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  1. lonley

    Thank you everyone for the understanding I can come online daily 9:00pm to 12:00am
  2. lonley

    Maldive UTC+05:00
  3. Hi, I have been in secondlife for sometime now but I am only 25 years old in real life. I am looking to find some good and supportive friends. I have a few friends, but their time zones are not the same as mine. I am a manager of a company both in RL and SL and would like to make more friends who are on the same time zone and age category as me. I would appreciate it very much, if someone could suggest a good group or location for meeting friends with the same time zone, age category To know more about me you can see my work www.theherosnowfall.com Marketplace http://goo.gl/KSA4LD Twitter http://goo.gl/CGzS3n Website https://goo.gl/pdh2q2 Google+ http://goo.gl/LMhWmt Youtube http://goo.gl/760e2b Flicker http://goo.gl/uS9dmd  Thank you THEHERO Snowfall
  4. Good Idea, they should give option left or right side to create favorite list of stores with icon of store's logo:matte-motes-nerdy:
  5. Happy Thanksgiving everyone !!!:smileyvery-happy: 
  6. hi there it's UTC+05:00 South Asia
  7. Hello, Would you please check in to my last two cases from when I contacted the SL marketplace team . I did everything possible and still the new search engine is not helpful for me . Please help us merchants as we spend lots of time and money .I am in big loss
  8. Hello, it's UTC+05:00
  9. Internet Explorer  Mozilla Firefox  Yes problem with firefox only
  10. Case #: 02387181 Look the case number..
  11. Can u see my last two support case... can u fix the problem.
  12. oh, 1)First open vewier then where you type password there is box to type location(region name) type"Hippo Hollow" and Login there stay for 5 minute it will help you to completely load your Inventory. 2) Log into Secondlife.com. and then click account. In the dropdown menu click L$ transaction history. If you can see that money in the debit list, contact the creator of the product, CLEO TWIST, for delivery of the product to you.
  13. wow,very good information thanks.. http://www.hamsameaning.com/hamsa_meaning.html http://www.hamsameaning.com/hamsa_hinduism.html
  14. When Listing item in process ,it don't show delete button.. Delete button visible after active Lisiting https://support.secondlife.com/create-case