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  1. It depends, if the forum moderators hadn't turned a blind eye to the threads about Darkmoon Creations when the owner vanished and their shops were selling empty boxes there would have been many more people 10s of thousands of Lindens out than there were. It still baffles me the Linden's took so long to do anything about it. The intan owner was going spare dealing with complaints from people thinking they were still an official reseller and that they were in anyway responsible.
  2. I don't think they can mean there, that is mostly the old MathBear Education Initiative and there is no lag to speak of there. I have a place in the next sim, lovely area around the linden Village. Even the castle in the other parcel, complete with dungeon (lol), is only sparsely furnished.
  3. Sometimes regions need to sort of settle for a few days before the crossings are smooth. I know that sounds like pseudo-science and perhaps it is, but it has been my experience with other region moves. You could report it and request region restarts, but I think it will be right in a few days anyway once they have settled in.
  4. I see many more people sailing around the Blake Sea area and connected mainland than I do Bellisseria. I have been encouraging people to visit, even opened up my houseboat and linked it with an experience teleporter to my Snug Harbor parcel to help link the areas. Bellisseria has its own merits, it has no need to make the rest of mainland worse to be a success. If you are suggesting a copy of the Leviathan brought over then that is fine but a bit pointless, but if you are meaning taking it like they did the Galaxy then no. Whilst trashing your neighbours garden will make yours look better in comparison, it won't make your garden better in any meaningful sense. Living together successfully requires us to treat our neighbours with respect.
  5. Perhaps they can, but I suspect they are already feeling pressure on finances. These "landbarons" run tens of sims at premium costs already because of the location. They may have more money to spend than I do, but they aren't big estates in SL terms, from talking with those I have dealings with the USS sailing sims are more a product of love, than something they profit from. Whilst Alyona might be happy to see them go, they have been home and play grounds for thousands in SL. They have kept people logging in to SL as part of the package of things to do with their time over the years. Bellisseria is a great place, but it is sad to me when it starts plundering the rest of the grid.
  6. It is not about completing a Region. Framing it that way is in your own language...disingenuous. Cost would be an issue if I was asking for something new, but I am not. I am unhappy about what feels like vandalism to what was there before. The costs presumably met by the premiums paid on having land connected to mainland, anyway. I am not arguing anything should be taken away from Bellisseria. It is about them removing an asset not just for the private estate owners, not just for the people that reside on those sims not just for all the Yacht clubs around there but from everyone that sails and motorboats. it is about removing a link between two private estates that are open for public enjoyment and that made for one of the best and most popular sailing routes.
  7. I am truly saddened by the reactions here. Because it is the many that are losing out, I do have a vested interest in that I run a sailing club that rents two homesteads in the vicinity. I have a home in the estate too. Public spaces for all to enjoy, in a way that I can't in Bellisseria. (I do have a public cafe, but there are limitations on it.. I can't for example share DJ Rights to it. But that is not the reason I think the decision wrong. It is the whole community losing a sailing route, for a pretty bauble on the edge of the new continent, that is. I am glad to see people enjoying it, but sad it has come with a greater loss when it didn't have to.
  8. I would say exactly the same if the area was a closed gated community unfriendly to visitors, but it isn't. There are lots of public spaces including the new region that went in, in December right on the edge of the Galaxy sims for public surfing. More rezzing than Bellisseria, it is the most public area in the whole of the Secondlife estate, even if privately owned. The covenant on the area a prototype for Bellisseria. I regularly took people on cruises through there, probably hundreds of people, it was one of the best cruise routes and it feels like vandalism to me to be losing it without replacement. I love Bellisseria, but this feels personally to me like a tragedy.
  9. They used to be rented by the hour. It might be better placed on Zindra to bring it back to its former glory.
  10. I commented on the other thread that the move to me is as it stands now a bad one because of the gap it leaves between the Honah Lee and Rainforest sims. But, I feel like I need to respond to this comment specifically though because you have misjudged the old location. The areas with the airports above marinas are in mainland, the location the Galaxy was in, was between two of the USS sailing sim areas. Rainforest and Honah Lee have strict covenants (just as the other USS Regions do) on what can be built, on banlines and orbs. There are no constructions that you describe in that area. The failing you accuse the area around the old location of is totally misplaced.
  11. If people are enjoying it in the new location that is good, but my worry is the hole it leaves between the beautiful Honah Lee and Rainforest sims. It was just a month ago a new Region was bought on the route between them for surfing, whilst it is not entirely cut off, part of the regions desirability on that route that the Galaxy provided has now gone. If I had paid for that Region I would not be too happy and feel it had been sold me in bad faith for the Galaxy to then go just a month later. I hope I am wrong and something will replace it but the big hole it has left in between these beautiful regions spoils a common sailing route I have enjoyed and brought many people through for the last 3 years. If no notice was given to the owners of the regions around it to this move then, that makes no good business sense to me.
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