a gallery parcel with several other artists inworld where we utilize a Rezz-Group and bi-monthly rotation where any artists can come participate and promote their art.
  4. Make a muscular Avatar

    @855MrZilla , it sounds like you have a pretty good idea of what you want to do, so I am not sure what information you are looking for exactly. Take a look at this page and give it a thorough reading. It details the process of uploading mesh objects into Second Life for use or for sale. Also, if you want to use this body as an Avatar, you will have to create a "Rigged" model so that it moves with your skeleton, otherwise you will just be a lifeless mannequin! Hope that helps get the ball rolling. Good luck!
  5. Thoughts on a Second Life art museum

    I still love this idea, Talli! Maybe I can send a few messages to get some traction on this. A "Second Life Art-History Museum" would be really really cool in my opinion! Perhaps we can setup a group for this inworld to get the conversation going a bit more? I am sure there are plenty of artists who would be interested who don't necessarily use the Forums. Also, that little parcel next-door to me is rented yet again unfortunately! A project of this nature might benefit from being located somewhere of historical significance though, like Bay City. Either way, I'd love to work with you on this project, don't hesitate to shoot me a message or notecard next time you are free to chat
  6. ipad pro

    Do you happen have any other Mac products? If you happen to have a iMac or a desktop, you can use services like AirDisplay to use an iPad as a Secondary Monitor over WiFi.
  7. Doubts about DJing

    So, in the many years that DJ Streaming has been used in Second Life, where are the documented instances of people being prosecuted for this? Would there not be some precedent set at some point, resulting in an official statement from LL? In my opinion, anyone who is streaming ONLY to people in second life is hardly a blip on the radar of any licensing or copywriting company. These laws are talking about internet radio stations, which typically broadcast 24/7; If you were to setup a Internet Radio that played top 40's hits, competing with mainstream radio etc, you would likely be at risk for not having a license. The number of people listening to a DJ broadcasting to SL alone for only a few hours every day might not be worth the time of day for anyone to prosecute. The point is, all these people saying how necessary it is to get a License, and I am nowhere near convinced. There is no evidence of residents being affected by this, nor anything in the TOS that would prevent people without a license from broadcasting. Until I can see something concrete, I cannot suggest people pay hundreds of dollars a year just to try out DJing in second life when it is clearly not a risk.
  8. Doubts about DJing

    To be perfectly honest, I am not sure it's the Clubs responsibility, or LL's? I believe BMI says something along the lines of License needing to be obtained by the party that stands to benefit the most or make the most profit, it seems to be a bit of a grey area when we start talking about virtual world performances. LL is, after all, technically the landlord for the whole grid. I haven't been able to find an official statement from LL regarding a DJ license owned by the company, but I also haven't found any documented evidence of a SL Club being sued or approached for not having proper Licensing.... You think by now someone would have been guilty enough for some attention, like the many copyright and content creator cases that exist.
  9. Graphic Design Services

    @daltonprock Thanks mate! Be talking to you soon *waves*
  10. "Progressive Politics" group

    @Pussycat Catnap What Attack? I consider myself a very progressive-minded person, and just wanted to talk to other like-minded people. If a conversation cannot happen then I will bow-out. Sorry if I am not a Liberal, and sorry if you feel attacked by whatever I said.
  11. "Progressive Politics" group

    The Forum is a public space, everyone is free to comment as they see fit, no "Invasion" has taken place. If you are going to group people in the way you did, please stand by it, don't delete it then accuse me of ill-intent. I was actually quite interested in the concept until I realized I would not be welcome, and that is why I commented on the thread.
  12. "Progressive Politics" group

    @Pussycat Catnap I hate Black and Red people? Please, tell me more about myself.....
  13. "Progressive Politics" group

    That is the laziest political cartoon I have ever read X-D could be applied to ANY party philosophy bahahah. Im actually convinced whoever drew this never actually met and spoke with a Libertarian, and instead opted to be educated by facebook threads..... Anyway, cool looking group, but does anyone know of a group like this that allows all sorts of thought? I'd much rather participate in a conversation with all sides of the spectrum than close out a few things I disagree with.
  14. Graphic Design Services

    Not a problem, @Talligurl do it up !! I'm not going anywhere if you need me hehe
  15. bumping up threads

    *Takes a moment to think* There, thought achieved