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  1. Thank you both so much for replying! Drake1, thank you! I think I will be going with the maitreya mesh body in that case as it seems the most supported for clothing options. + I'lI definitely make sure to demo Moirakathleen, thank you so much for your advice and I'm going to check that thread out now!
  2. Ooo me too! I'm ALSO transitioning from IMVU. Now, I've literally only been on SL for two days but I'm really loving it here. I still have to develop my avatar so I apologize for not looking too grand atm but I am in the process of fixing that. You sound wonderful and if you can be patient with my noobness, I'm a very friendly fun loving person and I'd love for us to be friends and maybe do the sister thing as well!
  3. Hello! As the title says, I'm transitioning from IMVU here to SL. So far, (two days in lol) I'm really enjoying the freedom of SL but I'm having a somewhat difficult time recreating my imvu avatar. I love the way she looks and if I can, I'd like my SL avatar to look similar! I've noticed SL does almost nothing in terms of getting you started towards individualizing your avatar... IMVU gives you a thousand or two "credits" free to go ahead and buy a cute outfit, hairstyle and/or even new skintone without leaving you looking like a noob. I've not had much luck with freebies here, most of th
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