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  1. I’ve been wanting to try photography a bit more in SL. However, I don’t really want to buy a subscription for photoshop right now due to money. I’ve toyed with firestorm’s filters and some free online editors, but they never come out as clear and detailed like the ones I see on Instagram. At most I get my pic to look mostly clear with a nice soft blend . Any advice? thanks!
  2. There’s few (perhaps no)virtual world’s that compare to SL. The interest is there, I just think that what the SL client requires from the user isn’t very common: a high tech system, great internet, etc. Has there been any ideas to promote SL outside of online ads and even begin making/selling merchandise like pins or anything?
  3. I remember it being a big thing and I wasn’t really interested in it since I don’t have a tablet. However, I heard the tech the client used allowed users to run SL at smooth frame rates. What tech allowed it to do that and can LL also bring that tech to the desktop client. Also, where did it go?
  4. True, but aren’t the region owners putting the heavy objects into the grid in the first place?
  5. So a lot of lag issues has to with creators not properly optimizing their content when it comes to textures, polys, etc. If this is the case, why doesn’t the lab construct a way to limit and refine the way creators can upload creations so it doesn’t bog down the grid. Im not saying get rid of the heavy content already inworld, just refine it.
  6. This I pondered on because I wonder, “Why do people come into virtual worlds in the first place?” because I also don’t come into them for deep connections or communication.
  7. We’re there ever commercials for television? I remember so many games and other virtual worlds did that and THAT got my attention. However, this is before I knew I could just google “virtual worlds” 😅
  8. So Linden Lab brought up plans to bring SL to the cloud which can potentially increase the quality in which SL runs. I think this is exciting because one of the biggest draw backs for people to dip their toes into this grid is that their system, no matter how good, have issues running the client without a huge amount of lag. So, say it did improve performance substantially (Though I’m not holding my breath) and people got into the idea of SL again, do you think it has the potential to spark a second wave of popularity like it did in the past? Reason I say this is because though there are other virtual worlds, none of them compare to SL other than maybe Sansar even though it’s in it’s baby stages.
  9. Then what’s the point of ultra settings if even the heavy system users can’t use it unless that don’t move an inch
  10. Hey there! I’m coming back from a hiatus and quickly realized an aspect of what made me stop logging on which were the technical issues. I think I check the boxes when it comes to having a system and connection to support SL (good system specs, GPU, wired connection and not wireless) but I still bump into a noticeable amount of lag and issues whenever I log in. A while ago I think I ran into someone saying that SL can only do so much with the specs you have even if you have the most expensive GPU and greatest connection, but it ultimately depends on SL’s system and the engine it uses. So, I would like to know how much can I do to improve and notice when I’m the problem or if it’s SL. I love the potential of SL but the lag frustrates me so much. I can turn down graphics but it really breaks my immersion personally and I feel like it’s watering down what people create What are your thoughts?
  11. These are all great suggestions! However the realistic texture is my biggest gripe. Any clue a way I can match the texture of the hair fibers in the link Lilith posted in her example?
  12. Hello! I've looked everywhere and can't seem to find a hair in this style other than the hair I have currently. However, it is a bit dated and heavy on scripts. This is the hairstyle I'm looking for: This is the hair I have: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Badzz-Hair-Notorious-Full-mens-hairmale-hairshort-hairmens-hairspikey-hairblack-hairblonde-hairshaved/2597414 I have an anime style avatar so I notice a lot of "realistic" looking hairs/textures look kinda off on me. So, if someone could direct me to someplace with that style with a cartoon flair, that'd be awesome Here's my avi in SL with the hair I currently have: https://gyazo.com/89185d4858bc20288e85cbef5c815e7b I redid the textures so it looked more cartoonish but I'm looking for something less "spiky" in the back" If you are interested, please leave me your info and rates or if you know anyone who'd be interested. Thank you very much (IM me in world if you need more info)
  13. Omg Zeta found it! God it's crazy how much things have changed visually. Thank you very much everyone!
  14. Hi there! I'm feeling nostalgic and I wanna see if I can find this old youtube video from when SL was becoming popular. It's a music video made in SL and it's play "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" by Tears for fears. Idk if it was actually "good" but it got me interested into trying SL and I think the song fits perfectly for a new person being introduced to the world. I had no luck so far but maybe older users know what video im talking about? Maybe it was popular
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