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  1. Sometimes rezzing on water can be tricky especially if there is an angle to the water in your view as you do it. Try camming vertically down on the water and then rezzing, sometimes (especially with invisible prims around) even that does not work and you have to cam down to the sea floor for a surface to rezz your boat on.
  2. They keep the web based version even better hidden than the firestorm search one I missed all these years that is in plain view
  3. You have lost me. There is a destination guide on the website and I can search places... even "upload sphericals" (no idea what that is but it sounds rude). Where can I search events on a webpage?
  4. This thread had me looking for these listings. In nearly 9 years I don't recall even registering you could search for events. I regularly search people, groups or places. now I look on the event listings I can see why, Rental companies, balloon rides, gambling???.. some DJs too... but it is such a mess and I don't recognise any of it. Much better to join an event group and go through their notices.
  5. I don't think I was defensive because I took offence, rather I was just saying that I haven't found them insular. They do have a charter that whilst it does go someway to protecting their interests in a similar way to the way you describe as being necessary. But on the other hand and based on the fact that what is necessary is really a given and a context, I disagree that that amounts to being insular. My experience and reaction is based on the fact that by simply donating my tier I have been offered input and votes in their decision making process that I have not bothered pursuing. I didn't have to jump through hoops or arrange for any advocates to support my application within the group to receive that offer. For me accepting their charter is a no-brainer, it is how I treat all my many mainland parcels across the grid. perhaps others have had resistance to applications to join, but that has not been my experience. Perhaps other landowners have found the contents of the Charter difficult to accept in someway. But, in my experience I have found the group open and welcoming, not insular.
  6. It is hard to say just from looking around the map. I got my zindra land on a waterway a few years ago now and it wasn't much more than 10L$ a prim, there are and have always been bargains around. When I saw Grumphmunch go up for sail for half a million (at least, it was enough to make me wonder if it would sell) a month or so ago, I wondered how quickly it would sell a few weeks later it had been bought up. Without seeing proper analytics, I don't think it is really possible to say what is going on with mainland pricing.
  7. I haven't found them to be at all insular. It is a shame after all this time they haven't expanded further and there are still a handful of parcel owners around them that just don't get what they are trying to create and have banlines up. But I can't see how they can be blamed for that, their resources are limited to those of their members. They might be able to create a better environment in combination, greater than the sum of their parts... but they can;t own more land than they have tier for. I donate some tier to them without actually claiming any land as my own and also own a parcel up river near the Linden Village. So I have a vested interest in their success, because I can enjoy the waterways they control on my journey down to the sea of fables. I think their community is great and really adds to the enjoyment of the sea of fables and areas around them.
  8. A solid wall or hedge around your property marks out the boundaries and indicates to a traveler the space you want to keep private much more visibly than an orb. It doesn't have to be so high as to obscure yours or your neighbour's view and can be made to look natural. If solid it will also be a barrier to stray vehicles. Back it up with a security orb with friend's list access so they can eject and you are set. I have no recommendations on specific orbs, it has been a long time since I used one and my experience with them too limited to make any useful suggestions.
  9. You make that sound like a negative. The fact of the matter is that thanks to socialists many of us enjoy rights to roam in real life and the creation of many of the public parks we now take for granted.
  10. I have known couples that like to leave their avatars cuddled up in bed overnight so when they wake up they are still together. I think that is rather sweet.
  11. Even as just a landowner, I would want to be able to tell if the lag I was experiencing was due to a temporary party or someone stacking up alts for a game or whatever purpose. Without being able to do that I wouldn't know what the cause was and whether there was an abuse of resources on the sim or not.
  12. Firestorm has a support page that suggests some things that might help. I can't link to it from my phone but should be fairly easy to find. I would first check you have nothing else running using your Internet speed or resources. Add an exclusion to your antivirus for the directories your viewer is using as a cache and if that doesn' t work run the free malwarebytes scan to check for any malware.
  13. My Internet connection times to about 2Mbs with a 128Kbs upload speed. Whilst I am sure faster Internet would improve things it is sufficient for sailing, driving around mainland watching video in a browser. Where I have problems more than others is group rides on motorbiking sims. It is probably partly the Internet connection, but my GTX 745 won't be helping either.
  14. There are good and bad sculpts. I remember some horrendous lag that arrived at ground level on a sim I ran a while ago now. After about a week of trying to work out the cause I eventually found the culprit was some sculpty plants with alpha blending. They were a small part of a 200 land impact japanese garden and looked like any other plant. But taking them out made a huge difference and the treacle like lag around the area went.
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