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  1. Bay City has its own ferry service too, quite a large moving obstruction in the canals that add a little interest and sometimes frustration! There is or was a ferry service in the sea of fables that went to Bohol, not sure it still runs though - I haven't noticed it recently.
  2. One popular "RP" Community is the biker community, you will find more than 100 different sims to visit and clubs to join that provide a sense of community and often have options for renting or will let you use temporarily one of the homes on the sim that are there for scenery. Some will want you to really be into the biking scene, others less so. It may not be for you but it is an option to consider.
  3. For event notices of races and cruises you can join SLSA, or the SLSC Groups. For Cruises (off the top of my head) and sll times given in SLT: Rainbow Sails YC runs cruises on Saturdays at 5am and Sunday at 10am. Leeward Cruising Club (LCC) runs cruises on Sunday at 13:00 and Tuesdays at 17:00 Topless Sailors run a weekly cruise on Monday 1200 Topless Cruisers a weekly cruise on Tuesdays at 13:00 Celtic Bay YC runs a cruise 13:00 on Thursdays Tradewinds YC runs a cruise at 13:00 on Fridays. Worth checking out the European Sailing Association (ESA) and Flying Manta Yacht club too, they do run cruises but I am not sure of their time slot or the regularity of them. Most of the cruises take the form of assembling before event time, all setting off on time with a DJ providing music to listen to on an external media player like VideoLan (VLC) or Winamp with an after party. Rainbow Sails is a bit different, they don't provide a DJ and have no after party, instead they have 2 regrouping points during the course of the route to keep people relatively close together and to enhance a community feel. Each group will produce a notice notecard with huds and instructions before the cruise, if it is your first cruise it is particularly important to read and try the huds out beforehand, whilst turning up 20 to 30 minutes before the start will get you support using the huds and in some cases the communicators, 30 minutes isn't a lot of time to teach someone everything and can get frustrating on the organisers if they are having to support a number of people who could have learnt for themselves just by reading the notecards beforehand, whilst at the same time dealing with the other business involved in the start. By all means ask questions of the organisers or in the group before the start but you will get a better response if your questions are obviously informed by some reading.
  4. Aethelwine

    TMP Legacy

    I would think you should just be able to apply the demo skin directly from the hud for the skin so long as the Style Hud isn't set to use bakes on mesh. Are you sure the skin you are demoing has more than just the head textures? They tend to come separate to the bodies nowadays.
  5. This is an article about the VRC ferry that stopped at Bhaga from 2011 or 2013 (the article is dated 2013 but posted in 2011 - a bit weird). https://virtualoutworlding.blogspot.com/2011/08/kit-vrc-ferry-service-at-heterocera.html
  6. I don't ever recall seeing the ferry. I found this photo on a blog of two ferries at the rezz area causing a bit of a crash, this was from 2010. The Wiki still mentions the ferry on the infohub page, which was last touched in 2016. The reference there to the ferry was made in 2014. It narrows things down a bit but I have been a fairly regular visitor to the Blake Sea over the last 5 years and don't recall ever seeing it.
  7. The National Guard would seem to be the USAs militia and they aren't always well regulated. That Neil Young song Ohio documents one example.
  8. There was a moving story on the BBC news about a South East Asian refugee from Hmong community who's 19 year old son was shot by the police in the USA in 2006 whilst running away. Her story and reasons why she is speaking up for BLM, like Black activists did for her son when they tried to pursue a case against the policeman back at the time. One of the police officers charged with aiding and abetting the George Floyd murder is from the same Hmong community, so she initially met resistance from them but has won them over with now over 2000 members of the "Hmong 4 Black Lives" group. Anyway I thought her story enlightening. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-53023703
  9. It would be lovely to believe people making that declaration they are not racist are speaking an objective truth about themselves, but to anyone that has been through any sort of racism training in the last quarter century all they are declaring is a lack of understanding of the nature of racism, the opposite of what they think they are saying. It was 25 years ago when I first came across Implicit bias tests and whilst out of touch with current thinking it still seems prevalent today. Whether we like it or not we all hold negative stereotypes, fears, racist, misogynist, homophobic thoughts generated by our upbringing and society With an open mind you begin to spot these before you speak, and speak differently and learn to speak more inclusively and can become a better person. Not everyone is a racist in the sense of acting on their racism, but denying your prejudices rather than catching and analysing them to learn from them and to be a better person, is a step along the journey to self awareness and a better society. From my experience of Human Resource Management, all the big employers and corporations are supportive of these ideas because they make for better companies to work for and to retain customers. This really is old news, I thought it was old 20 years ago, it definitely is now. I speak from a UK experience, I can't help that, but I am really surprised by how little the understanding of racism there is by people on this thread.
  10. Isn't Copybot a type of programme or process that whilst enabling what you describe also allows people to copy their own items? I know a creator that told me he had used Copybot in the past to recover permissions on his own creations that had been lost because of over enthusiastic inventory cleaning. Wouldn't that also be "copybotting" because of using the process, but a non-problematic usage.
  11. Not seen this story mentioned before, "San Jose PD shoot own bias trainer in the nuts because whats even the point anymore" https://www.wonkette.com/san-jose-pd-shoot-own-bias-trainer-in-the-nuts-because-whats-even-the-point-anymore Community activist Derrick Sanderlin trained the San Jose Police Department on implicit bias, and then they shot him in the nuts. It's more complicated than this but no less painful. During recent protests against police brutality, the police have usually shown up and delivered brutality in 30 minutes or less. On May 29, Sanderlin tried to ease tensions between demonstrators and the police. He'd reportedly seen officers shooting rubber bullets at citizens, including women, at close range. SANDERLIN: I really just couldn't watch it anymore. And just kind of made like a parallel walkover, put my hands up, and just stood in the line of the fire and asked them to please not do this. Sanderlin is black and was making demands of police officers. This wasn't going to end well. Did he think he was a white woman offering them a Pepsi? The police trained their riot guns at Sanderlin, who was unarmed and a reasonable distance from them. They still fired multiple times -- fortunately, with just rubber bullets, but unfortunately, those still hurt like a mother*****er. Sanderlin said one officer directly aimed at his groin. This is when he might've considered “implicit bias" too general a concept for the police to grasp and that he should've specifically trained them not to shoot people in the nuts. Sanderlin received emergency surgery for a rupture, and a doctor informed him and his wife, Cayla, that he might never biologically father children. Yeah, the police were already killing our kids, but now they're just shooting black men in the nuts to get a jump on things. "And I just started weeping at the thought of that. You know, we, we do want kids and we're very close to having kids," Cayla Sanderlin said. Implicit bias or sensitivity training sounds like a reasonable response to police violence, but how useful is it in a system that actively trains people to become sociopaths (if they aren't already)? This is not an anti-police statement. It's a pro-human statement. We need to confront police training that turns people into killers who can disconnect entirely from brutal actions. Human instinct is to help an old man who's been pushed to the ground. Human instinct is to respond to the pleas of a human being begging for his life. Cops have thrown women half their size to the ground and put them in choke holds. The police insist this is all in “compliance with departmental policy." This “policy" views every move a (black) civilian might make as a potential threat to an officer's life. And it doesn't matter if you're deaf, mentally ill, or just plain nervous. San Jose cops also delivered rubber bullets to the stomach of man who'd moments earlier helped carry an injured officer to safety. Tim Harper had dared to ask why the cops hit a teenage boy in the head with projectiles. The officer who shot Harper -- without provocation -- was Jared Yuen, who was caught on video taunting protesters and otherwise looking like the “crazy one" from a war movie. Yuen is on desk duty now, pending an internal affairs investigation into his "aggressive behavior." I suppose he'll also receive “sensitivity" training and learn how not to kill people. It seems like these protests escalate out of control because the police arrive as if they're on a tour of duty. The protests personally offend most cops, and no one's arguing that they should applaud people who think they suck. But it's hard to have peaceful mediations between opposing factions when one side is heavily armed. President of the San Jose Police Officer Association Tom Saggau released a statement apologizing to Sanderlin, who rightly believes his work with the department has been in vain. We are profoundly sorry for what happened to Derrick Sanderlin, a member of our community who has worked to help us become better police officers. As a father I am heartbroken at reports that Mr. Sanderlin and his wife are worried they may not be able to have children. This week, San Jose police announced a cease fire against US citizens, so that's something. [P]rojectile impact weapons will only be used in situations where a person is actively attacking an officer or another person or when an armed agitator poses a threat to officers or other peaceful protesters. Gee, I kinda wish that had always been the rule. I know Sanderlin and his potential offspring do. The Sanderlins have hired a lawyer and will likely sue the city and the police department. Let's hope whoever aimed for Sanderlin's groin, which was already prohibited, is identified, fired, and charged with assault.
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