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  1. Hello 👋 I'm brand new to SL photography and I'm actually following a tutorial right now. Just trying to figure out why "Enable Advanced Lighting Model" is grayed out in Preferences and Phototools. Is it because my graphics card is too weak? If so, I understand, just need to know that's the reason why. Using Firestorm 6.4.21 (64531) 64 bit / Radeon RX 580 graphics card
  2. how to move camera controls from the top of the screen to the bottom in firestorm?
  3. Ich habe mir den erst frisch heraus gebrachten SKin Gewn von Moccino geholt, war alles dabei Skin/Shape etc. So ich ziehe das auf Pose Stand alles an, bekomme ich alle 3 Sek. dutzende Messages, die lauten: "Shape Gewn ist nicht in unseren Datenbanken" 1.) Muss es sein, denn ich habe es vor mir im Inventory! 2.) Ich trage Skin und Shape längst! Noch nie zuvor hab ich eine derartige Meldung n all den Jahren, wo ich in SL bin gesehen. Was dreht LL da für Bockmist? Vielen Dank wenn da jemand durchsieht Lg euch
  4. MY IW IS : hbkfelix (custom pose is optional) will edit for you too! ( email and iw will be required ) photos taken in 12k. price ranges from what your asking for and how many pics you want starting price is 1,500Ls my work is on : 💫New post everyday 💫 (@cryos.sl) • Instagram photos and videos
  5. For about a month now, I've been dealing with my firestorm viewer resetting all my settings. This has to be about the 6th time this has happened. After logging back in: -RLV is disable -Tool Buttons Reset -My Interface fully resets to the default setting Firestorm has been a real bummer. Can anyone help me with this problem or give me a better alternative viewer?
  6. Do you absolutely love the Firestorm Viewer’s feature set, like me, but you’re totally nauseated by the general grossness of the Firestorm Viewer’s disgusting and ancient-looking User Interface? Do you, like me, LOVE the clean and modern look of the default Second Life Viewer but you still prefer using the Firestorm viewer for its awesome feature set? Well, now you can have the best of both (sort of) - The Firestorm Viewer's feature set with the appearance of the default Second Life Viewer (sort of). Start by changing the Firestorm Viewer’s login screen to look like that of the default Second Life Viewer: In Firestorm, before logging on, at the top of the Viewer, Click Viewer > Preferences, go to the Advanced tab and tick/enable "Show advanced menu" Now a Debug menu option will appear at the top. Click on Debug > Show Debug Settings, Type “ForceLoginURL” into the search field and then in the empty text field of that setting, enter/set it to the following: https://viewer-login.agni.lindenlab.com Upon restarting the Firestorm Viewer, the disgusting eyesore that is the MS Office 95-esque orange puke fire gradients and ugliness of the Firestorm Viewer's login screen will now be replaced by the beautiful login screen of the default Second Life Viewer. To make the sickness-inducing hideousness of the Firestorm Viewer look even less so, and even more like the gorgeous default Second Life Viewer, Open Preferences: Skins, and choose Skin “Starlight” and Color Theme “Original Teal” Oh and... Run the Firestorm Viewer in 'Viewer 6' mode, obviously. Restart the viewer for all the changes to take effect. They should now persist throughout sessions. If/when there's a Firestorm Viewer update, you may need to go through the process again. You’re welcome.
  7. im using firestorm and i have 16gb of ram at 2333 mhz, and an rtx 2060 super with 16gb of vram and yet firestorm crashes almost every time i go to more than one populated place without restarting first, say for instance i go to one populated event, and then go to another right after i will usually crash and its always llvbo memory pool, ive tried everything from max settings to lowest settings, is there something causing a memory leak or is my computer's ram not fast enough to handle the game? what should i do for memory settings in firestorm as well.
  8. My Computer has a Nvidia Geforce graphics card. I use the Firestorm Viewer. SL was running fine until firestorn informed me that it was no longer using my nice Nvidia graphics card, and that it is using my internal Intel Graphics card instead. Now there is too much lag for my avatar to even walk sometimes. How do I tell firestorm to actually use the better graphics card?
  9. i have two previous versions of firestorm on my E: drive, from my old machine. i had 'firestorm 3' installed on win10 to a network drive. (yeah, that didn't work.) now the hard drives are installed in the machine, and are local. i went to uninstall 'firestorm 3' but the control panel said it didn't exist. so i installed firestorm AGAIN, to E:\SL\Firestorm 3 this is a new download, version: 6.4.21 (64531) ran firestorm, didn't log in, went to preferences, backup & restore, pointed at my backups and hit restore. didn't work. remembered i read somewhere, you need to log in first, and do a restore, then you can restore while logged out? logged in and pointed to backups, restored preferences. THIS time i got a message that said 'restore is complete!' huzzah! and yet... i started firestorm again, it DID NOT load/save my preferences, they're all back at default, it DID NOT remember where the backups were... WHY? what did i do? what didn't i do? and is this the right place for firestorm help? the 'real' forums don't have a 'viewers' section. thanks, guys!
  10. I changed my environment to "shared environments" and when I wanted to change it back to Calwl I could not find it in the scroll menu. How can I get it back there? Thank you
  11. I am trying to solve my slow loading inventory, that's a crawl now. Does this help on slow inventory too: https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/login_fail_without_cache_clear Several times a year, I make an effort to remove demos, unpacker scripts, notecards and landmarks. It can be a few hundred to a couple thousand items every time. But my inventory keep building up, and is over 100 000 now. One of my largest folders is my Received Items, it shows I have 9400 in there. But it is in small single folders, subfolders. My Object folder is 11 000. It is some subfolders in there, but not so many. One folder is 1400, the others small. Every time I buy something that is delivered in the Object folder, I leave the original in Objects in case I need to unpack again. I removed several thousand objects from 2007-2010. But I am afraid to remove a "heirloom" object. The Objects folder is such a large challenge. How can I get fix it? Is it enough to make subfolders for 2020, 2019, 2018 et cetera, and put the objects I received in the years there? Will this change help my inventory to load faster?
  12. Hello and good day , So Yesterday I logged in as my main account and then I suddenly was logged out , and this happen with out me even pressing the exit button . Thinking I just crashed which was weird since I was alone on my land , I relogged and I couldn't relog . then I logged in as my Alt account (I was able to log in ) , But then I saw that my main account was online . and I even messaged my main account , but no response then I saw my main account had logged out > logged in >and logged out out again . then this morning I tried to log in to SL website and I was unable to log into my account through the website. I honestly dont know if this is just a SL bug or if Im being hacked .
  13. I just posted a quick summary of a few features for builders/creators that are currently going through the QA process in hope that they'll land in the next release of FS. The blog post can be read here http://beqsother.blogspot.com/2021/06/summarising-next-improvements-to.html The very brief summary is :- 1) You can now upload proper subsets of texture faces in your LODs without silly errors or wasting valuable triangles on placeholders 2) The error reporting of mismatched materials should be more accurately tied to the real cause of the failure. 3) Two new default physics shapes can be selected from the drop down on the physics tab, and a third "user defined entry" can be specified if you really need one. 4) You can now change the ambient lighting in the preview window and actually see things in the shadows! As always the release date is "soon", but honestly it should be sooner rather than later our hardworking QA group are hammering at it as I type.
  14. Hello, For weeks now, group invites have been failing for me (using Firestorm viewer), so basically I want to know if this is a widespread problem, or a bug, or how long it's been going on, if it's ever going to be fixed, etc. You know ...since groups are a central part of how SL works and Firestorm is the most popular viewer, lol. Specifically (in order of frequency): 1) Sending out group invites generally just silently fails. You pick a person off the list, send the invite, but get no feedback at all. The receiver never gets the invite. 2) Sometimes, it (seems to) work for the sender ... (notification that it was sent) but then the receiver still just never gets the invite. 3) Very occasionally, It seems to work for the sender (notification) and the receiver seems to get it (they get the dialogue and click "Join") but they still haven't joined the group. Before all the "whatabouts" begin ... I'm an experienced long time SL user, the people I'm sending invites to are actually on my friends list, they aren't banned, it isn't occurring in high lag areas, etc. I've been dealing with this for about two to three weeks although previous to that I was off for more than a year due to the deadly plague. 🙂 It's completely reproducible, with the exception of the there variations above. If I was to give rough numbers I'd say 1) happens about 70% of the time, 2) happens about 20% of the time and 3) happens the rest of the time. thanks, Sylvia
  15. Using Firestorm and lately I experienced slow rezz of regions, slow FPS and not able to move as long textures are rezzing. Tried Black Dragon and noticed huge difference in usage of my GForce 1060 6 GB graphics. I used same settings and adjusted to same settings in both viewers and a low draw distance of 96 meters. Firestorm 6.3.9 (58205) May 27 2020 01:20:51 (64bit): GPU VRAM usage 3.2 GB Black Dragon (64bit): GPU VRAM usage 1.6 GB That is a huge difference! Notice Black Dragon uses the CPU more but at same time the memory more efficient. I am a little baffled by this huge difference - and for me, the general performance of FS has gone worse and worse with the latest updates.
  16. Hello, I am using the Maitreya body and Genus head but every time I turn on advanced lighting Model my avatars head turns silver, how can I fix this? It's very annoying. I am using firestorm updated one
  17. So There is this problem with Firestorm and i don't know what it is or why it keep happening and it's starting to drive me crazy! Recently i Made Friends with someone on Second life and well the thing is they go afk alot. But that's not the Problem. When i send them a message as soon as i send it it comes up with [12:20] Second Life: (Name here) is offline. [12:20] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later. And it comes up with that as soon as i hit enter. IT dose not do it to anybody else or any of my friends except her. It Drives me crazy if there is a way to fix this let me know. i think it's a glitch.
  18. Hello, I recently noticed an issue where somebody reported that none of my creations have a "shine" to them, even though, normal maps are used and look perfectly fine on the LL viewer, but on firestorm, it looks matt. I apply a color mask to adjust the shine to where I prefer it, but for the Firestorm (on highest setting) it looks matt and only when I make it super shiny on the LL viewer by removing the color mask, it looks ok on the Firestorm. What might be the issue and how can it be fixed? Multiple users have reported this and we ran some tests to confirm the issue. Thank you for your time, Eduardos.
  19. I'm on Linux, so I cannot use the LMR test viewer. I was visiting one of the editor's picks, Beira da Ribeira, using Firestorm and Singularity viewers. Singularity still uses the Windlight renderer, and I used the shared environment. The sunlight is a bit too bright, but wouldn't that be expected in a tropical jungle? I saved a few pictures and came back in Firestorm. Again, I used the shared environment. However, wanting to try to replicate that high contrast look I got in Singularity, I turned up the gamma a bit and lowered the ambient color with Personal Lighting. It struck me how poorly the water shadows on Firestorm compared to Singularity, even being completely absent in some situations. I'm not picking on Firestorm in particular. It just happens to be the EEP viewer I use the most. Also, this is not the first time that something seemed 'wrong' with the EEP water, but as you can see from the images below, it's quite a contrast in this case. No sky or water preset made in Firestorm made any difference. Using the shared environment without tweaks didn't make any difference. Firestorm at the edge of the jungle: Singularity at the edge of the jungle: Firestorm at the village: Singularity at the village:
  20. Hello there, I have one problem which I didn't find solution so far. I created my pose in blender and tried to upload to firestorm but the pose is not fitting, so i have to do it again ( and again pay 10L for it). In one video i saw that there is some extended uploading menu but I searched on internet and videos and didn't find anything what would help me because when I want to upload pose I only have ''Name'' and ''Description'' no additional stuff there. Could any of you help me? I think it will be in settup of firestorm but i clicked everything i could think of and nothing worked. The picture is what i would like to have as menu while uploading.
  21. Whenever I log into SL on no matter viewer (I use Firestorm the most) , I can move for like 5 seconds and then it instantly freezes and that stupid (Not Responding) always appears in the upper left corner This has been going on for a few days, I have updated Firestorm and my laptop several times, cleared all the caches, the graphics are on the lowest setting but nothing works. It's so annoying! Is there anything I can do?
  22. So I was having some conflicting audio streams from neighbors and changed some settings in media access, specifically deleting the 2 or 3 whitelisted domain items under media filters, when now it seems all the tvs screens are red, as if a highlight beacon is on them all. It's not just my home, but the rest of the region as well. My TVs work fine with sound and video, but just that annoying tinted red persists on my screen through all browsing. Any help would be great. I'm hoping it's just something simple I missed or misclicked. On other viewers, the screens are white and normal, so it's narrowed down to firestorm for me. Fixed: ctrl+alt+shift+n was the culprit. Had media sources on to be highlighted.
  23. I have downloaded the new firestorm viewer but am noticing a issue and wondering if anyone knows whats causing this but every time I try to edit my shape in sl now, the program keeps going to not responding almost 40-50 times when I change the littlest thing. I've never had this issue till now and am almost looking at downgrading to the last version but don't want to if I can avoid it.
  24. Buenas tardes. Hace ya unos cuantos meses que los zooms no funcionan. No funcionan las vistas frontales y de lado, solamente enfoca el avi de espaldas. En cámera tools me ocurre igual, le pongo el suavizador y no funciona. He hecho la restauración de configuración y sigue sin funcionar. Alguien puede aconsejarme que puedo hacer? Muchas gracias,.
  25. I purchased a new laptop and everything on it is newer and more up to date than my old one and for some reason I can't use advanced lighting? I use Firestorm SOO I tried SL viewer and it allows me to use advanced lighting but I cannot use SL viewer I HATE IT! I can't get used to it and everything about Firestorm feels a lot better than SL viewer. So anyway, my question is is there anyway at all I can turn on advanced viewer in Firestorm, there's literally no option I can't tick it I take A LOT of pics and I use the body shine a lot so I really need it to work lol 😫 I found something on here and it was a similar issue but the other way around they could get it on firestorm and not sl - someone told them a way around it but obviously that might not work since I want it on Firestorm not Sl viewer lol. Thanks in advance.
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