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  1. I've found the same thing when looking for places. I lucked out, finding most places by stumbling onto them inworld. So Waialae, what you might want to do is browse some of your fav regions and look for the (often terrible) for rent or sale signage.
  2. Wow Kytteh, I absolutely understand this frustration after dealing with a similar episode myself. I like to leave my homes open and welcome visitors, but do expect them to be respectful. When they start getting predatory I report and ban them, but they can still cam in or use other devices as you describe. IN SL it seems the best policy is to expect no privacy as Rolig said, and to be prepared to move from place to place. I have a Linden houseboat that became a target, so I moved to a new one... then that one became a target too. Crap. As a reasonable solution I bought a pretty house on SLMP,
  3. While I support freedom of speech, I understand that this is best experienced by people with open minds, not by people already convinced that their opinion is the only right one. We are all individuals with our own opinions, and we need to respect that. It's important to recognize that - if we are compelled to do so - we are more likely to impact someone else's opinion by listening to them and speaking with them, not by planting a sign. The size of the sign is unimportant; small or large it is unlikely to change anyone else's opinion. Because SL residents come from all over the world, s
  4. That SL face mask gives a whole new meaning to "speak to the hand!"
  5. This might be goofy, but the Mountain area of Linden Realms has a considerable network of caves that can be explored.
  6. This whole discussion is incredibly sad and would likely be so to anyone not white. I understand the desire as noted above to prevent cyborgs from overrunning a 1920s sim, but to outright ban a race or gender or any other descriptor is absolutely discriminatory. Yes, that may be allowed by SL's TOS so that artists can maintain an ambiance on their sim, but it's still an ugly reflection of how desperately we need to evolve in RL. It's time for us to allow cyborgs into our 1920s sims, to allow LGBTQ people into our bakeries, to start celebrating our differences rather than hating them, banning t
  7. Have to be honest, I leave any sim that auto-plays Christmas music. It's annoying, like when you walk into a store (remember when we used to do that?) and they're playing non-stop corny Christmas tunes behind a table of laughing Santa statues, a display of automated greeting cards, a shelf of "holiday flavored" coffees, and a selection of televisions all playing Frosty the Snowman. AAAGGGHHH!
  8. Aloha nyahrou. I hope this isn't overly simple, but there is an option in Preferences > Chat > Typing > Play typing animation when chatting. Uncheck that box and see if that helps.
  9. Aloha Yamata2018. A LOT depends on what specific ethnicity you would like your avatar to mimic. For example, Russia, India, and Viet Nam are all Asian, but people look very different. Maybe your avatar looks hapa (mixed race). Look through mesh head shapes; you will find many that approximate an ethnicity. Once you have that head and shape you can edit the shape to personalize it. Genesis, Lelutka, and Vista all do heads with nice Asian shape options. Good luck!
  10. Aloha. I became a premium member nearly one year ago, and would like to renew. I logged into my account, and no renew options are shown. I could buy premium again, but this is only available as a membership change (upgrade / downgrade), not as a continuation. I don't see any documentation that my premium membership will be auto-renewed. So how are premium memberships renewed? Thanks in advance for your wisdom.
  11. For many years I worked for a well-run private company, a leader in its field with tens of thousands of employees, that eventually accepted a buy-out offer. The promise was that all the additional investment would further improve the company's products and services. The buyer appeared to be from a similar industry, but to our surprise turned out to be on a buying spree and we were one of many companies purchased. There was inevitable job function overlap, and thousands of talented people were laid off. That purging of knowledge and experience led to an immediate collapse of product quality, an
  12. Thanks for the offer Fenrizwolf, that's sweet! Your place is pretty, and I'm sure a new renter will be along soon!
  13. Thanks Marianne. Yeah, the Fruit Islands are pretty, but the price and the strict covenant are two swords I won't swallow. And Fruit Islands have those strange "waterfall emitting from a butte" things that look more theme park than beach or island. :-)
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