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  1. Thanks Molly! That 2011 post described exactly what I'm trying to achieve (especially handy with low ceilings): The "shopping with a new perspective" photo is what I want. I played around with Debug settings, even copying the ones shown in that post, but the *angle of view* remains unchanged. Changing the X and Z settings sends the view up or down, but does not flatten the angle. The Y setting moves left or right. I wonder if it is no longer possible to change viewing angle in more recent SLV / Firestorm builds???
  2. Aloha everyone. I'd like to change my view angle to a flat plane, so that I can view a sim as my avatar does. The default view is something like 30-45 degrees above and behind the avatar. Using camera controls I can change that, but as soon as my avatar moves the default angle is restored. Using the "view angle" slider in preferences is nearly identical to the "distance" slider - moving either one just zooms in and out at that same default 30-45 degree angle. Is there any way to change that default to a lower angle?
  3. Thanks Nalates, this explains SO MUCH.
  4. Waiomao

    thigh gap

    Hi Miranda. Right-click your avatar and edit shape, just like you did with your original system avatar. You can lengthen legs, reduce leg musculature, reduce butt size, reduce hip size... all of which will increase thigh gap. Hope this helps.
  5. Waiomao

    Peeping Tom

    Thanks folks. I experimented derendering with a cooperative friend. He arrived wearing a single-piece outfit (shirt-pants-hoodie), and derendering what looked to me like just his hoodie made his entire avatar invisible to me (!), rather than just removing his hoodie or the whole one-piece outfit. I was wearing several things, and he was able to derender items I was wearing, but not items I had put on with an applier (he was using Kokua viewer; may be something to do with that???). Interesting note: body sections I happened to have hidden with my body's alpha mask remained hidden of course, so an easy way to remove the enjoyment creeps get from derendering your clothing is just to alpha mask your most delicious body parts. Then they can derender all they like, but won't see what they're after. Keep that up for a day or two and some of the more persistent ones may get frustrated and f*** off. What a pain that my creep is a neighbor and I need to do this at home, where I'm normally clothes-free. With the alpha masking I look like a magician has sawed me in thirds. Meh.
  6. Waiomao

    Peeping Tom

    Thanks folks. Chee, is that true even when I use an applier and the clothes are a HUD layer? I'd rather go without clothes any day, but I'd also like it to be MY decision, not some creeper. Yup yup yup, will do.
  7. Waiomao

    Peeping Tom

    Aloha all. I was happy to get into a Bellisseria houseboat, but recently learned that I have a peeping tom in my area. This should be harmless, right - it's only an avatar - so why do I feel violated? He has been looking in on me while my avatar is asleep overnight, and recently watched me having a little personal fun. I only know this because he comments on what he has seen. Sure he's complimentary, but nice words and propositioning me don't help me feel less violated. I've covered all the windows I usually leave open, but know that anyone can use camera controls to sweep in past window coverings or ban lines to watch whatever they like. It feels creepy, but I'm sure plenty of people are voyeurs and do this - I just don't know about it because most people don't comment on what they see. I waited a long time for a Bellisseria houseboat, but I'm tempted to abandon it and wait for another one... even though the same problem will likely exist at the next place. Am I being overly sensitive? It's probably unrealistic to have any expectation of privacy when everything is so easily visible.
  8. Waiomao


    Agreed. Honolulu's (main) airport is built on an artificial reef, so like this one is out in the water. This keeps aircraft of all kinds as far away as possible from homes and businesses. NOISE POLLUTION IS REAL. While it may be fun to buzz houses and bystanders with your jet, prop, chopper, etc, it's a huge disturbance of the peace and quiet that we all crave - and have paid for. Please respect your neighbors everybody. Thanks! 🙂
  9. Nicely done! Beautifully built sim, looks like small town America. A Lifetime movie could be definitely be filmed there, one about a successful but clutzy woman leaving her high paid job in the city and moving to a small town to open an art gallery, where she will meet a newly widowed single father construction genius. They will hate each other, but have friends who meet in the town's tiny diner and conspire to have the two repeatedly run into each other until they awkwardly realize that they're in love.
  10. I see that the survey is now closed. Glad that you got the number of respondents you needed.
  11. That's a great offer Wikusm1987, I hope you get lots of takers!
  12. Most conversations I hear are in English, possibly because I don't hear about get-togethers where other languages are spoken. I would love to learn Japanese, or the Chinese (Mandarin?) at it's root, but have NEVER seen the "nearby chat" window populate with a non-Western alphabet of any kind.
  13. Aloha MRSCANDIREDBONE. There are definitely nice people in SL, keep on looking! As a WOC (AOC - Avatar Of Color??) I can confirm that racism does exist in SL. SL is made of people after all, so you'll get a little of everything. Remember who you are, not who they are.
  14. Aloha autonug. I'm all for people saying hi, in whatever words or languages they like. Starting a conversation is awkward, and I don't expect everyone to be an expert at it. I'm not immediately offended by the phrase "how are you" or similar, because people can be nervous and completely genuine and maybe speaking English as a second language. BUT... there are a lot of run and gun predators out there, so when a stranger approaches I always look at their profile, specifically their groups and their picks. If there's a bunch of sexual content on there, buh bye.
  15. Aloha Dakota and everyone. Housing is really expensive in Hawaii, so like a lot of other people I moved away so that I could buy a house. It's a smart financial move, but a really terrible one in every other way. I have a nice house now, but it's just not home. I miss Hawaii and wonder about her all the time. A big shout-out to the Makiki neighborhood of Honolulu, if anyone's out there! I spend a lot of time in RL thinking about how to get home, and a lot of time in SL looking for places that remind me of home. 🙂 Once my building skills are improved I'd like to make a realistic Hawaii sim, one to help remember coastal parts of her as sea level rises. I find that a great way to make friends is to be aware of new residents around you, and offer hints and tips when they're having problems. Share SL knowledge like you share RL food. People did that for me years ago, and again when I rejoined SL a few months ago. A little kindness goes a long way!
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