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  1. (photo above is only a screen capture using snipping tool app in windows10) location: Sirens Isle, Blake Sea / setting: Shared environment I am really enjoying the updated official viewer no. The graphics and performance is much better now compare to firestorm plus the EEP is really stunning. I love the illuminated moon and stars! Official viewer will be my default viewer as of now until Firestorm update to EEP. I stillwant the convenient features FS.
  2. I've been demoing Legacy body since yesterday. In my opinion, Maitreya still has the best looking legs but both classic and perky's detail especially the shoulder is wayyyy better than Maitreya's. I think im going Legacy:perky direction 'cos i find it the most realistic looking torso of them all but the only thing that is holding me back in shifting to Perky from Maitreya is the outfit compatibility especially with my favorite brands. Yes, most of the brands i like has the Legacy fit but realistically speaking they still does not fit really well compare to Maitreya. Here's my comparison
  3. from bugfix release march 11 notecard : NEXT UPDATE: ---------------------------------------------------- - Fix sticking tongue Don't click too fast on buttons "facial expressions" in Animation HUD to switch between the animation, that include tongue. It can lead to tongue stuck. If you have this problem, click Avatar Health - Stop Animation / Undeform Avatar. We work to fix it. - Static poses fix - Adding non-rigged eyes - Hide the hole from the ears - Add BOM eyes - Legacy Body Compatible
  4. from today's group gift from Genus with demo skin from <i forgot the name of the store> lol! Also all the head styles are 40% off!
  5. and why are you so butt hurt? I dont have any suggestion but im free to post my opinion here.
  6. Lmao! this doesn't look Asian at all. It looks like a Lilo and Stitch bootleg.
  7. I recently shifted to official viewer because of low fps issue and my antivirus on the latest update of FireStorm. I am happy with the official viewer's performance for giving me almost 60fps on semi ultra setting but some features from fs viewer im missing alot inlcuding flickr share. Ive been googling for some instruction about slshare. I've read that you can activate it on communicate>flickr but there's no such feature in the Second Life Release (64bit) viewer. Am i missing something here? The last time i used the official viewer was sometime in 2014! and I'm a bit lost at t
  8. are you talking about the genesis body skin appliers or appliers for the head?
  9. .----------.----------.----------.----------.----------.----------.----------v.----------.----------.---------- .----------Seriously? there's nothing more annoying than....----------BAN LINES.---------- .----------.----------.----------.----------.----------.----------.----------.----------.----------.---------- 😀
  10. I sail in Blake sea and there are lots of better quality water vehicles. I was just surprised by the pricing of this paddle boat. lol!
  11. Honestly, the actual product that youll get for those kind of "deceptive" posters or ads are quite close to how it looks inworld. It is juts a matter of your own windlight and graphics settings. Try using Blackdragon viewer and youd be surprise it doesn't quite look like sl anymore. What I am trying to point out is that, if I think the product suits my taste design wise and the quality is within my standard, why would I refrain from buying the item only because the ad has too eyecandy and somewhat deceptive? Give me this kind of ads with no demo available is no brainer a no purcha
  12. I'll skip the drama and try the *DEMO* before buying. Period.
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