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  1. For anyone who wants something that's not Disney and not anime, it's worth looking for the specific nationality you want your avatar to appear (Korean, Vietnamese, etc). Not much to choose from, so look for something you can modify slightly. For me the big selling points are the eye and nose shapes, because face shapes can be modified in other ways. Note: some heads are better than others at allowing a "flat" face shape without going all hamajang. There isn't much for me that looks at all kanaka maoli, so I went with a Lelutka Nuri head, added a Jael "Eve" shape, then modified it. Final t
  2. Hiya. Like so many noobs I was addicted to the sims offering free clothing. It has been great to build a wardrobe and experiment with looks at no cost other than time! Many of these sims offer other free items in addition to clothing. Then I began asking myself why... why are these items given away free? I know that when apps / software online are free you pay with things other than money: user data, privacy, etc. So are we paying in other ways for free clothing and other items available inworld? I get that some of the items may be older items that have since been updated; just curious, and ho
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