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  1. The head is too big and not proportion if it is an adult body. It looks like a 6-8 year old kid. If you want it to be proportion, stay away from numbers and "ruler" measurements. Those only works on a 50mm lense camera view. Always depend on your eyes when making shape. What i do is after i think i'm contented with the shape i made in "edit mode" i wear several types AO's and it makes alot of difference. You'll end up doing adjustments and adjustments and adjustments until you are fully satified with the body (in motion/ AO). Try adjusting only the head, then wear clothings, and hair then put her in action until you see some flaws. Another one is the *Body width. If you dont want to adjust the head or maybe the head is already perfect size for fitmesh hair then go make your body wider. Other think body width will make your avi look fat or plus size if you slide it up but it's actually like the partner of height. Whenever i change my height , there is no way i wouldn't touch the Body width sliders.
  2. The Body Co. has asian type skin named Ylang-Ylang (the one in my profile picture). I also think but not so sure they have latest asian skin in their ever complicated store named TheSkin which you can find at TheShops where they sell mesh bodies and heads also known as TheMeshProject .... /faint
  3. check out LeLutka http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LeLutka/128/128/26 join the group for FREE and get lots of gift. Sheena hair is their latest (all color hair) gift
  4. visit their sim. i go there when im bored. i ride the horse and play with the dogs hehe
  5. i think it depends on your purpose. If you want the "look" then get the wearable but if you like the simulation (physics, gear, etc) get the one that you need to rezz on the ground. I've seen a nice bicycle and and also tried the demo it was on a nice rural deserty looking sim i forgot the name. It has gas station, a diner , bicycle and vehicle store. the sim's name was like "route something something" or "highway something something" lol sorry i really cant remeber!
  6. wear your underwear and take off prim pubes especially when you are on mini skirt...
  7. HughJegow wrote: What to expect? Delays in development, expensive development tools, lots of subsequently retracted promises, wholesale regular pr, project manager and coder sackings, bugs, lag, disappointment and abject commercial failure. ^^^ Negatron ^^^
  8. Every thing in sl is exageration. Skin, shape, hair, shoes etc etc. So, why not exagerate a child talk if this can enhance and make your character lively and plausible? It is obvious that the person rping a child in sl is a grown up or maybe a geriatric. Chat/text has no emotion thats why we sometimes use emoticons , caps letter etc. Can we just stop comparing SL to RL? Second life is a platform for creativity not a real life simulator.
  9. If it is a child avi then it is perfectly fine. Every time i wear my gorilla avatar I only talk "hoo hoo ho haa ha ha ..kho kho kho..." . in public...
  10. welcome back bish! my welcome gesture inworld.. dont judge me
  11. Seems like being nude is no problem at all when going to stores especially pg stores who sells fitted mesh body. Been away from sl for a long time and this thing excites me, well not the nudity but the hd bidy that you can mod like the system avatar ;p I remeber 4 years ago when i started sl there was this freebie mall for newbies that has dressing room for male and female with security guards and dont you dare walk in the opposite gender area which segregated only by a line on the floor or youre ass will be kicked out lol. ;)
  12. Have you checked the the folder of your prim teeth? I supposed popular brands who sell prim teeth includes alpha mask on the package. Mine has small and big mouth opening alpha mask and the prim teeth itself has invisiprim attatched.
  13. Are you allowing visitors or non residents to use their own vehicle to roam around? 6 connecting sims is a pretty big place;)
  14. I think business is like any other career. If you have the talent, drive, determination and luck it is impossible for you not to succeed. The question is what is your definition of success or being successful?
  15. Maybe she want to do it in real-life-way that she gonna regret it in the future for having a permanent tattoo lol. Well anyone has their on preferences so if she want it and she can afford it then go for it haha;)
  16. Go here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Korea2/128/128/26
  17. Omg thank you very much for that info! I've been away from sl for so long and i just got back a couple of days ago. When i first encountered this six-feet-under-bug LOL i thought it has something to do with the AO hud i was wearing and to my surprised we have a new "hover" option in the body tab of "edit your shape". Every time i tweak my body fat im experiencing this bug. I hope someone already reported this bug.
  18. BOSS: So you did't go to work because you were upset from being banned from going to a park in that virtual game?? A VIDEO GAME??? LIKE THE SIMS????!!!YOU ARE FIRED! /me imagining Trinity's drama scene in RL...
  19. This one is good https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Deadwool-Formal-shoes-mesh-DEMO/4350329.
  20. Check out Body co. inworld and find their latest product or store extension (they call it THE SHOP) they are trying to innovate skin shopping in sl and you might find what you and your friend looking for since THE SHOP's idea is to customize your own skin in real time by choosing details and parts of the skin to mix and match. http://theshopsinsl.com/
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