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  1. I have long been confused by the way times of events, chats etc are displayed in Second Life, with particular reference to the Firestorm Viewer, which I have used almost exclusively though I have used Radegast to keep an alt logged in sometimes. I finally decided to find out how it was all done from an authoritative source, so I looked at https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_displayed_time_format However, after reading this, while I somewhat understand it, I am rather baffled by why the different ways each point of reference for times of events and chats are so variable, and why there cannot be more uniformity and consistency? The main types of time which are used, and which a user might want in the viewer, include: SL time (which is also PST/PDT) GMT/UTC The user's local time Whether the 12 hour or 24 hour clock is used And the places where we might find times being recorded include: The top menu bar of the viewer Chat and conversation logs Teleport history Group notices So... when you then look at what types of time are used by Firestorm at which points (and probably other viewers too), there seems to be a very random approach to what is used where, and I wondered if there could not be more consistency. Therefore, my thoughts / questions at the moment include: Are these various uses of different time stamps specific to Firestorm, and could be modified by Firestorm developers, or are they determined by Linden Lab programming? Have there been any attempts in the past to bring greater consistency into the way time is referred to in SL / the viewers? (I can't imagine I am the first person to think this is all pretty confusing the way it is). I presume that the way to have change in this area considered would be via JIRA - so the question is, would it be best to use the Firestorm JIRA or the SL JIRA? (I guess this really depends on the answers to Q1, or maybe it is both?) Specific answers to these questions, as well as general discussion, are welcome. By the way, it's interesting to see that the Radegast viewer manages very well by giving everything in the user's local time. (Not sure if that was a setting I had to choose at some point, but it was possible and it makes a lot of sense to me!)
  2. Using Firestorm RLV and a Marine Kelly Deluxe blindfold. When Opaque is selected, I am totally blind with a black screen. However, I learned that I can click the Camera button (for SL photo taking) down in the bottom tray to the left of the inventory button, and effectively see myself and the surroundings. It sort of makes the blindfold use almost worthless. Is there an RLV function to disable the photo camera (not talking about the viewer camera restriction), the camera used for taking photos in SL
  3. Well, all I can say, my headset perfectly works at Discord and Voice Chat in Firestorm also worked perfectly before I had to update my viewer. In the previous version I've lost the ability to use Media - this is working on the current version - but I lost the ability to voice which really sucks. Yes, Voice Chat is enabled in the settings, and all settings at "Sound" -> "Voice Chat" look fine for me. There's just one strange thing there. When I click the "device settings" button, I see "Input" and "output" grey and it says "Please wait" next to the volume slider. I also deactivated voice and enabled it again after a few minutes - didn't help. Oh, and of course I see Voice Chat is activated on our sim. Btw, this strance "Output" device name is stupid. I can select my Logitech headset at "sounds" and can hear music and sounds on my headset. Any ideas?
  4. Local Mesh allows you to preview your mesh creations inworld and see edits you make to the mesh dae file in real time. Local Mesh allows you to perfect your mesh creations on the main grid without having to waste L$ on test uploads or using Aditi, the beta grid, for free mesh uploads. Local mesh works for unrigged mesh, worn rigged mesh and even Animesh! For further details, please see Beq Janus's blog post: Announcing Local Mesh You can try the Local Mesh feature now in the Firestorm Beta For the viewer download links, please join the "Phoenix-Firestorm Preview Group" and check the group notices. Release Notes: Firestorm Beta Release Notes
  5. I have downloaded the new firestorm viewer but am noticing a issue and wondering if anyone knows whats causing this but every time I try to edit my shape in sl now, the program keeps going to not responding almost 40-50 times when I change the littlest thing. I've never had this issue till now and am almost looking at downgrading to the last version but don't want to if I can avoid it.
  6. Friendly Greetings! I tried to upgrade my profile picture at my profile settings on the web. We learnt the things are changing at Second Life all the time, so I didn't upload a new profile picture at the website. So I opened the latest Firestorm Viewer and I tired to refresh my profile picture... What's happened? I have two profile picture now? 😱 My old profile picture and my new profile picture is active at the same time! Anybody has idea how can I solve this bug? Thanks your help guys!
  7. I like to use my keyboard to walk instead on the arrows and I need my keyboard to fully use some items in world. Every time I leave conversations window my keyboard automatically defaults to nearby chat window on bottom left. So anytime I hit the keyboard it has no effect in world, just types in bottom left. Solutions?
  8. Hi, I am probably being stupid but can't find the July 2021 release for Firestorm to download on their site - does anybody have a link? I mistakenly upgraded to the latest version and it no longer supports any non custom LODS using DAE when auto generated in the old "way". The issue is at my end versus theirs but until I can spend quality time on creating a new Second Life workflow I need to fix my Saturday Sale build Background in case any other Cinema 4D users search for LOD issues: The issue presents as when the LOD swaps the materials, the order and to which face the materials are assigned to, gets confused (so material 1 switches to the wrong face when the LOD moves from High to Med etc etc). So it looks great on high but then mid if you have 8 materials they all switch around and again on Low and Lowest for each custom LOD. It's been a known general issue (including LL viewer) as Cinema 4D has always done something strange with DAE 4 export if you create Custom LODS. The issue prior to the newest Version of Firestorm, if you used autogenerated LODs did not present. It now does present for those too. The workaround is to export to FBX from Cinema 4D pull into Blender and then use the Blender DAE export and ta da it works (obviously annoying to do this from a time standpoint)). I never really have had time to do a compare between the two program DAE exports to see what specifically triggers the issue (I need to to see if I can automate any fix at my end as the moving files through Blender adds more time/effort to upload). For furniture, I do full custom LODS hence I use the "Blender workaround" but for some larger uploads on houses where I only need the lower and lowest to be custom the new Firestorm viewer now behaves as when auto generated LODS are included (e.g on Lowest) the Custom LOD bug appears . I am on the latest subscription version of Cinema 4D, but I am a rare breed as I know only two other creators who use it, so it's something I need to fix at my end. (Unless I should be using DAE 5 over 4 etc now which I am midst testing). Note I put all the information on why I am seeking the old version (so I have time to debug and plan more fully) in case there are more than two creators using Cinema 4D and they also have an issue so search the Forum for a resolution
  9. Hello! What is this strange black lines stretching from one avatar to another? it looks like a "look at" but there are a lot of them at once and they are black. (firestorm viewer)
  10. Hi, Did someone try to run Firestorm on a Mac Book Air M2 with let's say 16GB to avoid swapping in crowded sims (or possibly 24 GB) ? And with a limit framerate of 20 fps (which is what I use on my old PC with graphic setting between high and ultra and it's fine for me) ? Thanks in advance for sharing your FPS and preferences. I am aware that the secondlife viewer engine is super very old, so my guess is that the Mac Book Air M2 should run reasonably fine possibly with lower settings but it will heat a lot eventually.
  11. After fresh Windows and Firestorm installation, when I receive new items, I can't find them with the normal search line, they only appear when I click on the inventory tab "current items". Strangely there I see a "Received Items" folder, but when I search my inventory for the received file, I can't find it. Also the folder "Received Items" isn't showing up. This really sucks, because sometimes Marketplace is super slow and i receive deliveries hours later when I'm offline... Any ideas? I have it in German. "Received Items" = "Erhaltene Artikel":
  12. My friend is having an issue with something in Firestorms settings. At first we thought it was lighting which I helped her reset back to default, along with most other lighting settings, but her game still has strange shadows showing up not only on her avatar, but graininess everywhere else as well. What could we be doing wrong? What setting is this?
  13. This is my friends avatar, (we're using Firestorm btw) and all of a sudden the lighting or whatever this could possibly even be got badly messed up. She was messing with Firestorm's lighting settings and even though I showed her mine to get it back to default, this is still how her lighting/avatar looks. What are we doing wrong here?
  14. I have forgotten where to turn on the setting in Firestorm so I can see land this way. It is a tranparent yelloe box that go under water and high in the sky. I know about how to see property lines on the default ground, but I want this too. And I know I can rez a large prim that follow the border, but I prefer this.
  15. Hello all. Im using FS , and an Nvidia Geforce RTX 3070, driver version . In some glowing vertical line objects, like this guy's helmet, or dance poles, I'm seeing duplicated glowing lines, sort of a a lens flare ? This seems like a recent occurrence ? https://gyazo.com/285a014fc4bf1f8ac93c1aa00c86f8e9
  16. Hiya how do you access the link set in official viewer? in firestorm you just click edit linked and then use the two arrows under to access all links how do you do that in official viewer? https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/toolbox_general_tab
  17. How do you remove the chat bar in the bottom left of the Firestorm viewer? I have been digging through settings for the last hour and a half and can't seem to find ANYTHING about this anywhere. I can resize it but that's all, no moving, no hising, no deleting it, etc. Resizing it also move my "Stand" button which I DON'T want to get rid of. Chat Bar:
  18. I recently had a script created for a jewelry box. The person sent over a perfectly good working version along with the scripts. I have been trying for days now to recreate the working box with the same box i sent for him to work with but it seems to not work when I try to recreate it. The person who helped me with the script sent over a non mod script so I can't show any Code with a detailed notecard i followed. i have even sent him over the non working version and he sent me back a fully mod working version just the scripts are no mod. i have tried resetting scripts, setting them to running, using the same scripts that came from the working version, every keyword is the exact same i have even tried on the beta grid and nothing worked. im using the latest version of firestorm at this time FIRESTORM i welcome any suggestions and thank you for taken the time out to read my post.
  19. Question: who gives the Internet provider the right to log us out of the viewer? And when it´s not the Inet Provider, who else kicks us out from Time to Time, the weird is, my Internet should not be the Reason, cause if i open Chrome Browser, i see that the Web works fantastic, so why we get the damn Message "We´r sorry we had to log you out of the System!" ??? Tysm
  20. Whenever I go to delete someone from a group Firestorm boots me off of second life. is this a common glitch / bug in firestorm or second life in general?
  21. Hiya! Two days ago, I was attempting to take an in-world photograph in Firestorm using high graphics, sun shadows and DOF. I kept playing with the sliders to get what I wanted when Firestorm crashed twice. Since then, it seems that almost all shadows have a jagged edge that can be somewhat corrected by pushing the shadow resolution slider up higher than the default. I clicked “Default” on all the sliders and even reset my Firestorm preferences. Has anyone else experienced this? Should I do a complete reinstall of Firestorm? I’m also worried if I did a number on my Mac’s graphic card (though I don’t see any defects outside of Firestorm.)
  22. Hello! I've already went to every forum and done all that I possibly could to fix my avatar and nothing is working for me? I've uninstalled and reinstalled second life viewer and firestorm viewer. Went to a default avatar. ctrl+shift+r. refreshed my attachments. tried on new or different items. cleared my cache. changed my graphics. made sure the programs i was using were completely updated. went to new sims. took off the entire outfit and items i was wearing and reattached them. Nothing has worked. I tried going on a different computer and still had the same issue. not just my avatar, but all the other avatars around me were not rendering. Even some random textures were not rendering either. Music, voice and everything else works great. I even run around 200fps not a problem. I've even given my whole computer a complete reboot and wiped everything out and tried everything again and nothing worked. I've also been using second life for over 10 years now and this has never happened to me. If you have any ideas on what could be the problem or what could fix this please let me know!!! Thank you https://prnt.sc/26n6mw7 (my avatar) https://prnt.sc/26n6oq8 (my avatar and others) https://prnt.sc/26n6oxr (my fps) https://prnt.sc/26n6pcp (at other sim and more textures not rendering)
  23. Hello 👋 I'm brand new to SL photography and I'm actually following a tutorial right now. Just trying to figure out why "Enable Advanced Lighting Model" is grayed out in Preferences and Phototools. Is it because my graphics card is too weak? If so, I understand, just need to know that's the reason why. Using Firestorm 6.4.21 (64531) 64 bit / Radeon RX 580 graphics card
  24. how to move camera controls from the top of the screen to the bottom in firestorm?
  25. Ich habe mir den erst frisch heraus gebrachten SKin Gewn von Moccino geholt, war alles dabei Skin/Shape etc. So ich ziehe das auf Pose Stand alles an, bekomme ich alle 3 Sek. dutzende Messages, die lauten: "Shape Gewn ist nicht in unseren Datenbanken" 1.) Muss es sein, denn ich habe es vor mir im Inventory! 2.) Ich trage Skin und Shape längst! Noch nie zuvor hab ich eine derartige Meldung n all den Jahren, wo ich in SL bin gesehen. Was dreht LL da für Bockmist? Vielen Dank wenn da jemand durchsieht Lg euch
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