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  1. Upscale Communities

    Thank you all for the lovely suggestions! Keep em coming!
  2. Secret Society Suggestions

    It's more of a game than a Legit Secret Society. There will be layers of clues and intrigue to peel away, leading to secrets that definitely cannot be known just by reading this thread. The overall concept will be the Participants searching for answers, deciding for themselves whether this "Secret Society" has any actual power, or if it is all a wild conspiracy! There can and will be aspects of roleplay and community involved in this project, but the goal is NOT to create a LEGITIMATE secret society in Second life. If I were do to that, i certainly would not be posting and inviting people into the project via the Forum Will send you some information soon! That goes for everyone, apologies for not sending out packages sooner, but IRL has been intensely crazy lately!!
  3. It's not the easiest solution, but I think there are several existing scripts that can do a good job. It's up to you to chop the song up perfectly though, if the script is off or the music is off even a fraction of a second it can ruin the whole thing. I have several music boxes that run on such scripts, and you honestly can't tell it was constructed that way!
  4. Media on a Prim, or upload a song in 10 second chunks and string together with scripting. There might be another way but I am unaware of it.
  5. Builder in need of a partner/teacher

    I double the suggestion on Builder's Brewery! Unfortunately I am not much of a builder myself but I can vouch for BB's helpful group and community. Oxbridge in Caledon also offers a weekly "Build A Clock" class for that specific interest I'd also recommend poking around the City of Babbage if you haven't already; a lovely land of steampunkers, quite a few are avid builders, you might be able to find some partners in crime over there Regardless, always looking for new steampunk gadgets, so go gettem'!!
  6. Horizons and overpriced land

    Sure a lot of that makes sense. I guess I was just curious seeing priorities with rentals and property ownership. Its the pure price-to-prim ratio that i am simply surprised to see not being taken advantage of. I understand most folks prefer privacy, or beautiful islands, or at the very least renting a deeded parcel with full powers; but for residents who just use skyboxes or whatever, it seems like a no-brainer to rent a place like this? Like I said some things make sense, some things are not surprising, but I am just trying to wrap my mind around the intricacies lol
  7. Tips for attracting retail business?

    A few of the things you mentioned are good starting-points. Separating parcels, allowing tenants parcel control and customization et-cetera, can all make a rental spot more attractive. Using such methods can allow "Mainstores" to be setup, as opposed to just storefronts. Not an easy perk, but if you can pull a larger merchant with a following, other nearby storefronts are sure to rent-out quicker. Known brands drive a bit of traffic no matter what, especially if they offer their customers perks like inworld-exclusives or participate in hunts/events. All you need is one dedicated store to start trickling in some foot traffic. Also consider specialization. With shopping being SO EASY on marketplace, it's becoming more difficult to create a "Mall" style setup. Keeping a shopping center tied to a theme, such as Menswear, Retro, or Furniture, can both encourage similar shops to join in, as well as encourage window shopping from other customers who might have dropped by for something similar. Try to provide both your Tenants and Customer Traffic with a place they would actually WANT to visit and shop. No quick tricks are guaranteed to work, nor traffic-boosting games nor sure-fire advertising spots. Tenants want to see a shopping center with nice looking shops they can be a part of. Customers want a place to be able to purchase their goods as well as a quality location in general (attractive, low lag).
  8. Horizons and overpriced land

    I'm having such a hard time believing the New Horizons parcel pricing I am seeing. The rentals are ABSURDLY CHEAP, yet no one is renting and the purchase prices are through the roof. Blake Sea makes sense to me, open water access is a hot commodity in SL and highly sought after. Bay City also makes a bit of sense as it is a Historic area with the benefit of double prims. I have recently picked up a rental in New Horizons; it's 350L$ a week for 700 PRIMS!! I have seen parcels near me renting for 1$L/sm but they aren't being rented out. I have a 99% lag-free experience in my home because i simply have no neighbors! With a premium member stipend, a resident could score a 700 Prim Parcel for 50$L a week!! Am i missing something obvious, or is this an incredibly epic deal?? lol Now I understand Real Estate is somewhat lucrative around the grid especially if you know how to finagle things. My brain is just stuck hurting on this. Are there really not that many people renting homes in SL? Are New Horizons parcels still too small for most SL users? Is there something else about the land that is putting people off ("A" rating, psuedo mainland status, etc)?? I am curious how long these sale prices can last with virtually no residents currently renting. Is it just land barons attempting to drive the property value up? Or will the double-prims and linden-protection keep this place locked in a bizarre price bubble.....
  9. Upscale Communities

    Wow Miranda thank you for sharing! This sure is a beautiful sim
  10. Upscale Communities

    Hey Folks. Looking for some Recommendations. Upscale Communities. Could be any style. No RP necessary. I am interested in attention to detail, landscaping, and availability. Theme is not important as long as it is consistent. The Grove is one that I am aware of, but I am interested in seeking out some others. Any help is appreciated! Share what you've found!!!
  11. So I guess....

    I like Boats! I like Drinks! I like Goofs! I shall have a look!
  12. Realistic Places?

    I can vouch for Sailor's Cove, it's a very nice little bay area with quite the realistic feeling. Many marinas near Blake Sea are quite bloated, but the little area of Sailors Cove is surprisingly natural. Used to rent a dock there, but now I just stop by for a stroll and a beer on occasion
  13. I will be by to have a look tonight, thank you!
  14. Once again, horrible salesperson. If most of us here are smut searching losers why even bother posting here. You don't even have the time to reply to an actual thread you created with PRACTICAL INFO instead you talk about how your busy at school and how someone on the Sim could help me. Well thanks for nothing, I'm at the office and can't login, and if you can't bother to take the time to answer the questions on your own bloody thread, then Wtf are you soon here besides stroking your own ego in this thread. Done posting here, and I advice others do the same, you're wasting you're time.
  15. Try a different sales tactic. You are failing before you begin. Ive gotten people to sign up for SL to participate in things I do not as regular residents, I dont make a point of mentioning that stuff. And if its brought up, i breeze over it, because it's not the bloody point. If you made a thread that was focused on discussion and not promoting your own organization, it should not have been moved. If it was moved, you were either pimping your group or funneling people into your sim. Several long threads exist under General Discussion that, by your arguments, would have been moved to Roleplay (Bloodlines Thread), Mainland and Parcel ( do you prefer living on a homestead/mainland sim thread ), the list goes on and on. These threads all share one thing in common, the original post was meant to begin conversation or posit a question, not advertise a community. They didn't say "What is Bloodlines? And by the way join my vampire family and we happen to have a sim and all this custom mesh costumes you can wear if you just come sign up ;-D". They simply asked what it was. I bet I could go start a thread in general, word it the right way, and it would not be moved. Just saying.