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  1. Both! I love to clean off in a hot shower, then fill the tub with warm water and bath salts. I usually bring a good book and glass of wine, then ignore them both and just close my eyes. Ahhhhh....
  2. I'm rarely on the SL web site, so its home page doesn't bother me too much. BUT the new home page requires a Google cookie to load, and THAT pisses me off no end.
  3. Wow thedarkhand, I feel you. Neighbors putting up ugly, and frankly disrespectful *****, is a big reason why I rent rather than own mainland. I love to explore the SL land auctions, and check out a lot of places... but they inevitably have neighbors with huge walls, military installations, billboards or advertising signs, shops, neon property / ban lines, or skyboxes floating 50 feet off the ground. Covenants when you rent may seem like a PITA, but they prevent all that. Ahhh. I rent a quarter island sim, and it's sooo nice to know that it will always look like an island sim. The L$1 per
  4. I've never owned a car, though I've shared and driven them. The only vehicle I've ever owned outright was a motorcycle. Loved it, but am emissions-free these days... all by foot or pedal power. 🙂
  5. A LOT of places seem even more empty than usual. I suspect that a full year of being told that contact with others is potentially deadly has a lot of us staying in our SL homes, just like we do in our RL homes. To be honest, a lot of the ways I used to have fun seem kinda stupid and frivolous now, so I'll probably be visiting fewer busy places. Who knows, when our worlds finally re-open safely maybe we'll all return to our old SL dance party routines.
  6. As for maximizing the Firestorm window without covering file menu or dock, just press your Mac's control key while pressing the green dot in the top left of the Firestorm window. The window will then maximize the window without covering top and bottom of your screen. This is super handy for me, because scrolling to the top of maximized windows the Mac file menu would drop down and hide the window's menus. Same when scrolling to the bottom of a window - that would always pull up the doc. Ugghh! Glad the control key + the green dot maximizes windows in a "safer" way 🙂 As for the M1 chip, t
  7. This reminds me of being at university and doing web searches for terms like management, import export, tariffs, commerce law, etc., and inevitably the search results included porn sites. Ugghh. Websites - and SLMP stores - can add any keywords they like, and that inevitably screws up searches. I agree with the OP - searches on SLMP are a huge PITA. Now I try to buy from inworld stores, so that talented creators don't lose a percentage of their sale, and so that the purchase doesn't support a virtually unregulated SLMP. Having said that, I understand that LL doesn't have the FTE bandwidth to p
  8. Just saw a great response from Wulfie Reanimator on a different thread:
  9. I guess the new accounts are the ones most likely to be playing Linden Realms, and just generally trying to figure SL out :-) You really have to enjoy the game, because Linden Realms is a terrible waste if you you go there strictly for the payout. That L25 weekly reward works out to roughly $0.25 USD. The game takes about a half hour to complete, so anyone going to Linden Realms for the payout is making about fifty cents an hour. Yikes. Shame to think that $1 per hour seemed like so much more, but it was a lot more in SL Marketplace buying power. Bots, speed/fly enhancer HUDs, and other e
  10. Thanks Qie and Sylvia! That really helps me budget appropriately. 🙂 Yeah Qui, homestead. I'm at the west-facing quarter of Moon Glow now.
  11. Thanks Rowan, that looks like fun!
  12. Aloha all, I have a quick Prims vs Land Impact question. Researching it takes me down a rabbit hole of decade-old Forum posts. I'm considering buying a mainland parcel. Before I do so, I'd like to figure out what my costs will be. I currently rent a quarter sim for L$9728 per month. Given today's exchange rate, I'm paying $41.86 USD per month to rent. The Mainland Pricing and Fees page indicates a monthly charge of $67 USD for a 1/4 sim, which makes buying mainland look like a bad deal. Hmmm. But then I noticed that it allows 5625 Prims Per Parcel. In our mostly mesh world the l
  13. For anyone Mac curious, don't bother. Mac has a rubbish reputation for gaming, but it's a great machine for most other stuff. I use Mac, Windows, and Linux distros on various machines and have been disappointed with the latest Mac. I replaced my old Mac with a new one several months ago and am not happy with the performance, in SL and in other ways. It's a 27" iMac with an SSD and upgraded to 64 GB memory. Should be blazing, right? Meh. I'm guessing that my problem is the combination of "3.7 GHZ 6-core Intel Core i5" processor and "Radeon Pro 580X 8 GB" graphics card... definitely not gaming m
  14. Hey Merpunk, that's a great point. Changing up to a mesh avatar was a terrifying, frustrating, and ultimately expensive process. And now BOM is the latest reason to be terrified, frustrated, and broke 🙂 It all makes system avatars look much friendlier. BTW, there was a post in here recently about the most popular bodies and heads, and those will likely have the best support options. Good luck!
  15. Hey Chic. I made an alt recently and found the same as you: onboarding was pretty easy. Yeah, I hear you about the default avatars... uggh. Maybe they reflect the demographic of most new users these days: women who lived large in the 1980s, and guys who lived large in the 1970s. Thankfully there is the Avatar > Choose An Avatar option, which opens up 30-40 avatars to choose from. "Back in the day" I used to choose a half dozen avatars, save each as an Outfit, then mix and match bodies, clothes, and hair to make something unique and totally free.
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