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  1. *Face palms* So simple and yet the only thing I didn't think of. Thanks a lot Mollymews!
  2. Hi! Lately I have noticed that when ever I type "AFK" in the chat my avatar "falls asleep" and it gets an "Away-tag". It doesn't matter if I type it in a sentence "Is she afk?" or just type "afk". Same result. I first noticed this after upgrading to the latest version of Firestorm, but the same happens when I use the LL standard viewer, so I don't think it's related to the actual viewers. I have a faint memory that I managed to turn off this "sleeping animation" a couple of years ago, but I can't figure out how I did it. I have asked the question in Firestorm support groups and I
  3. Brodic, Thanks. I'll take a look at Steffi too. Thanks
  4. Built in?? What was they thinking? *lol*.
  5. Hi! I am trying to edit the CATWA Catya head and I got stuck on the shape of the lips. It feel like I have tried to shift all possible sliders and I have tried to wear other shapes, but how much I try I just can't get rid of those awful looking fish lips. I want something like the lips on my system head. Anyone that can kick me in the right direction?
  6. Thank you for the input cykarush. I got down to the store and bought me a complete new PC. SL is running nice and smoothly now /Amy
  7. Hi! Over the past year, SL have been running slower and slower, and the lagging can get horrible in places with more then maybe 10 avis. If I look at the activities in windows, there is not much running in the background, but still the GPU, CPU, disc and memory are often used up. I want to be able to go to a club, to dance and chat like anyone else without having to stand in a corner and cam zoomed in on the floor just to be able to type properly. And in a quieter environment, I also want to be able to run a second copy of SL ( I have two screens). Here is a copy of what Fires
  8. Hi! I have problems with my world map. When it's zoomed in on a place, it works just fine, and as I zoom out, all the new squares that becomes visible adds nicely. Until I get zoomed out half way. Then the entire map turns "ocean blue" and all the land I just saw is gone. If I zoom in again, it comes back. If I scroll when seeing a map, new bits is added as it should, but as soon as I zoom out, it all goes blank again. I have waited for 30 min for it to rezz, but nothing happens. I have noticed this the past days, but I don't really know when it started. I am using the Firestorm B
  9. Thank you all for your inputs on the topic and it has been very informative. However, I feel that the thread has derailed and since I don't think I as the creator of the thread have the power to lock it from further postings, I can just encourage everyone to stop posting anything more. Again, thank you all for your inputs. /Amy
  10. Thank you Nalates. If I understand you, I'll better wait a while and see what comes out of this "Bakes on Mesh"-thing.
  11. Thanks a lot LittleMe for that link. Now I got some reading to do :-)
  12. Ok, I am finally going to ask one of those dumb questions and I am feeling old enough to not care if it's noobish or not. It's all about getting a mesh body or not. I have been in SL close to 2½ years by now and up to now I have stuck to my system body. I have a set of mesh hands and feet but not yet invested in a full body. I got a system shape I like, a face I love, an awesome mesh skin and on top of that a cute tattoo. I sometime get compliments for having a beautiful avatar, hopefully not only from people that wants to get into my pants. Why do I even bring up the issue? Well, when I
  13. I guess I will have to go by the line that Lilith suggests, but I will also have a look at boat rezzers. Thank you all for inputs./Amy
  14. Hi! I have a sim and I want to allow people to rezz objects such as boats on my sim, but I don't want it possible all over the place. I want to restrict this ability to a small area at sea - a rezzing area, just as those that can be found in many ports all over SL. How do I make one of these? Thanks /Amy
  15. Now the whole thing is making more sense to me. Thank you LittleMe for explaining /Amy
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