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  1. I always have difficulty being someone I'm not. Moira is very definitely me, though I think of her as having a more idealized life inworld than I actually have. My other two don't have a backstory per se, and nothing in their profile or picks to indicate one, though in my mind I think of them differently, with different stories than Moira. However, both at their core, are aspects of me, based on RL experiences (or 'might haves' if situations had taken different paths). So when I login with either of other two, it's mainly a reflection of the mindset I'm interested in putting myself into at that time. It's not really anything made apparent in interactions inworld (expect for the 2nd of the two, who is a 4-year old, which is pretty obvious!). The 4 year old talks very well - none of the 'baby' talk seen with some younger child avatars - but I do try to capture the innocence and wide-eyed wonder with the world that young children have.
  2. I generally don't get a lot of IM's or chat requests along these lines, but when I do, what bothers me the most is when someone doesn't take "no, not interested" as an answer, and keeps pestering me. If I'm out someplace, I generally just TP away to some place else. I've had two times though when I've been on my property (in one case, inside my house) and I've muted, ejected and banned them from my property - the only times I've muted or banned anyone. The time inside my house, I turned around and there was a guy standing there with a mask over his face shooting a gun at me and telling me "Take your shirt off. This is a rape". Kind of silly, and I know he couldn't "do" anything to me, but still kind of spooky nonetheless. Later on that evening, I was going around looking at parcels for sale down the road, and came across a parcel with a vendor box for the type of mask he had been wearing. Out of curiosity, I inspected the box, and it had been left there by the same avi I had banned from my house.
  3. Except for one or two really fancy evening dresses, most of what I wear had been fairly low in ACI - generally I'm between 40-60,000 (I'm not a high fashionista, lots of jewelry and makeup type). I did have one hair which was 200,000+, but I've since found other hair I like much better which is much lower in numbers as well. I keep the preference setting around 160,000 now that I have a better computer than I used to. The only thing that really bothered me was getting messages that others might not be able to see me (at my low 40-60,000 setting, even) but I just found out how to disable those messages yesterday. It's fine with me if others have their setting very low and can't see me other than as a jelly doll- I just don't need to see the messages about it.
  4. hehe ... I remember the flying toasters screen saver... wish I could say that was when I was a small child... I saw an avi a week or so ago, that was just black glasses, big nose and mustache (like the plastic ones you could get from a costume or gag store - I want to call it groucho marx glasses, but I don't know if that is correct...)
  5. I found this very informative and helpful. I had a vague understanding, but this really clarified things for me, especially about fitted mesh in general, and then the mesh body specific fitted mesh. I didn't realize that some of the mesh body specific garments are not typically coming with an alpha layer, because they are automatically sending the alpha cut instructions to the body.
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