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  1. I just got a Log Home! There's still a Camper up, I believe...
  2. For music, I tend towards pop and alternative/emo. Arts and crafts - I've tried almost everything! Right now I'm getting into embroidery, but I've done jewelry making, paper crafting (including scrapbooking), crochet, knitting, coloring... the list goes on and on.
  3. Hello, everyone! IRL, I'm a straight, cis-gender female ally in my late 20s and living in the Midwest (Central time zone). I'm very very new to SL - I remember checking it out briefly about a decade ago, and decided not to get into it. Well, this time my decision was the opposite! I'm excited to be here, and to explore all this world has to offer. I'm still learning the basics of how to move, how to interact, how to put on and take things off of my avatar - yesterday was my first foray into AOs! - but I feel like I'm picking it up decently quickly, and I'm also really enjoying mysel
  4. This helped a TON! I think I had something funny going on with tints and shine/gloss, because now it's not quite as drastic of a difference. There's still a seam, but it's less noticeable now. Thank you (again)!
  5. Thank you again! Yeah, I made sure to put it on last, but for some reason I just can't get it to blend in any way. It's possible I'm applying the other things in the wrong order, because I have a MUCH bigger difference in skin colors than even the "before" pic you posted. Oh well - I'll keep experimenting, and if all else fails, I may just get a different set of head/body skins.
  6. Thank you! Unfortunately, I've already tried using that (several different times, in different orders).
  7. Thank you for the great replies, everyone! I'm looking at the neck blender now, as well as some other face/body skins that may match better (fingers crossed!). And, as you said Waiomao, experimenting is a good option.
  8. Hey all! Thanks for taking the time to read/help out. I have a Maitreya Lara body and a Lelutka Nova Evolution head. I also have skin for the body and head by the Skinnery (in Peach shade, if it matters). I've spent a few hours trying to get things layered correctly so my body skin matches my face skin, etc., but I'm really struggling. After searching the forums, and reading through the documentation by the creators, I'm still lost. Would anyone be willing to help me figure out how to apply things, in what order to put them all on, etc., etc., so it all looks good? Thanks again!
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