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  1. Try this one from PRIMSMITH store: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Seranil/45/187/26 marketplace:https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Primsmith-Sapien-Steel-Watch-Female-BOX/2309786?id=2309786&slug=Primsmith-Sapien-Steel-Watch-Female-BOX Good quality but very reasonable price. They have 3d demo rezzer in the store. I think this is the one you are looking for and I'ts a working clock, prim hands, and prim bump logo. super detailed for only 250L *They also have male version;)
  2. It's an old bug actually. Just ask someone to send you 1L if you don't want to relog or yeah you can buy something ...
  3. Because macs (especially notebooks) has no page up and page down in the keyboard. just use E (for page up) and C (for page down) or i think you can also use fn+arrow up or down.
  4. jo, make one pls! ehhehe;)
  5. Do we have a rp sim something like this? like late 40's or 50's era with alien abduction and ufo sightings like the area 51? Post apocalyptic sci-fi is a bit boring now cos there's too much of them.
  6. Check out modavia (search it inworld) there's an on going fashion week. Modavia fashion directory is the most legit fashion magazine imo. http://www.modaviafashionmarketing.com/
  7. I think that will be justin bieber's look when he starts to loose his hair.... i hope it will happen soon lol!
  8. This is SL.. we have a legit "photographer" or i may say computer screen capturer with knowledge in REAL LIFE Photography aesthetics and we aslo have ROLE-PLAYING-PHOTOGRAPHER with unlimited money to spend to have a big and glam photo studio slash gallery. If you have an eye in telling a good work of art and it fits your taste, there's no way for you to spend some bucks for a crappy work. But then again it's still a matter of taste.
  9. Learn some basic building techniques inworld and if you can afford learning some 3d softwares like blender, maya, 3ds max etc it's the right time since mesh is grid wide now. If you believe that you are an artist or a creative person you can make good and artistic creations secondlife without having expertise in such 3d programs. Having those skills is just a plus;)
  10. I think the cons of mesh clothing are these: -You can't resize it inworld so it's like you bought a free size RTW product in real life -and because you cant resize it, parts of the alpha texture is visible special when you are wearing a tube.. our hallow avatar is very exposed -until now not everybody is using a mesh ready viewer so you end up wearing a big tire or doughnut to others;) pros: - Who doesnt want a rigged dress specially skirts?? -I might be wrong with this but it's easier to rezz since you are wearing a single piece compare to a sculpted prim that sometimes one part of the whole item wont rezz ( like shoes with sculpted toes)
  11. English is not my 1st language and when i saw the title of your post I searched my dictionary for the word METTING and there is non. Is it a typo or a slang word for something or some kind of sl slang? Sorry for asking this.
  12. hello?? v a g i na ? check out your grade school science book if you stil have it..
  13. what's wrong with v a g ina?! my god!
  14. **bleep**? you don't have to censore it.
  15. Bully is everywhere in physical and pixel world. The best thing sl and other social networking sites is the mute or block button. If you can't stand the bully inworld..make them QUIET and GREY
  16. tako Absent


    RudolphUkka wrote: * alts should not be * allowed! *** They are the * spawn of Satan and wreak * havoc wherever they go! *** But you are * wrong Keli because LL can not cope with * proxies, scrubbers and * anonymisers as their inability to bar * Wasted for such a long time demonstrated, as they have to rely on personal * unjustified paranoid opinion and unscientific * analysis of style which can lead to * litigation if they get it wrong or victimisation of poor old Void SInger when they * try to use stupid * string matching. *** This is sooo hipster...
  17. Hi protogenes. Could you write down your mac specs? I'm using viewer 3 and the latest beta now and it works fine in my mid 2010 macbookpro version 10.6.8 2.66 GHz inter core 2 duo with 4gb memory. In fairness to the latest beta, I'm having a very decent fps like 40-50 in not so crowded sim and 15-20 fps in a crowded place like clubs (in HIGH graphics setting and atmospheric shaders ENABLED). Unfortunately the shadows and lighting is still broken in mac. You can enable evrything even the ambient occlussion and the DOF but you gonna loose all the alpha texture and the anti aliasing even it's set to 16x. I hope they'll fix that soon. Have you updated your software? the lates is 10.6.8 *Also disable or uncheck the VBO in your graphics settings.
  18. tako Absent


    I myself is an alt technically but this "alt avi" is like my main account. I did'nt like the username of my 1st avi. Year ago there was no display name so i decided to make this 2nd account. I also like the idea of not having a payement info. I'm kinda OC when it comes to shopping so having my 1st avi as my "credit card avi" helps me control my self in spending inworld. My 1st avi is like a parent. I get allowance from her twice a month;)
  19. tako Absent


    Ok this is so off topic but i have to ask you this. Where did you get your hair? Love it! nice dress too;)
  20. Get a software update. The latest is 10.6.8. I'm using a macbookpro mid 2010 model and its working fine with v3
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