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  1. One thing particularly frustrating about this is the no mod listing in marketplace is often used because the object being sold shows as no mod because something in the contents is no mod. Any demo you get will be no mod to stop you from making it useable. So unless the description specifically says you can't be sure if what you are getting is mod or not.
  2. Going back over ten years I know a bike maker in SL that paid someone to make them bike scripts to a specification. The scripts set their bikes apart from competitors, smooth region crossings, keeps straight when want it to, turns smoothly, recover function etc. They started to collaborate with another bike maker and shared their scripts with them. The second bike maker got permissions wrong on one of the bikes they sold, the scripts were mod.. The scripts went wild and others starting selling bikes using the scripts. They fell out over it. I liked both of them, it was tragic a mistake on permissions would have such consequences not just for their income but their friendship. I used to make bikes, sold a handful. But mostly just gave them away as beginner bikes but I must admit I have probably been over cautious making them no mod on scripts and bikes themselves in case I would let something loose into the wild that would damage another creator. Permissions are weird and sometimes they don't do quite what you think they will especially when applied to linksets. All that said mod permissions are definitely best for vehicles. I loved making my own bikes from kits so I could customise them, or customise vehicles. Adding a basket of flowers to my scooter, or for xmas cruise Wreaths and lights. I don't feel too guilty for giving away no mod vehicles because well they were freebies anyway. But if I was seriously selling then mod would be the way to go, so people could make the vehicle their own.
  3. A little surprised no one has mentioned Akaesha yet, when I have bought buffet items i always check there because of quality of the mesh and.animations. For a single bachelor the neurolab fridge that dispenses beer and pizza covers all essentials in a great way. For the pizza you drag the box in world, click to open and each slice you take removes a slice from the box.
  4. Well done Vicious Hollow, I was stumped by that one. There is a bridge a bit like that in the old Linden Home continents, in the Japanese area but the plants are very different. It is your turn now to challenge us
  5. Just to tidy this up, for those wondering the Beta Wall is in Plum
  6. So my turn - I have found Garden Mole's Flower Fountain.... where am I? Maybe the bridge in the background will help
  7. It is part of the Pengallen Bridge structure, but over the border in to the next region. I wish they didn't always put spiders in them, they give me the creeps http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Laffoon/9/203/33
  8. I always liked Dr John's version of Makin Whopee
  9. Whilst letting the Red Cross know you might want to let them know it is widely used on fetish nurse wear too. Or maybe they chose not to enforce their rights except where people are using it to trying to present themselves as medical professionals.
  10. Classic Edith Piaf song sung by Madeleine Peyroux
  11. Betty Davis, married to Miles Davis for a year before it broke down because Miles thought she had an affair with Jimi Hendrix. She was the model on the cover of the Filles de Kilimanjaro album. She went on to make some incredible funk albums, but did not get airplay because of her controversial sexual lyrical content. Maybe ahead of her time, but her music still stands out .... I just discovered it today. This is first track on a playlist of the They Say I'm Different album.
  12. Nice groove on this 1977 Santana song..
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