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  1. As a kid i found a huge box of Reader Digest i'd guess were from the 70's which had a section i think was called "life's like that" which was all anecdotal evidence of true events . For example - an old man wrote in how he was at his wits end having spent 3 years in WW2 trenches and while i a trench unfamiliar to him contemplating suicide when he had to go looking for the toilet which was generally a bit of a cave dug into the side of a trench . Following directions he came upon a pallet acting as a door to the said cave and ruefully wondered why someone had bothered to stencil MOL
  2. I'm not much into computers but SL forced me to read up on spec and in the UK anyway MSI was streets ahead on what you get for your money . About £1000 is nearing 3 times what i ever paid for a previous laptop but 3 years on i'm inclined to think i suffer less lag than most . Mind you having a temperature monitor convinced me to but a cheap cooling pad to go with it and that £15 was money well spent .
  3. Well i did edit the post and delete the name but yesterday but today i see its still there and the option to edit has gone ?
  4. OK done and sorry about that . I expect i will be reported to LL for all sorts of things from all sorts of people now and all originating from the same computer because thats how she gets people banned from sims but hey ho i can come back with an army of alts to because its just a game .
  5. Yeah maybe i should have kept a diary but it didn't bother me much as i'd already quit my regular hangout of over a year and i figured the brain dead muppets would soon grow bored of me and move on to the next victim . But i've been told by a few people who have been in SL 10 years or more Amy's (tacticalbtch) sim destroying methods are well known . I guess it pissed me off most that nobody i have ever spoken to who knows the name has anything good to say about her/him/it but nobody ever tried to do anything about it . The Saddest part is that i never invited her into my SL , she was
  6. Scum create alts to continue their vendetta , i've blocked the same person 7 times (alts) though it should be more like 25 , that's why its pointless me trying to report it - who do i report everybody ?
  7. It doesn't need to be managed - they don't need to be helped , working it all out is a huge learning curve that will fill many hours - but they need a reason to think it might be worth investing those hours . I have long since given up believing genuine newbies actually exist and any that do will wander aimlessly until they are picked up by experienced griefers who play the long game anyway so what difference does it make other than to let them know there is something in SL besides silent empty sims .
  8. Same happened to me , yet not with the only other person i ever blocked if only until he left the area which was a nuisance newbie ? But because i could still see a greyed out "IT" and everything "IT" said in public chat i was still aware of the constant verbal attacks directed at me though i chose to ignore them anyway . So i ask what good is it to block someone when they can still see and hear you ? more than 2 years later they still follow me from sim to sim slagging me off in private to anyone who might talk to me when they don't use alts to do it directly then block me before i
  9. Not sure why i'm adding this given how i feel about SL now but i suppose i do regret something that could have been so good is such a failure - perhaps because it alienates new players . I never played online anything before signing up to SL and i never watched the vid at the start of this thread because it never occurred to me to search youtube for pointers when i started here . I skimmed through the previous comments without taking much interest because like as not they will mostly focus on dressing pixel dolls . About 10 times in my first 2 weeks i logged out thinking what is the
  10. Dislike everyone and pretend you don't and you will fit right in , or else learn to hate which is far more self-destructive . The block feature is entirely useless against someone who has 50 alts so your better off just slagging them off in public every time they try to speak to you .
  11. I was given a club once , taught how to ban and abandoned basically , after several months standing there on my own the builder returned and i asked "how am i supposed to get people here when if i leave to find them i can only send them to a sim entirely empty of people" , 10 minutes later she had the room filled with her own alts , the conversation was riveting - rolls eyes .
  12. I never called anyone a Nazi i was simply pointing out how pathetic the response was . Should i apologize because i never engaged in cyber anything before joining SL , no facebook , twitter or anything like that and i still don't know the difference between godmodding , metagaming, or powergaming , even google seems unsure what each of them actually means but i've started reading about it just recently and it kinda fits what i encountered so yeah keep it simple and hate everyone , its the easiest way .
  13. We will not tolerate intolerance is self defeating , its been weaponized and its human nature to respond only one way to threat . Must admit though cowards played a large role in my losing the will to smile in SL , oh so many sent private messages of friendly support warning a certain person/team were working to get me unfairly banned . Alas, most were staff themselves and so unwilling to speak up for fear of finding themselves o the receiving end of the same vendetta . Truth is i didn't really expect them to stand up and be counted and i wouldn't ask them to either , its just a g
  14. I always thought the meek shall inherit the earth was a dumb phrase , I am beginning to wonder though because the media loves loud people they are underestimating the vast numbers who are to busy with a living to worry about Crusades (for want of a better word) . The righteous whatever podium they choose to preach from will not be influenced or herded , and so they will never accept that they fight for globalization and vilify any opposed to it . Divide and conquer under a save the planet banner , individual identity is a hindrance to commerce and a one size fits all solution works well f
  15. I'm not offended , i ran out of smiles to share or **cks to give hence this might be the longest online conversation i have had in over a year , its certainly the most coherent . And the reason - my tolerance is all used up , if i can't be a positive influence i anyone's second life because of the way i feel then i don't want to be an influence at all . I am talking here because i would hope the forum does not impinge on anyone's inworld escapism but as we can see even here for some freedom of expression is a one way street .
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