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  1. IIRC, Ceka lives in a deep red state Trump will win by at least 20 points and walk away with all of the electoral college votes unless the world ends in the next three weeks. In that case, a vote for Biden and a vote for Vermin Supreme are more or less interchangeable as far as the EC goes.
  2. https://www.yarash.org Michelle Tidball, Biblical life coach and living warning for If you make that face it'll freeze that way.
  3. The national popular vote is restructuring the electoral college. It's a compact between states to give their electors to the candidate that wins the popular vote. That way the winner of the popular vote wins the election. The election wouldn't be about winning states the, it would be about winning the most votes. https://www.nationalpopularvote.com
  4. I'm not thrilled with either one, but one gives me significantly less thrills. I'm voting more to run up the popular vote total to help give the national popular vote movement a little more momentum so we can kick the idiotic electoral college system as it is today to the curb.
  5. You can vote for Kanye. If you're going to waste a vote, might as well do it right.
  6. Well, I remember your videos and am thrilled to see new ones.
  7. Sounded to me like bringing out the snark was the whole reason for the post.
  8. It would be super difficult to prove a leader's state of mind and that they were deliberately lying. Such a leader would have to do something like state they knew the dangers of the disease early on and deliberately withheld that information from the public. It would take a real moron to do something that idiotic. Doubly so to let someone record them saying it.
  9. You know we can see when that picture was taken, right?
  10. Yes, in the United States daily deaths peaked in late April/early May at about 2500/day. New daily cases dropped until June, then went through the roof, and have been consistently higher than they were when deaths peaked. Now we have about 33% more new daily cases than when deaths peaked, but less than half the daily deaths.
  11. It seems more likely what's changing is more people are taking actions to prevent the spread that also reduce the severity of infections when they do catch it. Wear a mask, less of the virus gets into your nose hole and you get a milder or asymptomatic case. Which brings up my gripe to vent about. People who think mask mandates don't apply to them and businesses that encourage them. If you actually have a condition that prevents you from wearing a mask, you probably shouldn't be out in public right now. If you can pull an eight hour retail shift then you don't have a condition that preven
  12. I used a Logitech G600 for a while. It's their take on the MMO mouse like the Naga. I just programmed a few keys to do common tasks like open inventory and stuff. It works fine for walking if you remap the WASD keys, I don't know about driving. I switched back to a G502 because it's more comfortable and I like the scroll wheel better. It's chunkier than the G502. You didn't say which had your friend is using, like most mice the G600 is only going to be useful in the right hand.
  13. Only California and Puerto Rico issued mandatory stay at home orders before New York, and it's been under control there for months.
  14. Yeah, I tried that. I was hoping for a more modern and slightly less arcane solution.
  15. Yeah, they locked down as early as almost anyone and it's been under control there for months.
  16. It couldn't possibly be that more densely populated areas that were hit the earliest happen to be more democratic and minority than less densely populated rural areas. You don't get to count all those deaths in liberal New York City because most of them happened before the protests started.
  17. Scroll down to case and mortality by country. There's a full list of countries.
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