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  1. It might be that HP was unaware Ey Ren also owned Sailors Cove East and South and how many regions that actually covers. Whilst I love Second Norway, Sailors Cove has always been extra special because of its history, it goes back to 2007 before the Blake Sea. It must feel pretty bad for Patrick who has only just recovered the connection West of Rainforest where the Galaxy regions were and now he might lose the connection to the East, he had to juggle regions around to put the winter sports area in, in the New England sims, so he must be running the regions on the limit of affordability. I really hope they can do a deal to get the good outcome Patch hopes for.
  2. A colleague has been breaking out in to this tune all day: At least he has stopped with this that we had yesterday
  3. Before the Mission was bauhaus and before them...
  4. China is 93rd in the list, how do come to the conclusion that the statistics are cooked? is that obviously too low?
  5. I have 2 Alts in it primarily for the checking the notices from time to time. I rarely tune in to the chat going on. Over the course of an hour I will have ten other groups with chats going on that I don't pay much attention to and a couple where I have to because I moderate them. It seems like a nice group chatting there, I certainly don't want to stop them or Lindens and Moles talking in it, but as you say that 4000 figure doesn't mean alot with respect to people listening to any messages delivered that way.
  6. I can see why this thread would be perceived negatively by Linden Lab, complaining about an absence of communication where they see there as being nothing to communicate is only going to be frustrating. But I think the criticisms raised should be considered constructively, I doubt anyone contributing to the thread even those primarily sounding negative are really as negative as they sound. A better example of poor communication where the Group got advantageous communication was back when the Victorians were released, on 16 December the official communication said to stop abandoning homes because of a problem. So I and I am sure many others didn't release we took the first house we got, a couple of days later i joined the group and everyone was swapping houses and I asked why.. they said that the problem was only for 6 hours and they were all swapping houses since then. It was the same day on the official thread we got the announcement that we could abandon homes again. That was probably the best time to be house hunting on your alts, I still got lucky and found a lovely Trad abandon on my alt, but it still illustrates unfair advantage. I don't want this example to be considered like a big deal for me, I am well over it, but I raise it now just to illustrate the importance of communication through official channels rather than just chat in a group. I certainly don't want Patch or the moles or anyone from feeling inhibited in what they say, it has been great to feel and see people responding positively to their involvement in world more publicly than just in technical meetings advertised (for all I know "on display in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet). I think the constructive takeaways from the thread are A) people are excited and hungry for information on the new developments, not just the release dates, but also more soft information about them. B) that whilst no one (I think) wants to see Patch or the moles feeling like they can't say something because of reactions, we would like official updates to tide us through between releases and that important information is provided through blog posts and the forum.
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