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  1. Lonely

    Hi, I have been in secondlife for sometime now but I am only 26 years old in real life. I am looking to find some good and supportive friends. I have a few friends, but their time zones are not the same as mine. I am a manager of a company both in RL and SL and would like to make more friends who are on the same time zone and age category as me. I would appreciate it very much, if someone could suggest a good group or location for meeting friends with the same time zone, age category RL Location : India (Asia) Send me friendship request inworld (THEHERO Snowfall)
  2. Sale down Again

    Dear Dakota Linden, you are telling me that just because I added the word 'FREE' as one of my keywords is why people are not buying any of my products. Then why were people buying my products 3 weeks ago? Yesterday I sold one Galaxy2 hud @ 599L after about 5 days. I was selling 3 or 4 copies of it everyday. Why did my product drop from the first page and go to 22? I have spent 4 years paying for listing enhancements and spent a lot of time and hard work to make it the best product. Now, your new search engine has ruined all my efforts. I think there are some problems with your new search engine.
  3. Sale down Again

    1.Product name is Galaxy II dance hud which was on 2nd position, title is "Dance with me Galaxy II HUD 400 Dances/swimmer/2017 Fully Loaded Dance HUD" Price :599L keywords: dance with me,dance hud,dances,hero,thehero snowfall,thehero,Galaxy hud,omg hud,dance ball,couple dance,dance,dace ball,mocap dances,dance machine,shine waves,michael jackson,celebrity,breakdance,mj 2.Product title is "Omg Dance with me Angel Effect 259 Animation Dance ball and Dance hud" Price 8L (I am selling this product one or two a day) Keywords :dance,dances,dance ball,dance hud,disco,dj hud,dance machine,machine,thehero,dance with me,hip hop,jazz,snowfall,thehero snowfall,couple dance,cheap dances,free,8L,ao,omg,free dances,Dance breakdance 3 Product title "Dance with me Galaxy III HUD 763 Dances & Instrument Fully LOADED Dance HUD" Price :3333L keywords: dance with me galaxy,dance hud,dances,thehero snowfall,breakdance,mj,hollywood,bollywood,disco,metal,jazz,celebrity dance,beyonce,gaga,rihanna,street dance,unisex,drum ,microphone,guitar,sync,ao,dj 4. Storm Dance machine 5 . Sun shine Dance machine all of them,I was selling it everyday.... it was helping to maintain my business .right now people are not buying anything by Just typing "dance hud" or "dance ball" my product were visible in first page on 2nd position and first position
  4. Sale down Again

    Dear Dakota Linden, I think I do have the perfect title, a good product image, a good item description with good keywords. I set a related item too and have been paying more then 10,000 linden every month for listing enhancements. If you look at my sales for about 2 weeks I have only earned about 50 linden!! Your new search engine has had a direct impact on my store. I am earning almost nothing this month! I will not even be able to pay my store rent in sl. For almost 4 years I have been paying the listing enhancement cost and my products were at the 2nd position. Right now, it is not even in the top 200 for position. I did a lot of hard work to get to the 2nd position but your new search engine just ruined all my hard work. I am very upset right now. Something is terribly wrong with your new search engine. I also wonder why your new search engine shows newbies products in the top positions. What about me? How am I to survive?
  5. How to buy Linden $ without credit card or paypal?

    Buy and sell Linden ;without Credit card
  6. Check out the Place Pages Beta!

    Good work
  7. Classes 22 to 26th April at Helping Haven Gateway

    Good work
  8. Girl in need of boy

  9. Seeking Scriptor

    Contact me inworld for this indicator
  10. How to Add Your Signature!

    thanks, I like new way of signature
  11. Came back and looking for friends

    Good interests
  12. Looking For Some Friends

  13. Invest $

    Hello, You can buy our franchise @33L only Link
  14. Sale down Again

    Hello, I have noticed over the last few weeks my business has gone down dramatically, is this only with my store, or does the new search engine have something to do with it?