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  1. I did this... and for a while I thought it worked.... and walk into the living room and suddenly.. NOPE. lol orz
  2. oooo okay thanks i'll give that a try
  3. ..but his objects isn't on my land, they're on his. How does someone's music whose house is diagonal from my land reach me? Is there a way to not hear other ppls' objects going off? >.> it'll be extremely awkward to start playing romance music on ur own land.. and suddenly someone else starts playing baby shark or horror movie soundtrack.. yknow... interfering wit ur media O_O;;;; weirdest part is... my kitchen/dining area should be closer to his land maybe..? but it's on the other end of my land that i could hear them... if my land aint haunted by his objects.. idk what is LOL
  4. ohhh so they can't see what one person's video is playing then? to watch the same thing? like a movie theatre type setting. one movie screen watched by all.
  5. Can everyone in the same room/area see the same tv screen to watch a movie/video?
  6. ive seen plenty of them, but i dont see the mesh that is full perm?
  7. Okay I’m gonna have to read the responses over and over agajn since I’m not as new now but the information is Especially that BOM thing, but I’ll worry about that another time. Thank you both!
  8. i have catwa.. that kinda sucks if thats the case tho.
  9. Is it not possible to wear a beard, hairbase and a face tattoo all at once?? I’ve tried lower and upper layer to no avail 😭 Appreciate for the help in advance!!!!
  10. Thanks for the help! I shall look into it all Highly appreciated.
  11. Hi, I’ve been trying to look for guides and tutorials on how to start creating as a texturer but I’ve hit a wall. From where I stand, I’ve only made a store name. That’s about it. What do I do to start texturing clothes etc? I came from IMVU, and it was easy to just derive from a product’s page. I’ve looked everywhere I can for an SL tutorial. Am I looking in the wrong places? Please advise! Appreciated beforehand!
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