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  1. Oh I love this post. Yes! I probably didn't word it well enough, however you have. Those that are unafraid, but in all ways, to be quirky, heavy, have a big nose whatever that means to them. I adore those avatars. They are to me, so interesting. For me personally I am over the 'very pretty' beautiful and sexy avatars. Or dashing handsome ones! Give me quirks any day! Thank you.
  2. I am so obsessed with very realistic quirky avatars. Human ones that is. Mine always lands up 'pretty' and a bit barbie to be honest. Any quirky avatars here that would be kind enough to share their pic and tips? In real life most people carry a bit of weight I suppose, some not, they have bad hair days, wear unusual glasses etc. is there a group I can join? I am so over the barbie look (as well as the supersized this and that). Any tips would be amazing.
  3. Hello? Hello? I can see your lips moving but no sound?!
  4. I had the AstraZeneca, no side effects bar a bit of sleepiness. Hey better than COVID right? Anyway, the thing is having had AZ it is hard to read all the negative reports on it. Particularly when Pfizer has had near the same amount of issues. (Yes nearly as high clotting) I was going to delve into the government reports and yellow card reports but haven't had time. Perhaps the whopping price of Pfizer makes it something to 'fight' for. I am not one for medications, hate them, but forced myself to go. Felt it was the right thing to do on many levels. For example my country might not have many
  5. The part I find amazing is that Pfizer has had nearly the same amount of clotting but the reports are hard to find. Very odd.
  6. Could be that AZ is cheaper?
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