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  1. greetings everyone, I'm here to ask about a very strange problem i encountered, many bots (around 30 or more) show up randomly inside my home at random times, 1 at a time, 1-3 per day, its not particularly harmful, but then i learned these bots track me literally in every sim i go to, and 3 or more of these bots state they are alts for a person who enjoy tracking and annoying people for some inappropriate reason that i cant state here since its disgusting, i tried to contact the Linden Labs support multiple times, and all i got was i should abuse report these bots instead of filing a ticking, and i kept abuse reporting these bots each time i see them, and its been around 4 or more months of them following me, yet nothing has happened and non of them got banned, despite some of them explicitly stating in their description that they are used for harassment and tracking people. i do not know how they can find where i am and how they can teleport to me on other sims, i have my map access disabled for all my friends, and all the things i wear are from reputable brands and i doubt any of them contain a tracking script, i have tried to do everything possible to get rid of these bots but unfortunately i failed, this is why I'm here asking, I'm sure many of you suffer from the same problem too by the same bots as i have seen someone people in world who complained about it. what can i do about it? or what can we do about it? do we just accept being stalked and random bots teleporting in our homes and above our heads at random times? if abuse reporting them doesn't do a thing, then what shall i do about it?? edit note : before anyone tell me they are survey bots, then why they indicate in their profiles they are being used for harassment and abuse to make people freak out and quit sl? thank you for reading it to the end, and hope you all have a nice day.
  2. A few months back, I had been falsely accused of whiteknighting and harassment on a roleplay sim. Scapegoated, even. The truth is that I was the one BEING harassed, and the sim administrator has been as irresponsible as to play favorites with the one who pressed these false charges within the group. What happened to me was so bad, it caused me to leave because of how horribly treated I was. And I'm not the only victim of this who was unjustly accused. And enough is enough. Due to wanting to stay within the code of conduct, I refuse to disclose any names. Is there any particular category that libel falls under in submitting an abuse report?
  3. I was a player of Progeny for a while. Progeny is a vampire game within Second Life. You can bite other vampires(which is usually fighting) and you can bite humans(people who are not in the game) To fill up on blood. My friends and I would get attacked a lot when I first joined. When I learned how to fight better I went after a lot of the attackers in the game. Frankly, I would win and they didn’t like it. In a time frame of months, I paid fifty dollars every month to the game's Patreon. I would estimate about five-hundred dollars in total. I was banned by the moderators(diabolics) of the game. I did nothing more than play the game. I pushed the bite button on the HUD. Turns out these aggressors and bullies are friends of the moderators of the game and they complained which got me banned. It’s politics. These people gossip, create drama, lies, and they make me look so bad. Today a Progeny group notice went out saying I have alts in the system(just trying to make me look worse), and the moderator was saying stuff about eating people’s faces. The issue with the notices is that it leads to a chat discussion in the group where a lot of people were talking badly about me. Frankly, It’s just a form of harassment and bullying by a community with over 3,000 members. It’s only a selected few that do this harassment and bullying. I have videos of these people harassing and bullying me. They would physically push my avatar around the sim, swearing at me, saying derogatory things towards me. I tried to handle this type of harassment against me within Progeny. But, they are just too corrupt and biased. Once again, politics. Is there anything I can do about these people trying to put me on blast, and their harassment towards me? Anything about the hundreds of dollars I lost in the game for no reason? Someone told me I should take legal action.
  4. I was a co-owner of a new strip club and the owner of the club has harassed me, fired me from her staff, and scammed me out of over 10,000L that I invested into decorating the club, renting ad-boards for advertisement and hiring staff. She completely shut down the club and left only an empty platform behind and made off with whatever she could. After shutting down the club she has proceeded to harass me, and claim that I'm lying. The only reason she did this is because I told her that her friend that she claimed was a decorator was putting in new furniture that looked cheap and didn't match the theme we were trying to go for in our club. She initially hired me as manager, and I was the one getting boards, hiring staff, and handing out landmarks and applications. I busted my ass for this girl and she repays me by running off because she can't be patient and wants instant money rather than realizing that clubs take a lot of time and effort to properly establish. I want to file a report to Linden Labs about this and see if there is a way to recoup my investment, but I'm also aware they usually don't get between person to person disputes. Is there anything that can be done? She basically cut and run due to impatience at not making anything from the club after we had only been open less than a week. If anyone can offer advice or a way to get in touch with Linden Labs or customer support of some kind that would be most helpful!
  5. Aloha all. I need to vent. Have you ever had people break into your home? You know that sense of privacy violation, and your sudden vigilence and tension? What did they touch? What did they photograph? What did they plant? Have you ever had someone corner you, only to have people watch the abuse rather than do anything to help? And what if there’s no video, no evidence? Well, it just never happened then, did it? It was probably all in your imagination, and you have some growing up to do, right? I wrote previously about two men that entered my SL home uninvited and refused to go. The home was a rental and had no way to ban people, so I was left with having to report and block. That’s the official SL process, one that does nothing to stop the abuse while it’s happening; you’re left having to accept the abuse in hope that maybe, possibly it will stop several days later. There is no way in SL to fight back, to defend yourself; your only real option is to leave. That means logging out of SL immediately, or to immediately find and move into a new, safer home. Neither option prevents the abuser from continuing such behaviors with others, that same day or maybe forever. You just have to accept and hope that reporting and blocking will do “something.” To be fair, there are two sides to every story. Maybe I had it coming, right? Maybe it was just cyber-bullying and I should forget about it in the real world, right? I moved from that rental into a Linden home, and a stalker-like neighbor was regularly camming into my home - often enough that he eventually spoke proudly about doing so, and about seeing me without clothes on. I wondered whether I was appearing in a collection of voyeuristic photos. Again I reported the intruder, with the hope that someday the behavior might stop. At that time I was a new home owner and didn’t yet know about the “avatars on other parcels can see and chat with avatars on this parcel” tick box, which should prevent others from camming into our homes. So I moved away. To my knowledge the voyeur didn’t follow. Things in my new home have been going well. Then came last night: two girlfriends and I were on our boat, anchored in the middle of the Blake Sea, chatting offline. Yes, we’re in different rooms in the same RL home and sharing the same VPN; meeting in SL is our pandemic substitute for going out. It was fun until an intruder boarded our SL boat and was asked to leave but did not. Then he started lying about one of us having invited him, and to one of us chatting with him on Skype. It struck me that a boat is a lot like a rental home, in that there is no way to prevent other avatars from intruding and disrupting. The invasion, disruption, and disrespect were infuriating and triggered us all to say things we wouldn’t normally. It was painful to recognize that there was nothing we could do to stop the behavior. Nothing. Like in a rental home, our only choice was to leave. We all reported and blocked him, but it was painful to know that the intruder maybe / probably continued the bad behavior with others. For anyone else who has been sexually abused in RL, you know that reporting is a painful process that often leads nowhere or even to further harassment, and it’s a shame to experience that same dead-end road in SL too. Maybe the wonderful creative freedom and virtual escape from pandemic self-quarantine that we experience in SL comes at a price: having to acknowledge that the same abusive behaviors that are illegal in RL exist in SL too, but in SL they are something that we simply have to put up with. Take it or move away. There’s no easy answer to this in either RL or SL, which is why these behaviors persist. Maybe rich people in RL could buy a remote island and set up a new life. Maybe rich people in SL could buy a remote island region and set up a new life. The rest of us? We just have to take it. I don’t want to hear sh*t like “she must have had it coming,” or “virtual bullying isn’t real bullying.” If those thoughts come into your mind, get some d*mn education. I’ve met some really nice people in SL. Artists, educators, readers, writers. But a quick glance at all the ‘roid rage male and sexual object female avatar and clothing options makes it seem like SL is overrun by hormonal teenage bullies, frustrated old men going through male menopause, and abusive online trolls. You can spend all your time treading carefully in SL to avoid all that, only to have it come find you. Over and over. Maybe the SL experience I want isn’t one that you want, but nobody’s experience should involve harassment. This has me pondering whether to leave SL. Or maybe to save up, buy a remote island region sanctuary, set up ban lines, and never leave it for interactions with the rest of SL. But then what’s the point? I could draw a pretty picture for a lot less cash. And Linden Research has just been sold, and we all know what that means: new owners will jettison LL staff, will set up ways to profit off of user data, and will offer invasive new “features” marketed as great leaps forward. SL’s future is less clear, but what is clear is that the new focus will be stronger on profit than on user experience. Seems like a good time to *not* renew my premium membership. Thanks for listening.
  6. So for the past few months I've been on and off dealing with a user that makes it their job to constantly harass and grief people. They seem to have been stuck on me quite a while. Crashers, pushers, voice screams and foul language (in text too). Usually this isn't so much of a problem, you just block them and move on right? Well, 20 alts later they still come for me. Now they've managed to find where my house is. So it's all just flared up again. I've submitted countless reports on every time they or one of their alts (i know cause most of the names have the same formatting or theme) harassed / attacked me. Some of my friends have been stalked by this person as well, places they work or their homes. Their ramblings and messages contain a lot of foul language and hateful derogatory terms. This all comes from them not liking my avatar type. Is there anything that can be done or is this just how my SL is now, blocking and banning this person over and over?
  7. Hey everyone, I'm not a frequent poster to the Forums, but a LONG time user. I have started hearing that mass reporting of people at venues for age-play is becoming a thing. Plus it seems like people are targeting venues for this kind of thing. How can those who aren't engaging in ***** (which is gross) actually get heard by LL on these issues? Are there going to be ways to look for those who might mass-report people as a harassment/trolling activity and deal with them instead? What is the plan for all of this? ***** is gross, but just rocking up at places and getting people banned when they are not engaging in ***** at all is worse...
  8. Hello everyone, (linden labs in particulair....) I am having a very nasty problems with residents that are openly griefing a sim in SL and uses my name, uses my profile information and also uses my twitch name and account to make me look bad. Now normally i would say, i would file am abuse report, but thats not possible since i have so much information i need to share with LINDEN LABS. This person is deliberatly making me look bad, damaging my good reputation as a DJ in secondlife and also enters my REAL LIFE by using my twitch account, calling it a GRIEFERS STREAM for SL, openly naming my so called ALTS, (and yes i have two accounts, but this person involves other people as well. people that i am closely connected to in SL) I cannot contact LL by phone, since i am in the Netherlands and i cannot call to other countries. Is there an email that i can use? I have a LOT of screenshots that i need to share, and i know this is against TOS, but i HAVE to protect myself and my real life work, I am a DJ and music producer and i stream SL on twitch, this is majorly affecting my business as well as my REAL LIFE and my work in SL and on Twitch. This has to stop!!!! but i have no clue where to go or who to contact. Is there anyone that can HELP me? I would be so grateful. Thankyou in advance! DJ Tom Carter (Cartertom Resident)
  9. sadly my friend has got herself in a bit of bother and has asked me for my help to see if linden labs TOS has been broken. she has received a threat from a "ex friend" after leaving a bloodline clan. that they were going to "air some dirty laundry" the post he made on fb was he had been up to the "wee hours collecting evidence (note-cards of chat logs) to air the dirty Landry". now although not a huge threat its alarming and not fair for anyone to fear the worst. expesualy as they could have chat logs of you and there convo for years and could pick anything to make the other look bad. now i read into the tos and they said that in sl or in the forums that would be against TOS but there was a note. NOTE: This does not include posting of chat to social media sites or other websites. Posting such logs on web pages, emailing them, or printing them out and posting them on utility poles in the "real world" -- are all actions beyond the scope of the Second Life Terms of Service. ; while that might be illegal, but those laws must be enforced by the proper law enforcement agencies. now this i sadly can accept as its not on second-life or any linden labs website it isn't there. but i also noted that in the TOS there is also 1.6. You agree to respect the Intellectual Property Rights of other users, Linden Lab, and third parties. You agree that you will not copy, transfer, or distribute outside of Second Life any Content that contains any Linden Content, in whole or in part or in modified or unmodified form, except as allowed by the Snapshot and Machinima Policy, or that infringes or violates any Intellectual Property Rights of Linden Lab, other Content Providers, or any third parties. so would this count as linden labs property? its a log being taken from there software and service and pasted somewhere else. mostly id love any help to reassure my friend shes in a horrendous position and i wish i could give her any advise but as you see im not so savy as i thought i was with what classes as what. thanks in advance
  10. This morning, Sunday, December 9, 2018, My wife, who had left her avi logged on overnight sitting on the sofa in the living room of our home, while she slept, returned to her computer to find a stranger who had managed to circumvent our security orb, sitting on the sofa in an apparent make out pose. She immediately stood and tped to our bedroom a short distance away. The stranger then proceeded to harass her by clicking on her butt, setting off her spanker. When she removed the spanker, he proceeded to click her lips setting off her kisser. All the while my security orb is saying it is ejecting him. We have note carded the incident, but other than the note card we have no other proof. I have added the offender to our ban list and he has been banned from the island by the owner. My question is basically two fold. First, Can we file a report against the person for invasion of privacy and harassment? And Secondly, How can we expect to be safe in our home if our security orb can be so easily circumvented?
  11. ~ There is this person who is mad and targeting me due to I stood up to him for going against sims rules and his own bs. ~ He broke TOS and is sharing pms while adding false info! No I did not give him ANY permission to even give out the pms even if they where 100% legit, I can admit my own mistakes but I did nothing wrong! ~ He is trying to turn everyone against me and has now targeted me for him not being admin no more and new people have stepped up to replace said person. ~ He is sending is alts/bots to the sim that this all went down claiming their someone from real life or friends on the bot/alt to attack and start drama on the server. ~ He is also falsely reporting for harassment and attacking him when he attacked me on discord and here on second Life! ~ I will not show pms as I personally did not get permissions from him to share though he already spreading what he tryna pass as the real pms! ~ He is also targeting anyone who is friends with me on here and have NOTHING to do with the sim, as well as degrading people on sim while sim owner is away after already taking off admin list. ~ Any Advice or Second Life staff please comment or send me a pm in game, DO NOT ASK ME FOR PM RECORDS NOR SAID PERSON NAME IF YOU ARE NOT LL OR SL STAFF!
  12. Good Evening SL'r Ok well after 12 years on Sl this has to be my first ever post. Anyway, I seem to have an issue with Randon people IMing me just sayin HI, Ola, Moin....or some other random word. I have answered them, tried to find out why they are just randomly doing it. Of course they do not respond so i end up blocking them I receive between 6 or 7 a day....Its quite annoying. Anyone have imput on this, is it a game or has someone set out to harass me ...Cause if they are doing it as harassment I can not figure out where it is coming from, meaning how its being transmitted through Sl itself. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks
  13. Someone seriously has too much time on their hands. Last night a bunch of my items were flagged for being in a wrong category when they weren't . So i re listed them again. Today another batch of items got flagged again. I always make sure to use the right category, keywords ect without abusing the system. I feel like I am specifically targeted. So is my friend . All of her items were de listed as well. and not for the first time. What should we do?
  14. I logged in at my home spot yesterday to find this ridiculousness -- I posted a video below to give some idea of what I'm dealing with. I usually only log in about once a week lately, so I don't know how long this has been going on for, but I noticed it yesterday and reported it last night, as of right now nothing has been done. The objects are not technically on my land, so I can't return them (and my neighbors don't seem to log on often, either). Muting the owner hasn't made them disappear, and derendering them isn't very helpful, as it is multiple objects, no idea how many there are. They are massive, flat planes, much larger than a sim, with flashing textures, all scattered on top of each other. They are scripted objects and are lagging the sims to hell. I am in Kress, and they crossing over into at least the neighboring sims, and extend upward at least 500m. Has anyone else seen anything like this? ---> Youtube link-- Land griefing May 2018
  15. Just a while ago I started hearing weird noises on my "sounds" slider knocks, laser sounds, yells etc I can't hear music anywhere I go now either. I deleted my SL viewer and downloaded a new one, the noises stopped but I still can't hear music. I then downloaded firestorm but music is still off.
  16. i have an issue with some people on sl, i dont want to talk about it here in case they see it, but the information is too many characters for the regular abuse report. can someone email/ IM me about it please?
  17. I am in dire need of assistance, and reports don't seem to be working at all. I need help. I am an officer at a sim working security and building for the area and the sim has recently been targeted by one particular individual who has been giving us issues for nearly a year. We tried to give them the benefit of the doubt but once again they've been nothing but trouble. We've submitted several reports when the instances have happened but to no avail. Now it's escalated to the point that the user has been banned from the area we work for constantly breaking the rules and he has decided he would like to take it out on the sim by sending several groups of people over to try to destroy it and remove it from the grid. He is also blackmailing the owner and demanding 20,000 linden to be taken off the "hit list" and if his demands are not met soon he's going to take action. This same user has also doxxed and obtained personal information of a friend, posting their mother's obituary for an entire sim to see. That report also seems to have been buried. I will say now some of my older logs regarding the abuser have previously been deleted due to a hardware malfunction on my computer but recent behavior is still logged. We're running out of options. We need help. Please, can anyone assist? Several threats have been made, including hacking of accounts. I do a lot of business on Second Life and I meet some of my commissioners and clients in world to discuss work with them and I can't afford to lose my things. ::: EDIT ::: The users have made a group to make it look like our sandbox is attacking other sims. I misread. They're targeting people in our sim group and making it look like our sim is now attacking people.
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