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  1. Instead of giving store credit, stores could give "free" random gifts that you receive for every [x] amount of lindens you spend on the other products in their store. The free gifts just happen to look really nice and be transferable and no copy The players are getting what they paid for, plus a "gift" at no extra charge.
  2. I don't get why shapes sell for so much can't you just press the edit button on the shape and then drag the sliders till you get something you like?
  3. The method for creators to get around these restrictions might be to offer gacha items as a gift, spend x lindens at their store on their normal, non-gacha items and then you get a random (formerly)gacha item as a bonus gift. Your getting exactly what you paid for, plus a free tradable gift .
  4. The email came from updates@mc.secondlife.com and clicking the link didn't ask for a password, just redirected to the main site (he changed his password just to be safe). I tried looking it up more and found this post from 2019. It seems like this might be an ongoing weird glitch? It *was* the actual rez day of the account mentioned in the email too.
  5. The hud has good performance but the HD nipples aren't very friendly to furry/alien/goblin/whatever avatars due to the weird shading they add around the nipples and that there aren't colors like red,green,purple and the matrieya body has white hd nipples that you can tint on the hud. I think a neckfix for the happy paw heads would also make this more friendly to furry avatars so you don't have to use the low rez neck fix that comes with those heads. But the demo was enjoyable to play with, the avatars i tried it on looked good with it, and the fact that it comes with a free head and built in lower body organs makes it a good body for those looking to play on a budget.
  6. My boyfriends email account "santuse423" recently got a email congratulating the 10th rez day of "SharonNeman Resident" which is an account that appears to be an inactive account. Santuse423 played second life for the first time last year and their real name is nothing like "SharonNeman", so how did an account made far before he played second life with no association to him change to his email to send rezday notifications?
  7. furries are so cool and are avatar heads never have weird brians in them.
  8. heavy agree we need optimization For free
  9. roblox seems to be trying to trying to cut into the same market second life is in, espically now since they are planning vr support in a game with player created worlds, and trying to create a new economy where you can buy body parts and animations, just as you can in second life.
  10. i am 18 and i can access adult themed areas but the game is no longer letting me search for them my maturity settings are enabled ingame to go to adult areas
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