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  1. I have some gorgeous stairs that I would like updated to Mesh. I had them custom made several years ago. I don't mind if you make me a set and later on, sell them to the general public. I just need to lower the prim count for our updated build. Contact me inworld Clint Quandry
  2. I have some gorgeous stairs that I would like updated to Mesh. I had them custom made several years ago. I don't mind if you make me a set and later on, sell them to the general public. I just need to lower the prim count for our updated build. Contact me inworld Clint Quandry
  3. HI, we are looking for someone who could design / build / decorate a certain area in our sim for the stage, located separately from our main area and is expected to be done before January 14th for a special performance at the HUSTLE CLUB. If interested, please contact Krazykatkaz or Bs4m inworld for more info. Thank you so much in advance! LM >> http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/HUSTLE/113/153/24
  4. I have been creating in SL since 2009, if you are in need of a custom (rigged / unrigged including textures) mesh creator (human & creature avatar, clothing, statue, vehicles, buildings, small items etc..) and landscaping, you can reach me inworlds via instant message / notecard
  5. I have been creating in SL since 2009, if you are in need of a custom (rigged / unrigged including textures) mesh creator (human & creature avatar, clothing, statue, vehicles, buildings, small items etc..) and landscaping, you can reach me inworlds via instant message / notecard
  6. We want to be a blessing this holiday season by giving away 10,000L to someone and holding our first annual Christmas in The Country. Christmas in The Country is Santa Clause and the North Pole brought to life in Second Life with rides, vendors, movies, pictures with Santa and much more. If you know someone who could have their sack filled with cash let us know who this special person is. Vendor space is free to anyone interested participating, a small holiday gift is suggested but not required. We are looking for vendors, landscaper/sim designers, and live entertainment. Please reach out asap to Damien Evergarden. Any donations will be given to Toys for Tots and Broadway Cares Equity Fights Aids.
  7. Hello I'm looking for someone who can mesh a custom retail skybox in a neo futuristic style. The size would be 4096 sqm and consist of a landing point and 3 rooms on one floor. Photo references, color schemes, pinterest boards, milanotes, and pictures can be provided upon request. Thank You.
  8. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/sim-sculptor/1689530 I wanted to find a builder/creator/scripter to help build an interactive ? map for our sim. Not sure how to find one... We'd like a map for a board/posting on the sim, could have tp spots and details perhaps.. Any ideas appreciated.. I see these at hop/shops and sims, but don't know how they create them, or who the artists are for that work. Best, Michael Stardust (sire.sands)
  9. Hi Everybody, My name is JulettRose and although I have been part of Second Life since 2013, I haven't really spent enough time meeting others. The past few years I have been so interested in building and creating that I just don't go out and socialize. Now, I just feel lonely when I am online. I am still working on building my private region called Euphoria Falls. It is an adult private region with lots of exploration and activities for all with beautiful rentals. If anybody out there is interested in coming to say hi, I would love to meet new people. I am still building, so please be patient if I don't see you pop up right away, just send me a message! I could use some input on my region and of course it is always fun to meet new people. Visit me at Euphoria Falls! JuliettRose xo
  10. Hello, I am trying to get help getting our full 30000 prim sim up and running. The idea is to have a city on the ground, but to have it look like your in space not on a planet. and have orbiting buildings in the sky for various activites. like a club and other things. This will be a partially furry sim. But its for everyone. I want this to be exceptionally detailed and am willing to pay well for it. We had a builder doing it, but ive gotten a total of 4 hours worth of work from them in the past 2 months, and am in need of help to move this faster. Contact rollerjake1 in second life for more information. Drop me a notecard. Say hi, im on most hours of the day. even if im at work. We are behind schedule, and need help. Im looking for an experienced sci fi builder. we want this sim to be special. not run of the mill or tacky.
  11. ♥ At Dreamers Estates we have multiple private regions/estates available for rent ♥ Mention this ad for a special introductory price! ♥ Competitive Rates: ~L$4,489 / wk for 1/4 sim with 5,000 prims OR ~L$6,489 / wk for 1/4 sim with 7,500 prims ~L$8,489 / wk for 1/2 sim with 10,000 prims OR ~L$12,489 / wk for 1/2 sim with 15,000 prims ~L$16,489 / wk for Full Sim with 20,000 prims OR ~L$24,489 / wk for Full Sim with 30,000 prims ♥ 20K and 30K available ♥ We have multiple options depending on what type of space you'd like ~ Full, Half, Quarter, or we can go smaller if that's what you'd prefer; We're super flexible ♥ No restrictions on how you'd like to use your land ♥ Someone is almost always available for questions or if you ever have trouble with your land ♥ We already have some long term tenants and would love to welcome more ** Want more info? Either message Vampyre Atheria or Amalthea Fae, or message us here ** Pictures below are of one of our landscaped properties also for rent, but we also have fresh canvas where you can express your own creativity!
  12. Hello! I am looking for someone how can build a house to accommodate 12 contestants, I was looking for 4 bed rooms, 2 bathrooms, and living area with alot of space So i am able to decorate to my liking. The vibe I'm trying to go for is like house on a beautiful island. Please contact me on discord: KynMaji#8065, or IG: @KynMaji.vl ty♥
  13. Hi! I'm looking for a talented land designer with exquisite taste in landscaping/decorating to form and decorate my living place. Please message me inworld SimonaJolie
  14. Hello there, I am working on a project with a friend and we are having trouble finding some spooky / paranormal type buildings for a project we are trying to get completed by the end of September. A spooky paranormal town is the theme we are going for and if anyone has any suggestions on creators to use for the buildings and other spooky stuff please let me know. you can contact me inworld or here on the forums.
  15. Well I am looking for some cute plushies to be made for me. I am looking for a certain type but i am open to all design forms so please have a example ready for me to see it and possible price we can discuss. This topic will always be open cause i would like many types in world contact in > zamiecat <.
  16. Hi All, I am looking for someone to Build/Design a Home/Mansion the home is to be quite big and a lot of detail put in and hours however i will pay good for the result please help me to have my dream home thank you all <3
  17. Although the topic says much of it what we're looking for, but I am going to explain in a more detailed way as well. Hello, my name is Raye; I'm the Web Manager of Racers Island. Racers Island is the oldest and largest racing sim in the grid and we're looking forward to re-construct it by giving it a hot and upgraded new look. What are we seeking? We're seeking for a mesh builder who is either experienced or familiar with the builds in Second Life. Even though it'd take a lot of time and amount, being this a really huge project; we also seek if you are willing to negotiate with the estimation. Portfolio is not necessary but would be nice if you have had built anything before. If you're a mesh builder and would be able to help us out to re-construct our racing sim; please contact directly in-world to: > Owner of Racers Island: Achillez Sauber [achillez Resident] > Web Mgr: Raye Queen Mendez [karenx0 Resident] *NOTE*: If we both are offline in-world drop us a notecard stating where you found out, or if you have SL Facebook ; contact us on SL Facebook ❤️ SL Facebook Links: [Click the name or click manually if that doesn't work] > Achillez Sauber [ https://www.facebook.com/achillez.sauber ] > Raye Q. Mendez [ https://www.facebook.com/Rayex4Travis/ ] Thank you ❤️
  18. Hello, I am trying to find an experienced builder for my sim. The job currently is for a high fantasy grassland type terrain. You must have the follwing: -Be ok with adult content. -A portfolio or at least some examples of your past work. -Maturity and willingness to communicate. if things go well there are other projects that need to be taken care of on the same sim. If interested Please contact me in-game at - Xayah.hexem
  19. Hi! I am the Owner of three Regions and seek an advanced Builder and Landscaper for a contract job. The job involves building, terraforming and landscaping for a Homestead region. I am open to all serious inquiries and competitive bids at jennyferchilds resident. The details are: We will provide creative direction in the form of a brief The contractor will be responsible for executing creatively within that direction, providing: decoration, terraforming, teleport systems and landscaping The contractor will be supported by Sim Owner and Staff, available between 9AM SLT and 5PM SLT The aesthetic is a magical realist English countryside farm Many Objects for the decoration have already been laid out, they just need adjustment Terraforming requires completion Sim crossings and lag are important considerations We hope for a 1-2 week timeframe Thank you, JennyferChilds Resident
  20. As I move towards opening a Gorean sim, I am looking to hire a marketing and promotions expert who knows the ins-and outs of not only promoting sims, recruiting players and bringing in "launch traffic," but in how to do that for a Gorean sim. I am also looking for an expert in building Gorean sims. Both of these gigs are paid, with the pay being linked to one's experience and past projects. I can be reached on SL at Richter.Breil.
  21. estoy teniendo muchos problemas a la hora de crear y subir una física para un edificio en second life. Todos los post que veo son en ingles y hay "nada" de reglas básicas o o como hacer una física en español para poder entenderlo mejor. Cuando intento subir la física de mi edificio , ni puedo entrar por las puertas, se modifican, es un gran lio y no se por donde empezar. Podría alguien darme algún tutorial, nociones básicas o simplemente ayudarme en esto? muchas gracias.
  22. Aloha. Noob builder question: I'm curious about the potential impacts of Apple's move away from OpenGL. Will the impacts be felt primarily behind the scenes at LL, or will changes also be necessary for residents and builders? I enjoy digital art and would like to take a stab at creating 3D content too. I use Linux, Mac, and Windows for SL as a resident, but use Mac exclusively as an artist. Most of my experience is with Photoshop, so before I try out tools like Blender, Avastar, Maya, or 3D Max I'm wondering if items created with these would be successful in a post-OpenGL world. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
  23. Freelancer - Looking to create your dream garden for you -(includes outdoor furniture) very afford able rates available. Please have a look at my portfoilo here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmN9ypAo - feel free to message me here - but for a quicker reply - send a note card to julieare resident in world. Hope you have a great week /weekend. Regards julieare
  24. Hello! I've not been here in a very long Time! I'm a very experienced Professional Lead Environment Artist working in the Game Industry. I've got Several years Experience working on both AAA and Indie Titles with multiple game releases. I've written curriculum for both a Bachelors and Masters Degree teaching Game Art at Escape University in London. I also have written and created new techniques within the game industry for creating photorealistic and advanced techniques for creating assets. Here's My Portfolio: https://www.artstation.com/haytch Here's an Article I wrote for Allegorithmic (The Leading Industry Standard for Real-time Graphical Art) https://store.substance3d.com/blog/henry-kelly-processes-his-photogrammetry-workflow-substance-designer Here's the University Details of myself (this May eventually be taken down as of January I'll be leaving and venturing back into the Industry as a Lead Artist.) https://www.pearsoncollegelondon.ac.uk/escape-studios/meet-your-tutors/henry-kelly.html Here is some of my Students work too: https://80.lv/articles/001agt-006sdf-007gai-warhammer-defiled-lands-translating-tabletop-world-to-3d/ https://origin.80.lv/articles/recreating-the-tidal-basin-location-from-the-division-2-in-ue4/ https://origin.80.lv/articles/diablo-2-fan-art-recreating-the-kurast-docks-location-in-3d/?comment=4940 I offer full services, Custom work which includes but is not Limited to: Full buildings/sims Weapons (Knives/Pistols/Assault Rifles/Swords/Shotguns/Futuristic/Sci-fi/Stylized ((Cartoon))) Avatars (Have access to a wide range of 'cosplay' avatars). Jewellery Animals Clothing Amongst my services I also offer Services of custom work I also offer Tutoring Prices vary depending on what is requested and how long I have to created, what permissions you're requested and if you're requesting exclusivity or just commissioned work. You can contact me Via: Email: Meshcore@Live.co.uk or Discord: Cereal Killer#9496 (yes I know it's an awesome name!) Prices: I usually Charge GBP (Great British Pounds) For my work as I am a UK Resident and money will differ between countries in terms of cost. In return I offer amazing service, great contact and availability and professionalism, a Guarantee you're happy with my work and Future work too. Tutoring: £60 Per Hour (1-2 hour sessions at a time that is best for yourself) (I can also help with access to programs if there are any issues) Commissions: £30 per hour or an estimation depending on the size of the product. Exclusivity: £50 per hour or an estimation.
  25. Hi...I require the assistance of a builder to help with a display area with banners and boards for a brand relaunch. Its not something I’ve done before so looking for someone affordable with a good amount of knowledge that would like to help out and maybe even teach me with parts of it. I am contactable in world (Ksenia Jovinavic)- please send a NC and or kseniajovinavic@yahoo.co.uk. PROJECT NEEDS TO BE COMPLETED: November 13th
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