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  1. Aww, Prok the Bella party you show on the map was mine. No security there, even rezzing for boats and for the fun of it. You would have been more than welcome, it was advertised widely a few days before in the big sailing groups. Me and the other cruise directors run them every Monday, this week was an excursion to Bellisseria, we party anywhere that will let us after a cruise.
  2. Shouldn't it be Vampire Teeth for Halloween? or worms Ohh and why... well showing off your candy dentures just doesn't grow old.
  3. There are some mole freebies at Rizal too. A free bike, postcards, a cuddly naughty mole, kites and more.
  4. It depends what you are using the vehicle for. If you are racing around a sim then the ACS scripts or tweaked ones at least were top of their class. It has been a while since I did any racing in SL, but that was what they were best for... with Tama tunings in particular they lap faster than my reactions doing oval full sim tracks in a matter of seconds. It has been a while since I had any interest in racing, they aren't good for sim crossings and when I see one in a boat I know that is just going to cause problems... but they certainly aren't junk. Just junk at sim crossings.
  5. Why is this region a blue square on the word map when viewed as a web page at all resolutions except the very closest view? Is it just me? I have tried clearing my browser's cache, tried different browsers and it always displays the same way. It is frustrating especially if you make maps and has been a problem for some time.
  6. Ohh just read this, that is interesting. I will have to try that rather than using the hover slider. Edit: not that I doubted you but confirmed it works... Awesome!
  7. Not sure if anyone has mentioned it yet, they probably have, but it took me a while to work out I had white soles on my feet because of the shoe base I was wearing. You have to use the hoverslider to keep your feet above ground with heels on and leave the shoe bases alone.
  8. Two fridges? One is for beer and wine surely... isn't that what everyone has in their second fridge? As for on top of the other fridge... isn't that where your radio should go?
  9. Damn censorship software... I have edited it so it makes sense lol
  10. There is sex furniture for petites, who are about 1 foot tall. Height isn't the issue its using a childlike avatar in a sexual situation that is the issue that results in TOS violations and bans.
  11. I have moved over from Thresher to the West End and set up a public bar for weary travellers to seek some refreshment. Any arguments can be settled by talking, playing Sun Vs Moon or the tabletop car racing game. 170 prims reserved for boat rezzing. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/West End/203/186/22
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