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  1. Does the object have a script in it that might be causing the problem? Perhaps turn scripts off either in the parcel or the object itself (only if it copy in case it breaks) and then rezz it again and try turning it.
  2. Not a private home as such, I have that up in the sky but this is one of my public spaces, midway between Sea of Fables and Bay City. It is opposite the Epi Centre and just a sim away from the Bremmer Dinosaurs. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fudo/19/176/23
  3. I think the mystery of accounts in good standing owning otherwise abandoned land is more easily explained by direct debits than charter accounts (whatever they are). There will be some land nicely decorated for the community where the owner hasn't logged in for a year, but is otherwise loved, that would be a loss to the community if returned because they hadn't logged in. It would be a small minority case, but all the same any new system introduced to clear up mainland parcels where the owner is long term absent would have to factor that in. Perhaps to just accept the risk, or put in place an option for non-owners to request an exception.
  4. 20m or 50m it makes not much difference, better to just get rid of them, they don't do anything that orbs don't do better. Their only useful function is to serve as a trampoline for bouncing on and that wears thin pretty quickly.
  5. I claimed one Bellisseria home on an an Alt I made for the purpose, from the first release. Had I thought harder about it I would have messed about handing their tier over to my land group, reclaiming 1024 off it and then getting a home in my name.. But I didn't think of that so my Alt has their name on the parcel. The last limited release was about 5 pm UK time if I recall right, maybe a bit earlier I remember reading about it on the bus home from work anyway. The release time suited the quarter of the globe east of me anyway, who would have had the release during their evening after work. It took a couple of days for them to go the first time, so everyone had an opportunity at the start. Just the last batch of houseboats that went in 30 minutes makes me sympathise with the idea of a waiting list. A waiting list would have an additional advantage that it would help Linden Lab gauge interest and allow them to factor that in to when to release the next batch of homes. It might even encourage them To release in a steady stream as each sim is completed, rather than holding them back for one big release, which with all the complaints about fairness from the last release is probably the most likely current plan. It is perhaps ironic the complaints about fairness born of frustration are, without a change in the process, if anything, going to delay the next release until they get a big enough batch to release that it won't sell out immediately. The waiting list idea at least gives a potential to avoid that problem allowing them to release a few sims at a time to the waiting list, and people will at least then be able to see their names working up the list.
  6. When they move to the cloud the main advantage I can think of is the possibility of "instanced" land becoming available Land that is remote from others, sim sized and secure. Only taking up server time resource when the owner arrives there maybe limited to the same prim allowance as a 1024m2 plot, with perhaps homestead avatar allowance. For those alienated by the lack of privacy on the new continent an option like this could be a perfect incentive for them to go premium. Attractive too for the sense of space it would allow, you could even use it for a race track or similar at reasonable cost without needing to pay for a homestead. A way down the road yet, but when we get the cloud this could be a huge incentive to go premium.
  7. I would like more roads ending a short walk from a jetty with rezz zone in the water for boats and another by the road for cars & bikes. That would help expand houseboat people's access to the road network and conversely those in houses improve their access to the water avoiding the immersion breaking need to teleport.
  8. There are in world places for learning, helping haven, Caledon University and builders brewery spring to mind. Take a look around, go to some of their courses. YouTube is searchable for videos.. Torley Linden's are old now but the information and enthusiasm infectious. For building start simple and have fun texturing and linking prims, with that mastered you can then decide if you want to learn scripting, graphics programs, mesh and blender.
  9. You are right, I had forgotten that. If they are full perm though, using a notecard is better because you can present them in amongst instructions.
  10. Had a look at my houseboat and rezzed one of these and I see what you mean. The second post on the thread made it seem like it was just one feature wall, but it looks like at least half the interior walls are set to be dark blue and will be why I went with the Wallflower style.
  11. Why not just put a prim in front of it and apply a wall texture from the box or any other you want?
  12. I think a few sims designated commercial would be nice. For small art galleries, little outlet stores. Perhaps themed a bit like sailors cove or ERC. Hopefully some would take parcels there for little cafes and patisseries to complete the experience. Perhaps restrict the commercial parcel sizes to 512m2. Just an idea but it could be a nice addition.
  13. I don't think the answers to the original post apply to parties or cafes. The principle I understand the rules by is reciprocity. In the OP example, if more than one person was to use their land in the same way there would be conflict, it is a clear abuse of resources. An occasional party is something that adds value for all without conflict. The same with a low use cafe.
  14. I keep my view fairly close. I have just done LCC cruise up in NW Sansara and I only had a couple of problems as described before in the hour or so of sailing. So perhaps it is just that the sims around the blake are tired and need a restart. Perhaps the Bellisara houseboats have generated more interest in sailing creating more traffic on the waterways degrading their performance quicker. I am not sure how often the sims get restarted but it would be nice if they did them more regularly.
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