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  1. Thanks you guys, I'll check out these options!
  2. Aloha all. I have several boats and would like to buy an affordable plot of open ocean to moor them on. All the places I’ve explored in Linden Auctions have been landlocked mainland properties. A search in SL Marketplace finds a ton of places all priced at zero that turn out to be rentals (and frustratingly, the listings can’t be sorted by weekly rate or keyword (e.g. “sailable.”). I’m not looking for a full prim or a private island, just some ocean I can moor boats on. I rent space in a marina now, but would love something a little more "out there." Can anyone recommend how to find a spot of open ocean to call home? It sounds like I want to buy an ocean region, but I haven't found such a thing.
  3. I sympathize SO MUCH with this. Every once in a while a film can be heard playing near my houseboat. Nothing in my place has a media player, and I have right-clicked > edit nearly every piece of furniture, art, etc in my home to see if any contents contain an unwanted media file. The truly weird thing is that this audio from a film can be heard EVEN WHEN MY MASTER VOLUME CONTROL IS SWITCHED OFF. A friend wrote down the first spoken line of the film and googled it; it turns out to be the crappy 2014 film "Addicted." Hard to know then if a neighbor has this old dud on constant play, or if my home has been infected by a spurned lover. The film audio plays on different computers, different OS, and different viewers, so I know the problem is within SL (not a virus on one pc). My home has no media, no music, etc. I've tried unchecking the box "avatars on other parcels can see and chat with avatars on this parcel." The soundtrack can be heard other places in my region (not just within my home), which made me wonder if a mole had the film playing as an audio test while the region was being built, and forgot to switch it off. But... the audio is occasional, not constant. This leads me back to thinking it is a virus handed to me by a spoofer or someone whose advances I rejected. I just wish the sound would go away; I don't enjoy it nor do all the people who visit my home.
  4. Thanks Extrude. Thinking long term, because when Apple drops some big change, within a year or two Windows and Linux do the same. I can see LL, viewer makers, and content makers grumbling loudly but eventually shifting over.
  5. Thanks Fritgern. Any idea if LL, Firestorm, Kokua, etc are creating an alt viewer that will be compatible with Apple's "Metal?" It would be a shame for SL to lose all their Mac residents.
  6. Aloha. Noob builder question: I'm curious about the potential impacts of Apple's move away from OpenGL. Will the impacts be felt primarily behind the scenes at LL, or will changes also be necessary for residents and builders? I enjoy digital art and would like to take a stab at creating 3D content too. I use Linux, Mac, and Windows for SL as a resident, but use Mac exclusively as an artist. Most of my experience is with Photoshop, so before I try out tools like Blender, Avastar, Maya, or 3D Max I'm wondering if items created with these would be successful in a post-OpenGL world. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
  7. I blocked the word "Trump" in my Twitter feed and OH MY GOD Twitter immediately improved 100000%
  8. I'd definitely vote for a hug button in SL, especially because we can't do hugs in RL right now. Scientists talk about how important physical contact is for social animals like us, and that isolation (or self isolation during quarantine) has negative effects on our mental health. So yay to the hug button!
  9. For me, discussions like this highlight the absurdity of many cultures, including our own. Everyone has a strikingly similar body, we all procreate and poop and pee, but our cultures tell us that we should hide these things and be embarrassed of them. Why? Humans are the only animal with such attitudes. Porpoises, cats, and lemurs aren't embarrassed of their bodies or bodily functions. We don't find dog, rat, or horse nipples offensive or alluring; why should human ones be thought of any differently? If we're OK with giraffes not wearing clothes, why do we think of humans not wearing clothes differently? Why do we think of our naked selves as "flaunting" rather than just someone washing the dishes or reading a book or getting a drink? I suspect the answer may lay in our inability to control our sexual desires. Sexual desires are a tool of every species' survival, but if buffalo can function without thoughts of screwing blinding them all day, surely we can too.
  10. Aloha Jordan. I'd recommend joining the Second Life Book Club. There is a meeting every Wednesday at noon SLT. In each meeting, a panel of authors discuss their books, the writing process, and how being an author impacts their lives. Questions can be asked by us in the audience. Here's a reading list prepared by the host, Draxtor: https://bookshop.org/shop/draxtorreads The weekly meetings of this group have been so well attended that the sim fills up, so every Wednesday the SL Book Club is also live-streamed on SL's YouTube channel!
  11. SL is reflecting RL... sad to see yet more divisive arguments surrounding a human rights issue we should all be able to support in our own ways.
  12. Aloha Lilith. I understand why you would want such a sim: Brussels is beautiful! How can you not love the beer, chocolate, music, art, history, etc? I haven't been since the mid 1990s, but have to admit that I haven't seen anywhere in here that seems Brussels-specific. Yeah, you may have to use RL photographs; most urban landscaping I've seen in here seems intentionally generic in order to have wider appeal. Most Euro stuff in SL seems very Germanic. There's a nice Venice sim though. A lot of other places appear British, but they're no longer European :-) There have been a few Paris sims, but the ones I visited were built many years ago so are technology dinosaurs. In any case, BYOB (Build Your Own Brussels).
  13. Aloha Rasse. Maybe you can be the artist! Go to a photogenic place (or if you want a plain background, just fly high), then take photos using the built-in filters. Experiment with them and you may get some results you like. Good luck!
  14. Me too Veronique! BOM has a learning curve. I still find it confusing but keep on experimenting. Like anything else, after enough practice the clouds will clear :-)
  15. Aloha Snugglebeard. This usually means that you have different shapes in each outfit. Open the Appearance > Outfits window and try on outfits until you're in one that has the shape you like. Under the Appearances > Wearing tab you'll see a list of the items you're wearing, and the shape you like will be among them. Make a note of its name. Then go back to Appearances > Outfits tab, and wear a different outfit. If that outfit has the wrong shape, open up the Appearances > Wearing tab and identify the name of the shape you don't like. With that outfit still on, go back to Appearances > Outfits again, find the shape you did like, and either double click or wear that shape. The shape you like should now have replaced the one you don't in that outfit. Go back to Appearances > Wearing tab and do a "save as" so the outfit and proper shape are saved. You're done!
  16. There are a bunch of BLM shirts in the SL Book Club this morning. Hope to see same in RL.
  17. heh heh heh me too Selene; it's like walking under the edge of a cloud. This was intentional though - I love a rainy beach. In Honolulu it rains every morning for several hours, before burning off in the sun. "A few windward and mauka showers" is in the forecast every damn day, it means showers and mist on the east coast and central mountains of Oahu. This rainy beach is something like home :-) I did try placing the rain emitter over the house too, but it insists that I have an invisible leaky roof. Hmmm, a nice wet living room? I tried placing it higher up in the sky, but the rainfall is "jagged" and stops at a variety of heights. So, rain on the beach it is.
  18. Aloha. How is the resolution increased? I've looked through my Firestorm menu and don't see an input box or slider. Or is this adjustment made in the computer's screenshot program???
  19. Nice to see this question and the replies - I wondered the same thing!
  20. There's also the ultra modern Mopire, which has a subway system! You may be thinking of Neo Japan, which is an event-only site so open only occasionally. Join the Neo Japan group for notifications.
  21. I've been having a lot of fun in a Hong Kong sim called Kowloons Gate Reborn. Very photogenic because it was based on a popular Japanese video game. Yes, it does have an arcade! It's called Shop 10. When exploring you'll see a door that leads to an arcade on the second floor.
  22. I'm more grateful than ever for my Bellisserria houseboat home. I log in, turn the sun setting to midnight, watch the water rippling, and listen to the waves crashing and seagulls squawking. It's such a relaxing scene that I find myself immersed in it for minutes at a time. I'm grateful to LL and all the SL creators who have made this experience possible. I'm grateful for meditation, which helps my mind make a little sense out of what seems like a crazy world. As frustrating as they can be, I'm grateful for Zoom, FaceTime, texting, emailing, and actually using the phone as a phone (gasp!) to speak to people, let them know I care, and stay connected. I'm grateful for alcohol, weed, and other relaxants that help us cope. I'm grateful for quarantining, because there's NO WAY I want anyone to see all the damn stress-eating weight I've put on 🙂
  23. This just reminded me of the character Die Fledermaus in the 90s animated show "The Tick." That was a great show, and Die Fledermaus was hilarious!
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