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  1. Been checking for school rp for the past few days and ive seen Willowdale, Hardknock, and Cloverdale grade school. Imo, Cloverdale has the best build and ambiance of all the three schools. Willowdale is the most lively (tho i havent stayed that long yet in Hardknock and cloverdale. Maybe im wrong about the traffict) Cloverdale Grade school is my favorite and i think it will be big someday (they only have a full sim compare to willowdale's number of sims) but i already made friends with some willowdale peeps;)
  2. Good quality and inexpensive mocap AO with lots of choices is still ORACUL.
  3. Pantyhose--------> https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Attitudes-Lingerie-Lace-Pantyhoses/1572069
  4. here's one from REEK which i also have and love it. It has color change hud for the frame, arms, and lense. here's the link----> https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Reek-Park-Shades/664541 You may want to try the demo first. Just search REEk inworld;)
  5. Omg val this is soooo awesome! Thank you very much! This is super fun!
  6. Thank you very much val for this super fun thread and for your wonderful studio! huggies.
  7. After hours of photographing all you gorgeous ladies and handsome gentlemen i deserve an after party. Here i come! hehe;) I'm wearing a limited Bluzy gown by CHANTKARE , silver spangled shoes by COCO and Jewelry by Endra Graves (Artistry).
  8. Your official photographer. haha!
  9. Also try Body co. (HUNTER SKIN), I think it's closer to his rl photo and the hair i think you can get that kind of style close to his rl photo in BURLEY. sorry im not inworld now so i dont have the LMs but you can find them in search.
  10. Then you should move this post to ADULT category i believe;)
  11. Please give the person a break. He posted his creation to tell everyone whos interested about the give away of his Studio not to ask for someone's opinion about his/her creation. If you guys feel the\at you are a better "artist" or photographer than him/her, ok fine but you can't prove your artistic skills just by criticising other people's work. Let's just respect each other and have fun in Second life.
  12. It's not really a gesture as far as i know it's a scripted beer in can and it's called throwable beer. I have one of those actually. It's a funny toy;)
  13. No way... I love the new v3 UI it's clean and customizable.
  14. The reason why your existing eyeliner becomes grey is because it's under the "whitening cream"(tattoo layer) that you are wearing. try to wear your whitening cream 1st then ADD your eyeliner. So you dont have to buy a new eyeliner;)
  15. go to ADVANCED>DEBUG SETTING> CAMERAoffsetREARVIEW the default is X= -3.000, Y= 0, and Z= 0.3 I set my Z to 0.000 for eye level view.
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