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  1. For many years I worked for a well-run private company, a leader in its field with tens of thousands of employees, that eventually accepted a buy-out offer. The promise was that all the additional investment would further improve the company's products and services. The buyer appeared to be from a similar industry, but to our surprise turned out to be on a buying spree and we were one of many companies purchased. There was inevitable job function overlap, and thousands of talented people were laid off. That purging of knowledge and experience led to an immediate collapse of product quality, an
  2. Thanks for the offer Fenrizwolf, that's sweet! Your place is pretty, and I'm sure a new renter will be along soon!
  3. Thanks Marianne. Yeah, the Fruit Islands are pretty, but the price and the strict covenant are two swords I won't swallow. And Fruit Islands have those strange "waterfall emitting from a butte" things that look more theme park than beach or island. :-)
  4. Aloha all. I need to vent. Have you ever had people break into your home? You know that sense of privacy violation, and your sudden vigilence and tension? What did they touch? What did they photograph? What did they plant? Have you ever had someone corner you, only to have people watch the abuse rather than do anything to help? And what if there’s no video, no evidence? Well, it just never happened then, did it? It was probably all in your imagination, and you have some growing up to do, right? I wrote previously about two men that entered my SL home uninvited and refused to go. The
  5. Thanks you guys, I'll check out these options!
  6. Aloha all. I have several boats and would like to buy an affordable plot of open ocean to moor them on. All the places I’ve explored in Linden Auctions have been landlocked mainland properties. A search in SL Marketplace finds a ton of places all priced at zero that turn out to be rentals (and frustratingly, the listings can’t be sorted by weekly rate or keyword (e.g. “sailable.”). I’m not looking for a full prim or a private island, just some ocean I can moor boats on. I rent space in a marina now, but would love something a little more "out there." Can anyone recommend how to find a spot of
  7. I sympathize SO MUCH with this. Every once in a while a film can be heard playing near my houseboat. Nothing in my place has a media player, and I have right-clicked > edit nearly every piece of furniture, art, etc in my home to see if any contents contain an unwanted media file. The truly weird thing is that this audio from a film can be heard EVEN WHEN MY MASTER VOLUME CONTROL IS SWITCHED OFF. A friend wrote down the first spoken line of the film and googled it; it turns out to be the crappy 2014 film "Addicted." Hard to know then if a neighbor has this old dud on constant play, or if my
  8. Thanks Extrude. Thinking long term, because when Apple drops some big change, within a year or two Windows and Linux do the same. I can see LL, viewer makers, and content makers grumbling loudly but eventually shifting over.
  9. Thanks Fritgern. Any idea if LL, Firestorm, Kokua, etc are creating an alt viewer that will be compatible with Apple's "Metal?" It would be a shame for SL to lose all their Mac residents.
  10. Aloha. Noob builder question: I'm curious about the potential impacts of Apple's move away from OpenGL. Will the impacts be felt primarily behind the scenes at LL, or will changes also be necessary for residents and builders? I enjoy digital art and would like to take a stab at creating 3D content too. I use Linux, Mac, and Windows for SL as a resident, but use Mac exclusively as an artist. Most of my experience is with Photoshop, so before I try out tools like Blender, Avastar, Maya, or 3D Max I'm wondering if items created with these would be successful in a post-OpenGL world.
  11. I blocked the word "Trump" in my Twitter feed and OH MY GOD Twitter immediately improved 100000%
  12. I'd definitely vote for a hug button in SL, especially because we can't do hugs in RL right now. Scientists talk about how important physical contact is for social animals like us, and that isolation (or self isolation during quarantine) has negative effects on our mental health. So yay to the hug button!
  13. For me, discussions like this highlight the absurdity of many cultures, including our own. Everyone has a strikingly similar body, we all procreate and poop and pee, but our cultures tell us that we should hide these things and be embarrassed of them. Why? Humans are the only animal with such attitudes. Porpoises, cats, and lemurs aren't embarrassed of their bodies or bodily functions. We don't find dog, rat, or horse nipples offensive or alluring; why should human ones be thought of any differently? If we're OK with giraffes not wearing clothes, why do we think of humans not wearing clothes d
  14. Aloha Jordan. I'd recommend joining the Second Life Book Club. There is a meeting every Wednesday at noon SLT. In each meeting, a panel of authors discuss their books, the writing process, and how being an author impacts their lives. Questions can be asked by us in the audience. Here's a reading list prepared by the host, Draxtor: https://bookshop.org/shop/draxtorreads The weekly meetings of this group have been so well attended that the sim fills up, so every Wednesday the SL Book Club is also live-streamed on SL's YouTube channel!
  15. SL is reflecting RL... sad to see yet more divisive arguments surrounding a human rights issue we should all be able to support in our own ways.
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