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About Me

  1. Share your experiences from when your avatar was just learning how to walk, run, and fly! Let others know the things that stumped you and what underrated aspect you want the world to see! To participate in the challenge, download the blank template and fill it out using Photoshop, or any imaging and graphic design software. You can also use pixlr.com for free without installing any software. Or, you can just answer in text below! If you decide to do this challenge and post it on any social networks, don’t forget to use the hashtag #SLNewbChallenge. You can also add your images to th
  2. So I bought a couple of hairbases for my Genus head. For some reason when I click on it nothing shows, I tried messing with the layers in the Genus HUD but it still wont show. The hairbase has the tattoo icon so I even tried messing with the tattoo layer but still nothing else shows.
  3. Hi everyone, I was wondering what is needed to become a stripper or an escort. I know I need to look extremely good and have amazing roleplaying skills. But to be honest I really don't know where to start and what club would be perfect for me and my avatar. I tried looking at videos and things like that but nothing seems to be beginner friendly or how to really get into the industry. I have had some experience when it comes to stripping in imvu but i feel like second like is a whole other thing.
  4. Hello everyone☺️ I’ve been on SL for about a month now and I’ve been trying to change my avatar little by little in order to learn more about customizing, but I’m still struggling to understand how it all works. I feel like I need a beginners guide for dummies because as much as I have looked into the topic, I still even question a lot of the terminology (alpha, mesh, shapes, etc..). I also want to know how I make a complete body and head customization so that it all matches. On top of everything, I know that there are clothes made specifically for certain bodies, but I am struggli
  5. Need a job that I can meet the requirements, I'm pass 30 days now and its hard to meet all requirements for certain clubs.😞😬
  6. Hey! I'm Skylar and I am new here in SL. Looking to meet some lovely people to develop friendships with! I love dancing, music, singing, painting, and shopping. In world I have not experienced much other than just messing around with my appearance, but I would like to explore more, meet people, and go window shopping. I would think I could be a great shopping companion. I love looking at things people have made, homes they have built, decorations and everything. I am really into fashion irl and it seems to be a huge thing in SL which is exciting! I get along with pretty much everyo
  7. Hello! My name is Ebony! I'm really new to SL (I've been here for like 4 weeks?) While being on vu for 6+ years. And I've been looking for some people to hang out with. I'm good at roleplaying (I'm looking for a nice community to live in) and just ready to be social~
  8. Sorry if this is in the wrong category. I wasn't sure where to put it, as it didn't seem to neatly fit any of the headings :/ Ok so, something really weird is going on with marketplace ordering, something I've never seen before in more than a decade of SL... I've created a new avatar and was trying to gather hair demos (as one does) and placed an order on marketplace for 10 demos (from a couple of different stores) at L$0 each. After going through the usual "Are you suuurrre you don't want to spend any lindens?" page, then confirming the payment on the checkout page, the page redirec
  9. Hello, I'm extremely new to Second Life and would like to find a job. I'm 18 IRL, I'm currently a Graphic Design student so I could definitely help in regards to things like posters but I am looking to expand my portfolio! I come from IMVU so I have some dancer experience. If you would like to see some work I've done in some of my previous Graphic Design classes or even just for fun you can check it out here. Below is just an example of something I've done in my free time, but do feel free to check out my wixsite for more!
  10. Hello! My name is Rexy and I just installed Second Life. I am figuring out the game and found out you can have jobs! even though I'm new to second life, I have some experience in some aspects so here's some things about me! I'm 22 years old I can work arround 4-8 hours weekly Im a fast learner I have experience working as a Secretary/Assistant and as a Waitress irl I am friendly and sociable I enjoy meeting new people Be sure to reply to this message if you could hire me!
  11. Hi there, I'm a new comer to Second Life with a lot of spare time on their hands. I'm looking for open jobs that pay in tips and that are welcoming to new comers, Hours are negotiable with weekends being included. If there are any open spots to server and help out please let me know, thank you for reading this out. You can find me by JennyForstmane.
  12. Heyo, I recently got into second life from a friend of mine to join, so you can say I'm pretty new. I'm willing to do any job offers that doesn't mind me having a legged miku avatar (bc i love it lmao). I just found out about linden money and I got curious to find out on how to earn them., the only thing that has caught my eye is job offerings, so feel free to offer here!
  13. Im new to second life have been looking for a job for 2 weeks now havent got any due to age , i have previous experience with dj but my stream is up due to no work . Willimg to do anything
  14. Hii ! My name is Pimm, and I am going to use this platform as a journey for learning experience and adventurers in second life. I will post Daily updates, and share my experiences of the day! I hope you will enjoy my story !
  15. I'm interested in DJing for anyone who needs. Although I have no experience with this job, I'm looking for someone to teach me if possible. I'm not looking for money, I want to have simply some fun playing songs.
  16. Hi guys i am rose9991sl. I am finding a job which has a stable environment and friendly environment. I also do not waste both of our time if you feel I am faliure as work as told by a few second life players during interviews. If you guys feel unhappy hiring me pls tell me what the reason then you can let me go find another find job. I am also hope that both party with communication well and there will be no drama when working. I can do a job be i need some trainning. If you guys think i am lame then most probably i will stop finding job in sl due to this.
  17. Do you have a skill in SL that you'd like to teach to others? Do you have general SL experience that would make you a good mentor to SL newbies? Would you like to help others and join a friendly group? If so, then come see us at the Serenity Newbie Center! We're looking for experienced SL residents who would like to share some of their time to help teach others and/or help brand new players learn their way around this sometimes confusing and overwhelming virtual world. This is an unpaid position, but class instructors are welcome to put out a tip jar during their classes i
  18. The Serenity Newbie Center will be hosting a new roleplay series! This is a series of classes offered on a recurring basis here at the Newbie Center. You may attend as many as you like, there is no test, but these classes will help you learn to roleplay, and enjoy your time with other roleplayers. We teach two classes twice each month. The first series takes place the first Wednesday and Thursday of the month, at 7pm SLT. The second series takes place on the third Saturday and Sunday of the month, at 9am SLT. We will announce the classes in our discord (https://discord.gg/HPJkEG
  19. Hi there, I'm a new comer to Second Life with a lot of spare time on their hands. I'm looking for open jobs that pay in tips and that are welcoming to new comers, Hours are negotiable with weekends being included. If there are any open spots to server and help out please let me know, thank you for reading this out. You can find me by JennyForstmane.
  20. I just recently got into SL and decided I wanted to make a more feminine male character. I've been trying to find a decent cut ***** model that is on the small side and without any bulging veins or pubic hair. I found an older post in the forum where the Rut Joystick and any of the SKNK would do, however when looking at the Rut Joystick product many reviewers said that the recolor options had many issues and might not match lighter skin tones. For SKNK I tried the Glaidys and the Kyrpa models on demo before hand. While I was able to get a decent color match and a smaller size, the girth of the
  21. ✿🅷i, I am Jordan Cadella and I am pretty new to modeling. ✿I am online for 3 to 5 hours, I am really friendly and respectful towards my elders and super goofy. ✿I am looking for a job to get lindens for a upgrade to my avitar. As you see its a mess-_____- ✿I am looking to get 50-100 L$a day. I don't mind higher ✿Ty for your interest and I hope you be safe and have a great day. SL username: OfficialLushez Resident display name: Dʀᴜɢ Pʀɪɴᴄᴇꜱꜱ♔
  22. I'm new to SL and I'm finding editing my avatar and changing outfits/clothes a bit tricky. Does anyone have any tips and tricks for when it comes down to customising your avatar? Recommendations for free clothes and other items would be greatly appreciated too! Also - I found some free clothes in one of the new-user friendly 'spaces' (is that what you call them?) and I was trying on a crop top and wanted to wear some pants with it however it would only let me wear either the crop or the pants? Am I doing something wrong or is there a certain thing I need to do to wear both at the same ti
  23. Hello there everybody i am still considered a newbie since ileft Sl two years ago and i only have 2 months of experience way back in 2018 and now i want catch up to sl again make friends have fun so i am looking for a job as a starter i am so willing to learn and also up to anythting i have a lot of free time so contact me if intrested or need any further detail. 😃 Have a gr8 day yall
  24. Hello everyone, I created my SL a few years ago, but the thing is, as soon as I created it, I left it. Now I would like to come back and in order to do so I want my avatar to look good, the problem is that I don't have any Linden and I don't want to spend my real money. So I'm looking for a job, I'm open to any offers (except escort). I'm basically a newbie, but I'm willing to learn. I'm a woman, I have a flexible schedule, I can speak English and Spanish, and I can customize my avatar the way you want it to look (but you'll have to provide the shape and skin). Also, I'm a writer in
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