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  1. Here you go Talli! No rush, the Library is not going anywhere http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wyrd/103/106/82
  2. Hey Talli! You are welcome to stop by anytime, and please, feel free to either drop me a Landmark here or in the Suggestion Box at the Library, I will be happy to add your location to the collection!
  3. Thanks for all the help, folks! Hashed things out with the Lindens and now the post is back public ^___^ Thank everyone for their 2 cents <3
  4. I am hoping this is the case. I am engaging in a conversation with a Moderator at the moment, attempting to get to the bottom of things. I was given a link to the guidelines, studies them thoroughly, and presented my case that I did not violate conditions in any way. I would not be making a big deal out of this, but i've been using the Forum a heck of a lot this past year, its super frustrating for something like this to happen with no clear answers. Thanks for the 2-cents Avery
  5. Talking directly to Lindens right now. Being told my post was in violation of their Community Post Guidelines. I disagree completely and am currently arguing my case. If I cant make a simple post, i will find somewhere else to spend my time than in this *****ing mess.
  6. So I just posted this in the ANSWERS section, but seeing as the forums are a spectacular mess right now, i figured this deserved a spot in the Feedback category as well. Apologies for the re-post, but this elf is getting a little frustrated... There have already been ideas about LL removing my post, due to it threatening their "Destination Guide", however I remain skeptical. Since I received no notice from a mod or elsewhere about the post being taken down, I am simply looking for an answer if this topic simply glitched out of existence, or if my content was somehow inappropriate for the subforum I posted to.....
  7. Sounds like the InWorldz exploring HUD! I can dig it! Certainly wished there was something that existed like that nowadays, "Art Galleries of Second Life" have a nice kiosk/hud setup but of course it is limited to Art destinations. And I could not agree more about resident disappointment. More often than not, residents are using the in-browser destination guide, which is 75% empty and old fluff (excluding the Current Events and Editors Picks of course). Residents really deserve much better tools to explore this rich world, and myself being a resident could not sit back and watch the nonsense happen without doing my own thing haha All I really want is to share the amazing things and places SL has to offer, I do not think LL should have a monopoly on curation seeing as us residents create most of the actual content. I am going to keep praying this is a Glitch, because if my project is really frowned upon by LL, I have some serious thinking to do regarding my premium payments lol
  8. Well thank you for that, Marigold! I felt strongly about that too, SL is a place that changes almost as fast as the water in a river, it only makes sense to have a tool that is as flexible and the environment it promotes.....
  9. Hello Marigold, thank you for the "Like" hehe :-D Now that is interesting. LL thinking my creation is muscling in on their Destination Guide Territory...... because that is exactly what im doing. The Destination guide is a relic, I created my Library as a resident-driven solution to maintain a database of actual OPEN and interesting Sims. I guess I just cannot see how they could be threatened by little ol me and my tiny parcel project!
  10. Hey Alwin, thank you good sir. I am curious, is there a list somewhere with specified "Inappropriate Content"? I honestly find it funny, seeing as the Thread immediately following my post was searching for BDSM clubs. My post was advertising a Library where residents can find Destinations like Churches or Parks. I am at a loss trying to justify a "Inappropriate" flagging. And yes, I received no alert or email, so I really have no clue if this was done specifically by a mod, an automated system, or like I mentioned a possible Glitch. End of the day, its bloody frustrating......
  11. Wondering if anyone else has experienced disappearing threads in this new forum setup. Yesterday morning I made a lengthy post in "Favorite Destinations" regarding my latest project. The post went public just fine, saw approx. 30 views and even a "Like" by the end of the night. I went to check the post this morning, and the thread is gone. Not moved elsewhere, completely removed. The thread has vanished from "Favorite Destinations", and there is only this error code when I follow the notification link. Can anyone tell me what is happening? I haven't used the forum much since the re-design, and this is making me want to use it even less. Is this just a glitch? Did I violate some terms I knew nothing about? This is not my first rodeo, so i'm just looking for some clues/answers.
  12. The Library of Landmarks a public project created and curated by Saul Goodie. The mission of this library is to collect, organize and feature quality locations from across the Second Life grid. Please enjoy the selection of Landmarks; each category has 4 featured landmarks with quick links - simply use the map to teleport! Click the FOLDER button to receive a folder of Landmarks related to the category of your choosing. If you feel you have a Location worth admitting to the Library, please attach the Landmark to a notecard with an explanation and drop in the Suggestion Box on the Library Front Desk. We encourage submissions of all types, even if they do not fit the displayed categories. You can also use the Suggestion Box on the Library Front Desk to: recommend new categories, report dead or inactive landmarks, request feature spot highlight, or request landmark removal, and misc. questions. : Current Displayed Categories : MUSIC CHILL ART SPIRITUAL COMMUNITIES ROMANCE CAFE PARKS EDUCATIONAL STEAMPUNK SCI-FI ** FANTASY INTERACTIVE ** ** = Under Construction ::The Library of Landmarks was established in January 2017 by Saul Goodie. The Library was built with the help of several Residents who are forever remembered through a plaque outside our front door. ::
  13. Great stuff, Avon, very nice work!!
  14. Hello Taylyn. I would recommend a more focused approach. You can use the destination guide to find "Chat Hot Spots", but in my personal opinion it is best to try and find people who are into the same things you are! Have a favorite kind of music? Chances are there is a Club right now with a DJ and a bunch of people partying! Use the "Search" too to find Places and Groups that match your interests, whether its Music, Movies, Roleplaying, Sailing, Flying, Exploring, Shopping, or anything else you can think of! It will be much easier to both FIND residents and make lasting relationships if you find folks with similar interests. Hope that helps a bit!
  15. Seeing as majority of locations and content are user-created, it is certainly not uncommon to see Sims and Projects disappear frequently. There is no guarantee that simply because a Sim is popular or beautiful it will stick around. I haven't delt with a legitimate griefer in nearly 2 years. I explore all the time, mostly in public spaces, and I can safely say I cannot even remember the last sour enocunter I have had with a resident. I don't live isolated in a skybox, I have several public locations on and off mainland, and there has been so little riff-raff for every 50 visitors I get only One might be troll-like. I think a lot of things you are bringing up can be attributed to simple changing of times. Everyone uses SL for a different purpose, like you see it as a game, others might see it as a photo studio, or a place to learn. Not everyone is here just to hang out and chat in large groups. Not saying it's a good thing, but SL is certainly a "Niche Culture" society. The most active and stable places on the Grid are catered to a specific audience. Roleplayers, Fashionistas, Merchants and Blogger, Photographers, Adult Content, the list goes on. If you are trying to find sims that aren't empty, consider joining some groups that are in-line with your interests. Also keep in mind people play SL from all over the world, a sim might be bustling with 20-30 russian residents, but by the time the rest of the world logs in that party might be gone! My best advice would be to start clean. Forget all your old landmarks and locations. Focus on using the search tool to find Groups and Places that fit your interests. Im sure in no time you can find plenty of active sims. And if there is one thing I learned from exploring all these years, take pictures and document while you can, because ANYTHING can disappear tomorrow.....