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  1. I have several eye movement huds, nothing is working. I have relogged, as well. =\ Right now I am all ghetto with post its on my monitor so I can catch the eye at a specific spot when it decides to roam there. I feel like I am back in SL circa 2006 atm. haha Or Pruitt Taylor Vince with his shifty eyes. @.@ I hope they fix the issue, there's no reason why we should not be able to isolate the eye movement and pause it for pics n stuff.
  2. Aww you are so sweet to have done that, thank you. Really, I appreciate it! Unfortunately, I checked the box, and eyes still moved. I used the sliders above that about the eye movements (which seem to directly relate to the debug settings I listed at first post), as well, and eyes are still moving. Maybe Firestorm broke this with their attempts to integrate it into their interface? ETA: Installed another viewer to see if this is still a problem or isolated to Firestorm alone. Using debug settings eyes still moved. Apparently this is on the SL/LL side of things and not a viewer issue. =(
  3. Thank you for responding! I just looked through the avatar pull down menu, as well as the others, and also clicked myself for the pie menu - nothing like this is locatable. Could you please tell me the direct path of where to find this feature? =) Like I said, I just upgraded, so if it exists it should be there. (And yes, I have both advanced and debug menus activated, not finding this magical feature). ♥
  4. I use the Firestorm viewer, and I just upgraded to the current release version last night after realizing I could no longer pause the eye movements, thinking maybe that had something to do with it, but no. I do not use the vanilla SL viewer ever, please do not recommend I do if you reply trying to help. =( Usually I just use a hud to make my eyes stop moving about while taking ad pics for my store products, but that is ineffective now - not sure why these huds suddenly stopped working. My whole 'look at' or 'show look at target' are set in preferences to not show me or others my look at target so my avatar eyes won't follow my mouse movements. My last resort: I tried changing these values in the debug settings to no effect for unknown reasons: PitchFromMousePosition set it to 0. This disables the vertical range. YawFromMouse Position set that to 0. It disables the horizontal range. FSStaticEyes None of these three factors had any bearing on the rapid movements of the eyes, though they should. Can anyone make a suggestion on how to still the eye movements so I may take my ad pics? =D I will love you forever if whatever you suggest actually works.
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