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  1. So, this is something you do for people? If so,are you currently accepting new customers? It sounds like you know what your doing as far as helping people design their avatars and I might need a bit of help with mine too. If your interested, please send me a instant message in world and we can talk details & stuff.
  2. So, the Omega Relay is basically another layer we wear over the Maitreya body so we can apply Omega clothing? Can we wear Maitreya appliers while wearing the Omega Relay? And, if I just decided to skip the Omega kit for Maitreya would I be missing anything?
  3. I'll actually answer your question for you. I think your young female avatar that you posted here looks about 17 years old. She looks a bit too young to be in her early twentys.
  4. OK. I've been here 4 years and never heard of such a thing as a chest add on. Female breasts are includedwith the avatar (unlike certain male parts that need to be add on). There are many skins with cleavage enhancers, lolas. Ohhhh, do you mean appliers for mesh bodies?
  5. Actually, there is another way. The skins that I wear the most often are made by Izzie Button. Izzie makes skin appliers for several different mesh bodies and heads. I went to her store and started inspecting all of her appliers in search for an answer to my question here. I found a skin HUD for sale. The skin HUD has skin appliers for just about every skin tone that she offers in her merchandise. Slink is one of the main mesh avatar she creates appliers for. Maitreya & Catwa are two others I remember. I bought the HUD, wore it, and clicked the applier that matched the skin tone on my avat
  6. Hi. Thank you everyone for all the help you've given me so far. I think hopefully I have one last question. How do I make the skin match on my system avatar head with the mesh body?
  7. I went inworld and found it for you. It's here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Meds/71/62/23
  8. I don't know. I just thought I'd check it out. I have a slink mesh body. I'm not very pleased with it.
  9. There's been a lot of discussion about the fit mesh bodies. I'd like to know if you will please tell me who makes a decent rigid mesh avatar?
  10. It looks like you aer not wearing the alpha layer for your mesh top, or your avatar is bigger now and you need to adjust the body & torso settings in edit your appearence, or perhaps you need to wear a bigger size.
  11. Hi. I bought my Slink Psysique mesh body about one year ago and just recently started to seriously use it. I have found that almost every clothing designer that offeres appliers, offers them in at least 3 or more different applier brands (Slink Psychique, Hourglass, Maitreya....). I'm not saying not to buy the Omega kit, I'm going to buy it as soon as I'm done here, I'm just saying that most designers are finding it more profitable to add appliers for everyone. Thank you for your great answer it really helped me sort out a few issues.
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