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  1. You could try an appeal to vanity. You could tell them that advanced lighting makes them look so much better and actually improves performance. They might then have the vanity to try it and then they will see how ugly their full bright boat looks and then they might ask how to change it.
  2. The description of behind closed doors on General land isn't very clear. At first sight it seems to be very restrictive but on reflection it can't be intended to be. What does "behind closed doors" mean? Adult activity on Moderate land must be conducted "behind closed doors," meaning that you must make every reasonable effort to ensure that the parcel is private. This means: Allow only a group or specific individuals access to the parcel. If it is group-access only, the group must not be freely open to join. Hide avatars (turn off avatar visibility) for the parcel. Enclose the area behind walls or other visual barriers. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Adult_Content_FAQ#What_does_.22advertises_or_publicly_promotes.22_mean.3F At first sight it seems to mean that all of the list needs to be complied with to comply with "every reasonable effort". But on that reading it makes no sense to enclose behind walls or other visible barriers as the first two would prevent anything being used or seen anyway. The way the list therefore has to be intended to be understood as a list of examples of what "every reasonable effort" could mean. That essentially means that it is sufficient to keep your adult activities outside of public view by the use of walls, or other barriers for example using your bed inside your home, inside your boat, inside you skybox, or a cave. There is no need to do the first of the two in the list to comply with "every reasonable effort", just one of them. If you were to see the list as meaning they all need to be complied with then the vast majority of moderate landowners in SL would be breaking the rules, including all the big rental businesses that explain how the policy applies on their moderate rentals. In conclusion then the walls of your home are sufficient barrier on moderate land for bumping pixels. You might be pushing it if the walls have lots of open windows, but I doubt anyone would complain. For your own privacy I would recommend getting a skybox for your intimate activities. You can't however advertise a sex party on your land in a large group, hand out fliers, put out notices, or charge admission, you can however advertise it to a small private group you control, or message friends directly with invites.
  3. Because they disrupt travel without warning and as a consequence affect neighbouring landowners investments, devaluing their property. The only sense of community that aggressive orbing and banlines generate is a community aggrieved at the individual using them.
  4. The obvious metrics would be to look at usage of orbs and banlines on mainland. If I recall correctly from the wiki article about 10-5% with only a tiny minority of them set aggressively under a minute.
  5. 1. An orb will handle more than 300 people. 2. I don't know. I would hope 20 seconds at least. LL appear to be concerned about making a community a bit like the successful private areas attached to mainland the Seychelles, USS Sims, Fairchang, that all have bans on banlines and restrictions on orbs. Rather than going down routes they have been down before which appear from your experience to have been beset by griefers.
  6. The thing I don't understand is you have had such bad experiences at Meadowbrook that you had to shut everything down to deal with it and yet you want to go back there and where the best solution to those problems, having an orb protected skybox isn't available. I and others haven't had the problems you have had, and I have never had to resort to those measures. I have had stalker, griefers, unwanted guests and comments shouted at me across fences but I have never encountered a problem that isn't easily resolved by some combination of banning, muting and autoreturn or in some cases an abuse report (on a griefer object off my parcel). If I was getting particle spammed or had a follower attach to me then I would retreat to my skybox, an option unavailable at one of the old Linden homes. The only things that have forced me to move are people moving in next door with banlines that light your home up like you are living in a Tokyo shopping arcade. Sure they can be turned off, but then I have to turn them on again as soon as I go out. The only sense of community they create is one antagonistic to the person running them. Banlines don't achieve anything that an orb doesn't do better, they are only any good for bouncing on and that novelty wears off pretty quickly.
  7. Madonna, It sounds like you had a lot of problems with your Meadowbrook home. The big advantage of the new homes for you would be being able to have a Skybox for privacy. They are much more effective than banlines or any other parcel security options.
  8. Yeah after that decision I am seriously considering making another Alt premium to get a roadside parcel.
  9. That makes sense, one must have become available when I went through the blog post earlier.
  10. Hmm yeah I can't work out how I found them now, I can't see anything for Bellisaria.
  11. I don't seem to get the new homes at all as an option if I go to Linden homes off my profile. To see the new homes and options I have to go to them through the blog post, which for some reason isn't even in the list, just in the banner of recent blog posts. Odd but for those saying they can't see the new homes try looking for them from here:
  12. It might just be me, but I have struggled with sim crossings on the new continent by boat. I had a whale of time when I switched to a motorbike, I tried hard to fail on a sim crossing going stupidly fast off-roading and along roads without any problem. Sim crossings seem to be affected by the teleport issue, it seems very random. Some days I am okay and some times. I just need to give up and go do something else. I hope they get it fixed soon as it is affecting alot of people's enjoyment and engagement.
  13. Actually the insane prices users place on mainland plots would be a good reason to roll the changes out more widely. The high priced mainland are in areas protected from banlines with rights of way. Land value drops significantly when that is affected. If you have a parcel in the hidden lakes area or Central area you may well being paying high prices for the protected waterways only to find your route obstructed down stream when someone comes in and puts up aggressive banlines and orbs on a tricky corner, or over waterways adjacent to the protected waterway without markers. The individual's actions will and does wipe out tens of thousands of value from all the plots up stream. Community and collaboration does go both ways, and for all the the reasons you have given, precisely why it would be a good idea even if unlikely.
  14. It sounds like the solution might be worse than the problem in that case. When I ran a sim I would often use the Zoom to function to check out suspicious characters on the sim, if they had been reported to me. I even got so good at remote viewing I could be dancing at an event chatting while camming 2000m away and doing some repairs and building in a different area.
  15. If you use a third party viewer they all (I think) will show parcel boundaries on your minimap. With a bit of practice you will recognise the rezz areas around sailing areas, like the NE corner of some water parcels, or parcels next to public islands. The Leviathan island in Ahab's haunt for example has two rezz area one in the NW and one the SE. In Firestorm, Catznip, Singularity etc just open the minimap and right click it and you should find within the menu the option to enable displaying parcel boundaries .
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