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  1. What I did was rez my Kemono tail on the ground and open it. You can just take the animations out and play them on anything.
  2. It would be nice to have some expanded uses for my glytch-catching gems. Using them for texture uploads would certainly get me playing more. And the more I'm in SL the more likely I am to find something I want to spend real USD on.
  3. I go on premium when it's half off for the month and then go back to basic when it's over. I don't wanna pay more than that so I don't, which is fine because I don't really need it.
  4. How much does it matter to have detailed feet? If you plan to be barefoot or in sandals a lot there are male Slink feet, you can probably get a fairly good match from their default skins and some tinting. I imagine you could get away with hiding the classic un-feet with boots most of the time, though.
  5. Yup, there's a bunch of cakes running around in the cornfield, but they're all evil and so are the flowers and turnips they're swarming with.
  6. Is it just me or are the Glytches in the cornfield cranked up to maximum difficulty? Every time I tried to catch one of the birthday cake special Glytches every single Glytch in the area would be alerted to my presence and throw spells at me at once.
  7. This has been happening to me a lot, I feel like my avatar's in high school and I'm enforcing dress code policy on her. If a 'dress' just barely reaches her crotch I'm calling it a top. Or sometimes even a swimsuit if it's tight enough.
  8. In my constant quest to wrangle my inventory I thought I'd make a bunch of sub-folders for different types of dress. Although you can find lists of dress types they're not always super helpful when applied to what I own. I'm not always sure what defines each type of dress, and there's a lot of weird structural styles that I don't have words for. I eventually went with broader situational categories- historical dresses, costume dresses, casual dresses...but now about 75% of my dresses are in the 'bar and club' folder (which originally had a more blunt name). So I'm reconsidering the way I o
  9. Join the Alien Gizmo store group. It's free, there's group gifts and lucky chairs, and every so often they give out $200L gift cards.
  10. I've considered doing the prim packing thing but I've always wondered where those items go. Like they're obviously still in the SL database but when they're packed away do they just...not technically belong to anyone? Or are they all just in the prim and you can have one really laggy prim full of a ton of items?
  11. I imagine there are people who would gladly pay in $100/month (or whatever number) for their premium if they kept the $100 in linden form instead of paying the $72/year and getting ~$60 back in stipend. LL would be getting only the $1.49/month in transaction fees to start but a bunch of the rest will make its way through them through marketplace fees and tier upgrades (because $4/month for a little extra land is nothing if you're already doing $100/month anyways). And presumably a large chunk of that money will get spent inworld, encouraging creators, hosts, and other workers to focus more o
  12. I only ever buy $5-10USD worth of lindens at a time so the exchange fee will definitely affect my spending habits. That'd be fine if I had more incentive to buy more lindens at once, but currently I don't. I just dropped some money down the money hole for cat food so I'll be good for a while, and I'll hold back until more changes are made to give me something good to spend on. I'm still waiting to see the changes that'll be made to premium. I'd also be more likely to pay in if we got some kind of bonus for transactions over a certain threshold. Like maybe a month of free premium if yo
  13. Most tails are removable/interchangeable, but not always. Kemono, Cabbit, and I think Luxx have removable tails, I can't remember if Bladencat does. A lot of people sell standalone tails that can be stuck onto anything. Kemono is distinctly different in shape than most human bodies so human clothes rarely fit. I've had some luck with a really small shape and really big child size clothes, but that's iffy. Generally if you put human clothes on the Kemono you're going to have a lot of empty space between your body and the actual cloth. Hair usually fits but might require resizing or sh
  14. The Kemono huds are pretty simple and it has a lot of support, but nearly every human body mod is going to be incompatible. It uses a different UV map from all the human bodies, which use the same map as the classic system body. I still recommend it, I have one and its great, but I'd also recommend snagging a human mesh. There are $1L bodies by eBody and free bodies by Altamura, none of them will let you retexture but they'll give you something to familiarize yourself with. For retexturing you can do that with the classic avatar until you get the hang of it. If you do get a Kemono, so
  15. I believe the AK Maia deluxe head is still on as a group gift over at Akeruka right now (150L join fee), so the current normal thing is to do five failed teleports into their store, finally squeeze yourself in, then wait 20 minutes for the gift to deliver because everyone's clicking it at the same time. I haven't unpacked it yet but I have the AK Kumiko head too and that was certainly worth the join fee.
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