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Found 8 results

  1. ethottie

    Style Me!~

    So I recently got back from my vacation (Christmas with family) and I was given money that I'd like to spend on lindens. I don't want to spend too much money on lindens. Personally, I'd like to spend around $20-25 if possible (cheaper is great). Any kind of style is fine but I'm more into streetwear/indie and kawaii cutesy type outfits. It would be nice to see the outfit before I spend money on it (so if you could please send a screenshot with it but if not it's totally fine no worries) P.S. I was also wondering if anyone had good Asian mesh heads/skins. In real life I'm Asian and I'd like to give my avi a personal touch to it Thank you guys so much! I really do appreciate this if you do decide to help me out
  2. beth405

    Seeking Photographer

    Upcoming establishment seeking a reliable photographer for pro bono work coming up, it won't pay, but it will build your portfolio and give you contacts. We will need the following: Provide Flickr Account info or Portfolio Full body & Headshots
  3. MegaRose

    Categorizing Dresses

    In my constant quest to wrangle my inventory I thought I'd make a bunch of sub-folders for different types of dress. Although you can find lists of dress types they're not always super helpful when applied to what I own. I'm not always sure what defines each type of dress, and there's a lot of weird structural styles that I don't have words for. I eventually went with broader situational categories- historical dresses, costume dresses, casual dresses...but now about 75% of my dresses are in the 'bar and club' folder (which originally had a more blunt name). So I'm reconsidering the way I organize. Anyone got any tips?
  4. Nikita Neuman

    Mesh Hair with 2 Colors

    I´m looking for, chin-length Hair, which can assign different colors by Hud, but please only Mesh Hair. I saw some Mesh Hair, cant remember where that was, she had the Hair center-parted, but not covered the eyebrows, and not longer as the neck. The Mesh Hair Nicki from [RA] i got already, but i want more like such, where i can color it different. Tysm if someone knows such Hair, maybe with a Link to it MP or In World. Tysm
  5. Hello! As the title says, I'm transitioning from IMVU here to SL. So far, (two days in lol) I'm really enjoying the freedom of SL but I'm having a somewhat difficult time recreating my imvu avatar. I love the way she looks and if I can, I'd like my SL avatar to look similar! I've noticed SL does almost nothing in terms of getting you started towards individualizing your avatar... IMVU gives you a thousand or two "credits" free to go ahead and buy a cute outfit, hairstyle and/or even new skintone without leaving you looking like a noob. I've not had much luck with freebies here, most of them look atrocious in my opinion. Now that's okay, I'm fine with spending money on my avatar, but I'm not 100% sure of where I should start. Shopping on IMVU feels a lot more streamlined than here on SL. I've tried searching on the marketplace and in SL using keywords but I seem to get really outdated/ low quality results when I do that? D: Anyway I'm wondering if anyone here would be able to help me.. What I'd like to know : We have mesh heads on IMVU (I'm using one in the photos) but we don't have mesh bodies. Do you think mesh heads and/or bodies are something I should invest in to achieve my goal? If yes, should I focus first on the body/head; the "base" of the avatar, or should I go for the clothing first? Does it not matter? Honestly, any suggestions on hair creators that have nice curly hair would be amazing!! I'm having a really hard time finding them. Bonus points if you could point me in the direction of clothing creators you think might suit my style. For the record I've looked up several videos of how to apply items and clothing on SL and I think I have a pretty good understanding of that. Also price isn't really a factor so feel free to suggest anything! This is what my IMVU avatar looks like: Style 1 2 3 Body type hair goals Face details Gosh, I feel like I'm asking a lot guys sorry! Any advice you can offer would be very much appreciated!
  6. Darrius Gothly

    Virtual Eye for the Geek Guy

    I spend a fair amount of time consuming the Forum topics about style and fashion of one's avatar. There are heroes and heroines both that I absolutely adore and treasure. (Not gonna name names cuz this is a limited length post y'know). Anyway, what I am on about today is the total frustration I, and perhaps many other men, feel when confronted with the need to "dress up". I have ZERO fashion skill. Nada. None, Zippo. Squat. Need I go on? I can see it. Oh lawdy I recognize when an avatar is beyond the pale in their fashion or style. Some people have that amazing knack of touching three things and turning them into masterpieces. Me? Not so much. I DO have an eye for technology, computer code, geeky mechanical or technological creations that go whir and click and do neat things. But being able to assemble a half-decent avatar? Oh hell no! I will eventually stumble and plod my way into a mesh avatar. And I will eventually find an assortment of accessories that don't make me look like a noob fresh off the 3D printer. But in the meantime, I am busy making essential things that work .. things that fill the rest of the virtual world with amenities that please the populace .. while looking like a throwback to the 00's. And mostly? I'm okay with that. As long as the ladies are willing to look past the cartoonish bits and hear the echoes from my thinkbox instead of stopping at my face. Your thoughts?
  7. I am an ameature model looking for work in any area of fashion, i am able to model for both Kemono with an M3 Venus head & a Maitreya Body with a CATWA Bento head. Please IM me in Secondlife or email me at Keikitten@gmail.com if you are interested in hiring me as a model for your product x Thank you, Kei Boroque ♥
  8. TRUNK SHOW F/W 2017/2018 Dates Retail opens Sept. 23rd 2017 Shows will be on Sept. 30th & Oct 1st 2017 Retail area closes Oct 6th 2017 THEME for event: a·près-ski { social activity (as at a ski lodge) after a day's skiing snowboarding or other winter activities} Package 1 - 4 items, 2k linden Package 2- 6 items , 4k linden Package 3 - 8 items - 8k linden*will have items in multiple shows* * You must have at least 2 exclusive items.Items do not have to be original mesh. - Retail space is open one week prior to the fashion show. - Retail space prim allotment is 1 prim per item you are putting into the event plus 10 for decoration. Please pay catwalkpayments resident and send a transaction notecard to vanessadelrio underwood for record purposes. This is a retail event not a just a fashion show. However, there will be a fashion weekend to showcase your designs. - you must send items to be blogged to the group 1-2 weeks prior to the retail opening for maximum exposure for your work via blogging and social media. ** You will be added to the designer group upon payment*** TO APPLY ONINE: https://www.catwalk-sl.info/trunk-show-designer-application