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About Me

Found 9 results

  1. Not to be rude, but this person is asking what I feel is a very good question. "What kind of useless brainless stupid f**k, created a "Blocking System" in SL, where the ***** you are "blocking" can still see you ?" ~ from facebook I would truly like to know why this is true ? Thanks, ~ Me
  2. I recently asked strangers to move their love making off my property, and they left promptly. However, moments later I received a notice that one of them is following me! I did not give permission for them to do this and find it a bit creepy. What do they see when following me? Can I block them from following me? Many thanks!
  3. Aloha all. I need to vent. Have you ever had people break into your home? You know that sense of privacy violation, and your sudden vigilence and tension? What did they touch? What did they photograph? What did they plant? Have you ever had someone corner you, only to have people watch the abuse rather than do anything to help? And what if there’s no video, no evidence? Well, it just never happened then, did it? It was probably all in your imagination, and you have some growing up to do, right? I wrote previously about two men that entered my SL home uninvited and refused to go. The
  4. So I know the rest of the deal with blocking, like if they can see you online or not, how they may be unblocked, dadada the rest of that.. But I can't find any info on if they'll be able to see my avatar inworld or not! Will they be able to? I ask because of course this guy took interest in me while I was stripping, and now he won't leave me alone. I can't go back to my favourite club or even let him find out I'm online at all without him begging me to go back to his house with him, sending me emojis nonstop, etc... But as bad as I want to be left alone and go back to my favourite club,
  5. Would someone mind sharing how to block someone in forums? I see “report” and “share” but can’t locate “block“.
  6. Hello everyone This may seem like a real stupid question, but here goes: I just rezzed a house on my parcel, after positioning and freezing it in place I set about decorating without walking outside. After I was finished, I wanted to leave out the side door instead of the front (this house as two outside doors) but something was blocking my way. I could open and close the door, but I can't walk through. For some reason I'm stopped roughly a foot away from the door and can't continue on. Nothing shows up on Highlight Transparency, no prims are out of place, and the floor of the house is w
  7. I was once told by someone that even after they blocked someone, they still got some sort of indication that the blocked person had sent an IM (which then causes a desire to see what was written, and essentially undo the block). At the time, I believe I found an answer on these forums (some setting in preferences?). Now, I’ve had someone tell me the same thing again, but I can’t find the earlier Q&A. Is there a setting somewhere that makes sure there is no indication whatsoever that a blocked avatar IM’d you? I’m assuming that is the default, but the person acciden
  8. Hello, I have known of accounts that were banned from SL as soon as law enforcement got involved. But when we just talk about petty griefers, how many alters can the same person connect as? How many reports will close an email account? Will a griefer be allowed to keep creating accounts under new emails, endlessly?
  9. I am on FS64 5.0.1f os. After blocking and derendering an avatar, I can still read him in chat. How can this be avoided to have the individual completely blocked?
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