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  1. Last chance, Lance! *crosses fingers*
  2. I guess a proper introduction is in order... Hullo Peoples! I am Saul Goodie. In the real-world I am a full-time Graphic Designer and Abstract Artist. I use a combination of Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Photography and various other tools to create my work lately, having moved away from physical mediums into the digital world! I currently display my artwork InWorld at several locations; Kultivate/Windlight sim has a permanent "Art by Saul" gallery where you can view and purchase a small collection of my works. I also operate Wanderlust Bench Art Park with some other Residents, and I often display my work there as well. I have also recently launched my own Fashion line, STYYLL, in which all my products feature my original graphic designs! All my work is created IRL, for IRL, however over the past year I have been creating more and more projects specifically for Virtual Worlds. I am in the early stages of planning a larger-scale project, hopefully with the help of LEA, which will combine my artistic and musical creations into one big oddity!! In other news, I am also constantly looking for new artists and galleries to wet my appetite for content, so please send me all your recommendations and landmarks Here are some links to my things.... Abstract Portfolio Flickr
  3. Looks pretty nice, will have to take a closer look tonight!
  4. Merh, after a few stubborn years I finally got a full mesh setup....
  5. If you are using the ol Green Vote boxes, the script still functions in regards to keeping track of the number of clicks, but beyond that the system is useless.
  6. Freakin LOVE Syberia. I would highly recommend the City of Babbage, as Chic mentioned Steampunk sims might be best, and Babbage is simply stunning visually. Caledon is also nice but not as industrial or architecture-focused.
  7. Looks quite nice, I will have to take a closer look soon!
  8. Bump? Anyone?
  9. Hey there @BishopCharles , welcome to SL! The best way to get started in Second Life in my opinion is to First make yourself familiar and comfortable with the program. Perhaps visit a New-User friendly location, these places are often full of handy things like New User Guides, Cheap/Free shopping, and helpful Residents ready to give you a hand. After you have the basics, I would recommend taking a look at the Destination Guide and visiting some places that appear interesting to you! Second Life is a large and diverse place, so it is best to think about "What Interests Me" and "How do I want to Spend my Time". Perhaps you are interested in Listening to Music and meeting new people, then you might consider visiting Clubs or Venues! Maybe you are interested in Science Fiction or Fantasy, in which case a Roleplay environment might be the right fit! You will find Locations and Communities dedicated to everything from Sailing to Photography, and just about anything in between.... Just remember Second Life is what you make of it, pursue your own interests and you will surely have a great time
  10. Thanks for stopping by, @Talligurl ! I got the LM and added it to the "Art" category, thank you so much for dropping that suggestion Thanks @JingleWorm ! Hope you find it useful!
  11. Hey Xerxes. I am sure there are other methods that other Residents will chime in on, but heres my two cents. Maybe take a look at ViPER4Windows, its an open source audio driver with many abilities like what you have mentioned (Reverb, EQ, Compression and other standard audio adjustments). Another might be a tool like "Nicecast" though it is MAC-Only. I am not sure what broadcasting too you are using, but Nicecast offers a built in effect rack/grid which allows you to add simple EQ's and other effects directly to your broadcast. Not free like ViPER but its personally what I use for DJing. Wishing you the best luck! Keep on rockin!
  12. Wondering if there's any SLRR/Train builders here that might be willing to bend-an-ear and help a noob builder for a bit of compensation. I have been working on a new project building a train. Just hashing out a few details. I don't do a ton of building in SL, most of my work before this project have been stationary objects or artistic projects. Not looking to go back and forth on the forum, please let me know if anyone is willing to meet up inworld sometime, as mentioned you will be compensated for your time. I am also well-aware of the various builders groups/schools on the grid, due to my picky schedule I would much rather pay for some one-on-one help. Thanks everyone!
  13. Normally I would say skip the store completely. Inworld stores are very nice, but you need to keep in mind your overhead for rent etc. As @Chase01 mentioned, a lot of residents simply don't browse shops Inworld anymore, it is much more common to click through pages on marketplace.... However you are talking about Poses and that "poses complications" lol. For physical goods, MP sellers usually offer a 0-1$L DEMO product to test, whereas you would likely need a Inworld location to try Poses out with their avatars.... That being said, any money you were considering spending on those Inworld promotions would be MUCH BETTER utilized elsewhere. One biggie nowadays is Bloggers, if you can find some fashion bloggers/flickr users to sponsor they will provide some quality promotion, both via their own network of fans and providing you with high-quality images of your products (or poses as the case may be). Another thing to look into might be events. I can only recommend this approach from a product-selling perspective, I am not sure how poses might do, but it certainly works for fashion to create limited edition products for various events. Get creative with your marketing!! Offer folks 10% back if they write a honest review on MP!! Include things like group inviters and notecards with your package delivery!! Where there is a will, there is a way, and just like IRL the landscape of the market and demand is always changing
  14. Just wanted to drop this into the pot for all you artists/photographers Google Nik Collection has been free since last year, it's a great collection of free Photo Editing tools for quick color adjusting, film effects, and much more. Not nearly as versatile as Adobe programs, or even free programs such as GIMP, HOWEVER the great thing about these tools is there is little-to-no learning curve. It's almost criminal how easy it is to apply simple adjustments. If you're just looking for minor photo adjustments as opposed to full-on editing, it might be worth looking into. I personally use a combination of Photoshop and various Nik processes for my photos.
  15. How can you even pick a favorite!! I personally get the most use out of Torley Linden's various presets, but here is a massive list anyway....