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  1. Thanks Molly and LittleMe! Yeah LittleMe, the items are vehicles, and I didn't want them to disappear when I left a sim. Oh well. I understand though, creators have to protect their business.
  2. Aloha Sara. Thanks for this thread! I love this kind of thing. I named my avatar after a place I love, Waiomao Stream. Wai is the Olelo Hawaii word for water, so is in a lot of words (Waikiki, etc)! Omao is the word for green, a lush green. Put these two together and Waiomao refers to a stream that feeds life around it. BTW, mao is pronounced like Chairman Mao, not like mayo. But I guess it's normal for folks to mispronounce Hawaiian words :-) Why-Oh-Mao.
  3. Thanks Marianne! I grabbed one and let some friends know too. Cheeee huuu!
  4. Unpopular opinion: be careful with breast (and butt) physics. I see these get unnatural and waaaaaay out of control on some avatars, and it makes it look like a male tween is exploring puberty in a female avatar.
  5. Aloha all. Thanks to the remarkable kindness of a creator I now have several similar items. They are all Copy - Modify - No Transfer, but I would love it if other people could enjoy the items too. I can't give or resell, but noticed under Inventory Item Properties that I can share with a group. With that in mind, I'm wondering if I could create a new private group, and share the items with a small handful of friends. What I don't see is HOW to share an inventory item with a group. For example, Inventory Item Properties doesn't have a way to specify which group. When I pull up one random group's profile, I saw Moderate Content in the lower right corner. Not sure if that means "edit content" and I could add items, or if Moderate Content refers to G-M-T. Is sharing a No Transfer item with a group I form possible? If so, how?
  6. Aloha. There is something like a "puffer" or "evil green mist" called Air Blob in LR. Like you said Jay it attacks anywhere, anytime. Molly, it doesn't seem to be linked to scripted boosters; I get the Air Blob regularly. I always wondered if Air Blob attacks when you approach the limit of your cache, and it frees some up for you. There have been times when I've been playing hard and get attacked by Air Blob every minute or so, as if it is hinting that I should exit LR and give my processor and cache a break :-)
  7. Using an avatar of the other sex is a great opportunity to learn about societal gender roles, biases, and how they all tend to be BS. I'd recommend that everyone have three avatars: one female, one male, and one fluid. You learn a lot about the world when you experience it through someone else's eyes.
  8. Aloha Lucia. Just cashed out and made what I thought was a sh*t ton of L$. Thanks for the link! Wow, that bug fix suggestion was first made in '14, updated in '19, but presumably not implemented. I wonder what they worry might be broken by that fix? After reading your comment above I went back in and did a right click > edit on several crystals. The name shown for each was LR - Collision or LR - Land, so it looks like the moles DID use at least one of your ideas :-)
  9. I've tried several and found that there is no single "best" body. All have strengths and weaknesses, and it comes down to individual taste. Shapes and skins can be easily edited, so for a non-builder like myself the big criteria are clothing selection and active user group support. That means Maitreya Lara for me. For now... as others have noted, Lara has been the most popular body for several years and as a result Maitreya seem to be resting on their laurels. Clothing options, updates, and support for other bodies are growing quickly, so Maitreya Lara may be sharing her crown with one or more others very soon. Random thoughts: 1) yes! Totally agree with other posters who have said that Slink do the best hands and feet. 2) Genus bodies can be pretty, but their HUDs are ridiculous.
  10. I had purchased several nice items from a particular vendor, but one day an item was broken. I contacted him politely several times over a period of weeks but got no reply, so finally left a bad review as a means of warning others.
  11. Here's a shot of Waimanalo, me, and AlohaShoyu at The Jungle Beach Bar & Grill. It's been SO nice to spend time with them in SL while we can't get together in RL. Waimanalo is just as fun as ever, and AlohaShoyu can get salty but is always the great philosopher. :-)
  12. Aloha Diddi. You might want to try Hypnotic Romance and The Centaur's Hall too. Happy exploring!
  13. I have conflicting views of Linden Realms cheaters. Or maybe a balanced one? First, I admire anyone with the depth of technical skill needed to pull off a sweet hack. Linden Realms DEFCON style! On the other hand, I get enormously discouraged when I'm in game, think I'm doing well, and other players go speeding past or sailing over me, sweeping up in a flash all the crystals I was headed for. I see this most often in Deathly Swamp. When I first experienced that I wondered what setting or keyboard shortcut I didn't know about, felt like a stoopid noob playing incorrectly. Hacking the HUD rather than the ability to move definitely seems more fair to other players. Not clear who a hacked high payout is stealing from, except maybe SL's user statistics (a player in the game for just minutes rather than for weeks, months, or years reduces the number of users online). But surely the moles have high payouts flagged. On the other hand, all payouts have to be spent inworld, so support the SL economy. That's a strong disincentive for SL to chase cheaters or follow up on reports. I wonder what criteria are needed to tip the balance either way? Interesting to ponder things like that.
  14. Wow, 999,999 of each crystal! That would take years of constant play... or (ahem) "a short cut." LR 2020 payouts would be: 999,999 red crystals = L$19,999 999,999 yellow crystals = L$39,999 999,999 orange crystals = L$99,999 999,999 green crystals = L$999,999 999,999 blue crystals = L$1,999,998 Total payout = L$3,159,994 No wonder they don't want you in there! 😄
  15. Aloha. I've been in Linden Realms more than usual because of the corona virus. All this staying at home! I challenged myself to see what happens when the number of crystals collected goes to four digits (more than the three digits shown on the HUD). Yesterday I reached five digits (!!!), and the HUD works similarly: displays the last three digits until you collect another crystal, then displays the first three digits instead. Anyway, this has me wondering: Is there a limit to the number of crystals we can collect before cashing them in? Is there a "record board," or a record kept somewhere, of high scores (highest number of each crystal collected)? I can complete the four quests in about a half hour now; is there a record kept of fastest game? Honestly, I suspect that LL may avoid keeping these types of records because attempts at high score would likely even further inspire cheaters. The cheaters (fast movers and long jumpers) are a creative bunch and it feels like there are even more in the new build of LR than there were six months ago.
  16. That's an awesome timeline cartoon Arduenn!
  17. Aloha Luna. Don't worry about the haters; they have made their remarks about the film without watching it. I agree with them that anything presented as fact should be questioned rather than simply accepted, and so went into this movie with an open mind. It's worth noting that this was produced by Michael Moore, not made by him. In other words, he put up the cash so that the filmmaker could put it together. Happily, the film features many scientists, who mention facts which can indeed be checked. The ones I've checked have been in line with established fact (rather than theory), so the film does appear credible. It's main messages, or at least the ones I took away from it, are 1) we cannot rely on technology to save us, 2) that population control would be wise scientifically, even if unacceptable to some emotionally, and 3) rather than look for alternative energies that would allow us to continue our current lifestyles without fossil fuels, we should change our lifestyles to ones in which we use far less energy. My only problem with the film was the narrator's voice, which sounded like a 1990s relation tape :-)
  18. Aloha Polygonmonster. As others have said the mesh & bento items can be daunting, but I enjoy that challenge. I appreciate the artistic and technical nature of these items, and have fun customizing them. At the same time, yes - every update means I have to spend time changing dozens of saved outfits. Groan. I'll be trying out the method noted above! A big draw for me to mesh & bento is appearance. Simple example: where I live people are barefoot a lot, and system avatar feet look like wax melting in the sun. Ugghh. Also, mesh and bento bodies and heads can be customized to create something very close to the appearance you want, realistic or imaginary. I haven't figured out yet how to add additional arms and legs, but I'm working on it :-) I have mesh & bento body and head on both my main avatar and on my alt, but change to system body & head when in a crowded sim. Some busy events like concerts, clubs, and other places are so busy that everything lags, and some of the benefits of the mesh & bento are lost while the sim stutters. Having said that, I wear my mesh & bento even in busy clothing stores in order to try things on "on the spot."
  19. Thanks all. For the record, having payment info on file is not necessary to enter Linden Realms or to play the game. Linden Lab use PIOF as an incentive rather than a barrier; PIOF allows additional payout (completion of quest PLUS crystal redemption). I'm taking your advice and ignoring the strange rant. But I'll admit to still being concerned about that person. It's more important now than ever to look out for each other, and she is definitely hurting.
  20. Mahalo Chaser. I wasn't worried about being caught cheating, I just want to be sure that I'm not being offensive in some way. Especially while everyone is worried and looking for relief!
  21. The IMs came from a long-term (8 years!) resident and were so harsh that she sounds in pain. I just wish there was something I could do to help.
  22. How is everybody holding up? I know nerves are frayed these days, and a lot of people (myself included sometimes) are having a hard time. This makes people in RL say weird things sometimes, but I experienced that in SL for the first time today when I received this IM out of the blue: Another resident: look idiot why you stop for wait greens on storm? You not have education and people talk me you are a old womewn ..why you not respect a game idiot? everyone who has not been banned from lindens off for more time this game ... now i reporter you ... and the honest ones can't play because of the cheaters, it's a bad avi everyone says ... i will report todso oa avis who do not respect the owner, who pays you to close this game once and for all .... you do not know how to respect the game, being always standing on the rocks ... I send videos and report ... I am helping to do this job, me and more friends from realm linden ,,, ty and bye bye, you haven’t changed and it’s hard to be honest… ty will name videos and it’s a shame this game will be closed Me: ???? Another resident: pig not control me ok Pig? ty respect me and people too ,people talk me you are a cheters all time ,pig ,go work pig ,respect a game and peoploe too for me you are ***** bye bye Me: I don't understand. I hope you are OK, I know people are worried about pandemic. Stay safe! If I'm reading this correctly, the other resident is accusing me of cheating in Linden Realms, then insulting me. It sounds like I've disrespected her by standing on rocks, which is not something I do (in LR, if you stand anywhere except the Workshop for more than a moment you are transported out of the game). I spend more time than usual in LR now that we're all home, but I'm not tech savvy enough to cheat. I'm chalking this other resident's IM up to frayed nerves. She likes the Sands of Time Desert too, and maybe she feels like I am infringing on her territory when I run around there. I really don't know. I don't take this personally; after all, this is avatar to avatar, not person to person. But it's not in my nature to offend people, and I'd like to know if something I'm doing is annoying other players in LR. Does anyone know of a way that I can playback my running through LR? I'd like to figure out what I did to annoy her; that was never my intention. Mahalo / thanks / merci / gracias.
  23. Yikes. One of the things I love about SL is an escape from the toxic and divisive politics that poison our RL. Sad to see those signs here.
  24. How am I feeling today? FURIOUS. I have RL family who are pandemic front line (nurse and juris doctor), working in hospitals to save lives. They are scared, and I am for them. So probably more than other SL residents I was angered to see a long-term SL user in Portal Park use the name to COVID-19 to shout "you've been infected" at least four times. WTF? There are over a million confirmed cases, there have been thousands of deaths, and this person thinks it's a joke? Not going to divulge this person's usual resident name (against forum policy) but have reported them. Please everyone, show some respect to your fellow residents, especially those with family and friends who have passed away, and treat this virus seriously.
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