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  1. From Yorkshire you should pronounce it Hen..der...sons... re...lish A proper table sauce from the right side of the Pennines..
  2. The only time I have had problems was on a private region I ran. I had to set up an orb and restrict access. The persistent griefer didn't like that I allowed furries. Never on mainland have I had any need to do anything other than r-click someone to ban them.
  3. But if you are organising orgies, then surely the more the merrier!
  4. No, but they aren't homes. All I personally need for a home is a skybox with a posestand for rezzing into, that is all I feel I need for myself. Everything else has value to me whether I visit them or not.
  5. I have parcels at Snug Harbor, one at Fudo, one up near the Linden Village, and one on Zindra set up as public sailing\party locations. I have another parcel in Bressimo I bought to open up a sailing route across the North of Nautilus that functioned for that purpose for a couple of years but the route has been blocked again... so it is no longer really functional... but still a handy rezz area. I have a Bellisseria Houseboat set up as a cafe with around 160 prims rezzing for boats, it gets used as a cruise destination and for parties every few months. I have a tier investment in the East Rive
  6. I know, but it is still an irritation having to change the setting yourself and to talk visitors through it each time you visit. The repetition and negative responses from guests soon builds up to the point where it is better to just move out.
  7. They are enough to spoil the investment in a mainland parcel. A few years ago I found a nice 512 parcel by a waterway. A few weeks after setting up my boathouse the neighbour turned their banlines on. They illuminated my home like an apartment in Tokyo. I tried building a wall to obscure them, tried instructing visitors on how to turn them off. I tried talking to the new owners. But none really worked so I ended up cutting my losses and abandoning it.
  8. To be fair I don't think the direct intention is to see Asian community attacked. He is more interested in scapegoating an "other" to provide a simple cause and distract from the last years mismanagement. It is sufficiently bad that he isn't worried about the inevitable consequences, without overstating.
  9. The idea it might have come from a lab was discredited a long time ago https://www.newscientist.com/definition/coronavirus-come-lab/ Has there been any evidence of inserted gene sequences since September last year?
  10. Indeed there are wise crackers and negative comments on his channel, but nothing substantive I can see. It is a contrast to her comments section, that is full of people praising her. Do you not find the fact her Youtube video comments are all favourable something a trifle concerning? Dr Wilson posted his video in reply to her video... and yet where is it? where is her response? Why is she censoring the comments on her channel and not engaging in a debate there? And honestly the second video you posted says nothing additional to the first one, except to point out she has been fact che
  11. Anyone can be mistaken, and sometimes to present an argument someone will select evidence to fit... but it is another thing entirely to be caught misleading, especially on advice that is so high risk.
  12. Here is a response to one of her other misleading videos...
  13. When I read the title I was thinking you meant games like Chess (1500 years old), pretty fun to play in world. Even older is this Roman Game, simple rules but deceptively complex. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Cs-Free-Roman-Mill-Game/15154202
  14. That seems a bit like asking for a conversation about why the living room is so full and then telling people they can't talk about the elephant.
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