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  1. I logged in yesterday... and no shadows.... grrr the Cloud!
  2. Abranimations do a couple of wandering hands couple dances where you get to slap the hands away that are going places you didn't want them. Abranimations have some other nice couple dances. Also look at Vista, A&M & humanoid they have nice dances for friends.
  3. My covenant includes that sentence and was last modified in April this year. So it predates the election and I doubt has anything to do with it. i would take it to mean no yard signs saying vote or don't vote Trump, Biden or Kanye (and local equivalents). Political in these contexts is normally considered to be campaigning for a party. So a rainbow flag, a BLM sign etc would be fine.
  4. Try this advice from the firestorm team it should work on any viewer https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_bake_fail
  5. I used to use Anypose years ago for making poses for the motorbikes I put together for parts (probably over 5 years ago). A couple of times i used it to make animations. It was pretty simple to use, but the animations weren't that great and took more time to make than poses. I don't know what other systems are out now, but at the time I think it was just Anypose.
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