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  1. Is that when you avatar logs into their facebook account through media on a prim to start playing real life?
  2. Maybe they have had unwanted visitors in the past that were abusive, or have been dealing with a stalker. It might be part of their covenant not to have ban lines, up because of that being unneighbourly. You shouldn't assume you are welcome just because their security system doesn't kick you out automatically. Personally I like visitors and enjoy meeting new people on my land, but I make it fairly clear I do by allowing rezzing, having open 24/7 signs and the like. Whilst their reaction while you were away seems over the top, they are entitled to do what they want. Rather than disregarding their feelings by saying they are taking things too seriously, I would be more worried about any inadvertent trauma caused and would be thinking about how to explain and apologise
  3. Since you have a houseboat you might want to see how you get on exploring by boat. This is nice freebie to get you started and test the waters https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Ladybug-Sandpiper-and-Snowbird/17738015
  4. In the post I responded to it said nothing about what you do, you presented an interpretation of the rules stating that it is Linden Lab requirement that an orb is used for any adult activity. I am not sure the meaning you intend by using the laughing emote throughout this thread at my posts after the first one, but I find it hard to avoid the perception it is intended to be both very aggressive and rude. If that wasn't your intention, you might want to reconsider how you use them.
  5. I am bothered because your interpretation of the rules along with enforcement would have widespread consequences restricting what is now a normal use of land. It would amount to one step forwards and two back. I don't think people should be advised they need to use orbs and privacy settings, that it is sufficient to just use a skybox, perhaps with a group access teleporter for access. If people want to do more to restrict their privacy then that is fine too, but it is the suggestion that others have to comply that I find dangerous.
  6. It doesn't bother me at all. What bothers me is that, from what you are saying I have to either have to take out the sexy furniture from skyboxes I have across mainland or that I reparcel them and put up banlines to cover them. It also bothers me I will have to put an orb out in my Belliseria skybox if I want to use it for private activities of an adult nature... like shooting cans to relieve the frustration of the forum.
  7. That is sort of what I thought it meant, but I have never bothered with parcel privacy. I don't see what function it serves to protect your privacy when you don't have banlines up. Anyone can just cross the parcel border and cam you. It is pointless, and a pointless protection is unreasonable to insist on. Especially when a consequence of that somewhere like the Seychelles is your passengers constantly rendering and derendering every time you cross a parcel boundary. Ps I was meaning to add, whilst I was sounding angry in my previous post, the anger isn't directed at you or anyone else. I am just frustrated in Bellisseria we have some real progress towards rules that make sense and are inviting to a sense of community but that makes it doubly frustrating when arcane references are found to argue for restrictions here that no one elsewhere ever bothers with, that landlords ignore and that aren't enforced.
  8. The Wiki on behind closed doors is very different to the Knowledge base article. What I am being told isn't at all clear to me and I am only more confused now. The Belliserian interview with Patch Linden, in issue one says nothing about the topic, are you referring to something else? When you spoke with Patch what did he say? Do we have to use orbs set to restrict to group access to use sex beds in our skyboxes in Bellisseria? is a teleporter restricted to group access insufficient? and that the rest of the grid should operate with group access banlines up and running in order to use adult or put out adult furniture?, even when the activities are in a skybox when they won't prevent anyone accessing the bed anyway? - what is reasonable about any of that? Is anyone going to enforce it? The knowledgebase article makes no mention of needing to use orbs or parcel settings. It says " For example, if someone whats to have a swinger party and invite some friends, there is no problem with that. As long as they don't advertise it, who is going to know what is happening in their own home? " No mention of needing to use any security systems. I have never heard a landlord require orbs or parcel security settings when renting moderate land. I don't think it unreasonable to think a large majority of land in SL is in violation of the Wiki, but not the Knowledgebase. Thinking about it the covenant for the USS sailing sims would prevent any adult activity at all (no banlines), which isn't what the covenant says for skyboxes. The wiki clarification on behind closed doors, in the restrictive interpretation being taken as gospel here, is if correct almost universally ignored, not least by the big landlords and by whoever enforces it from a Linden perspective.
  9. Reading the link again behind closed doors is used specifically in relation to advertised and promoted activity. There are areas where the settings are specifically excluded in the agreements made like those connected with mainland. The only two conclusions I can make are that the wiki is misleading you or that it is just false.
  10. I have always read that as guidance and that behind closed doors literally means what it says, that you can use your adult furniture on moderate land in your home and sky box without any additional security needs. Any estate landlord would give the same advice. The wiki isn't always accurate and if your interpretation accurate at least half the landowners and renters would be in violation.
  11. There is a setting that prevents people cramming in, I think for it to work there needs to be at least one person on the ban list. Something like that anyway. So one of your premises is wrong. The answer is basically that some people like their privacy.
  12. Humble worker and arton Rotaru's vehicles both handle sim crossings well.
  13. Our MC has run occasional mainland road trips, but they rarely end well with sim crossing problems. There are so many sims to ride up and down we can organise 3 a week and maintain much greater participation.
  14. The system in the past has never had to deal with a situation where demand exceeds supply, or not since fairly soon after the first Linden homes were released. The situation now is different in that a lot of people remain unsatisfied. You like the current system because you are prepared to spend your time running refreshers or hitting F5 to increase your chance of getting a home. It is I admit one crude metric of identifying the desire for a home, but it is only a very crude metric. Not everyone has the free time to do that. Also there are other reasons why that is unhealthy, and also why when someone does all that and still fails to get a home they feel even more strongly they have been cheated and how the system is inadequate for the current situation, dysfunctional in a situation where demand is so much higher than the supply. I admit my experience is from tinkering with things like dreamweaver, but yes it does seem trivial to me for someone trained in webdesign to make the changes needed. A bit more involved than posting a wordpress document. The database implementation would have to ensure it outputs information in the right formats to the systems that allocate the land, but that information should all be there in the current system and not hard to access. It really doesn't seem to me like it would take one web designer that long to do, which would have no impact whatsoever on the moles roll-out schedules or anyone else working on building the sims as the work is unrelated. I am not saying I am an expert or anything, just that from my limited knowledge saying we can't do it because of complications and reasons... isn't satisfying answer. It may well and probably is the case I am overlooking something, but I just don't see what that is.
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