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  1. Hellooo I have a question if I link my bank and card to my paypal and buy lindens with said bank and bank card that is linked to paypal then unlink the card (once its been verified) will I still be able to use PayPal as my preferred way to pay? Without a card? Sorry if its confusing I basically asking if when I link my bank and card to paypal then buy lindens with it after its been verified by my bank can I then unlink the bank and card and buy lindens with my paypal balance as my preferred way to pay?
  2. How do I cash out lindens to paypal?
  3. I have been having issues with payment on second life for about two weeks now. I made my first account which I connected to my visa debit card, which I came to realise was not a supported payment type. I then switched to PayPal, did not work, my payments kept coming back as failed or declined. I then installed Skrill (in each my account was verified), and same issue again. i decided to make a new account and just added Skrill as my payment type and received a new error message this time, that is “ we are unable to complete your request.. You can’t exchange currency… click here for more info” I live in Ireland so my main currency is euro, however I have automatically changed to usd on my Skrill balance, so idk what the issue is. could anyone advise on this? would getting a credit card instead solve anything? any help is appreciated
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  5. En dias pasasdos realice un retiro a Paypal despues de unos dias el sistema dice que ya culmino el proceso, sin embargo sigo sin ver reflejado el dinero en la cuenta Paypal ¿Que debo hacer?
  6. I am so confused on how to sell linden on secondlife, i have sold linden via the exhcnage and now it says i have USD in my Tillia account balance how do i get that out of there and into my bank account? I have linked my paypal but the process credit button is greyed out however i sold linden on the exchange can anyone tell me what this means or how to do it?
  7. I'm want to buy Lindens, but I'm also unemployed at the moment so I don't have an bank account but I do get money sent to my playpal for the small work that I do. Is thee a way to still get Lindens without having a active bank account? Or just some way that I can buy Lindens so that i can work in Second Life Rp to turn my Lindens into real money? his is the message that I get
  8. Gente, alguém sabe me dizer porque aparece essa mensagem de erro quando tento processar crédito/transferir o dinheiro da minha conta pro PayPal? Erro: Você excedeu o seu limite diário de solicitação de nível de alíquota. Tá, mas como excedi algo que sequer consegui transferir com sucesso alguma vez na vida? É a primeira vez que estou tentando transferir os dólares do Second Life para o PayPal e dá essa mensagem. O valor que estou tentando transferir é de pouco mais de 13 dólares, o que não excede nenhum limite diário. Alguém aí já passou por esse problema?
  9. Hey, so last nigh I bought 2500 L$ with my bank account. And today I added in my paypal account also. I was wondering when will my trading limits go up at selling ..and when and how I can transfer my L$ into USD on my paypal account, because I also heard that I can't transfer my money into my bank account. But I already bought L$ with my bank account. I would love to get an answer with that and help me out with it .. my limits are 0 out of 0 at selling in 24 hours and 30 days. Thank you!
  10. Hi good day. I have been having trouble buying lindens. There is always a problem when I try to register a payment method and it sends me to a link that doesn't work much. I want to know if there is a problem with my account, what should I do?
  11. Olá, estou com uma duvida, eu havia colocado na minha conta um cartão de crédito nacional pelo paypal. Agora eu tentei comprar lindens e na hora do erro informou que eu não tenho fundos suficientes. Eu preciso recarregar o paypal com o meu cartão de credito para fazer comprar lindens?
  12. Hi all, this might be a dumb question but I am currently paying for L via paypal and have noticed it does not ask for any for of confirmation and simply buys said L in question. I am wondering if this is only for my PC? Mostly asking because if i ever lose access to my account down the line, I want that added security that even though paypal is linked to the account, they would be unable to buy L on another system/device. Or does this need to be toggled on paypals site itself? Cheers.
  13. Hello friends, hopefully this is the correct spot to post this. Back in November of last year I processed USD credit to my paypal. I did have a suspension on my account due to suspicion of fraud a few days after but I had it cleared up within a week and was taken off suspension. I was told that my credit would be processed as normal. It's been 7 months now and it still hasn't processed. I'm curious if there's anything I can do/anybody I can contact about this issue. Thanks in advance!
  14. Hello! How much does it takes to wait for a transfer to the paypal ( I know it says 2-5 days) and when does it make sense to contact support today? 7 working days have passed, status is "in progress". I read that if you contact support, the transfer will be canceled and everything will have to be re-transferred and wait again. What cause such delay? Any holidays past week?
  15. why I can`t cash out to paypal??it is a long time it is said in progress ...but i waited for a month without success. it is said in progress!!!!why????????
  16. (sorry for english) I haven't been cashout money in over 2 years. 2 weeks ago i cashout 3times. then tried again. opened a ticket it says blocked my money and an agent wanted my goverment id and home adress bill. i sent my documents. she/he asked me what I did work i replied. then he is asked and wanted many things i sent everything and i replied every questions. but still agent dont unblock my money. still "In Progress" have been one week. I tried to talk to other people they are not answered me. finally i give up cash out my money and i said pay back to my account my money. and unbelievable but he/she is said "NO! your money stay -in progress-" SO... linden lab stolen my 1000 usd. i cannot take my own money, they are not pay back to my account, i cannot reach another agent or manager/director or someone else. i lost my 1000 usd everyone be careful about cash out.
  17. I cannot believe that Linden Labs makes it so difficult to send them money. It's a strange business model at the very least. I have a PayPal account, connected to a major credit card (NOT a debit card, an actual credit card). Yet according to the Linden rep I talked to today, that's no longer good enough. NOW, my PayPal account has to be connected to an actual BANK account and I have to hand over my bank account routing number to PayPal. PayPal disputes this, by the way, saying that their payment method should be perfectly acceptable to Linden Labs. This is because, in case somebody, somehow, MAKES money on SL (I've never known anyone that made that much) and wants to withdraw Lindens , Linden Labs cannot send it to a credit card, only a bank account. How about just putting it in PAYPAL for the SL user and let the SL user WITHDRAW IT FROM PAYPAL. WHY, would Linden Labs need to somehow route it to your bank??? Thats not LL's concern. Nevertheless, my PayPal account, backed by a major credit card, is no longer good enough.. So, after seven years on SL, it's apparently time to leave. No money = not much to do. So long everyone. Its been fun, until Linden Labs managed to mess it up.
  18. cuanto es lo minimo que puedo ingresar desde mi cuenta paypal y tambien desde skrill. tengo entendido que cobran una comision asi que si quiero ingresar 10 dolares para comprar lindens debo disponer de poco mas de 11 dolares. otra pregunta, si quiero ingresar el dinero desde la cuenta skrill debo poseer tarjeta de debito de skrill o lo hago directo de la cuenta skrill? y la cuenta skrill debe estar a mi nombre o puedo usar la de otra persona?
  19. Привет! Я не помню ответа на секретный вопрос из моей основной учетной записи. Моя учетная запись была зарегистрирована почти 8 лет назад, и я нигде не записывал ответ на секретный вопрос. Но я слышал, что он должен войти, когда вы получите запрос на личную информацию. И если я не могу ответить на этот вопрос, помимо подтверждения документов, моя учетная запись может быть заморожена. Правильно? Теперь я являюсь владельцем магазина, и я собираюсь снять свой доход с моей учетной записи PayPal . Поэтому я создал вторую учетную запись, а мой сценарий поставщика, из основной учетной записи, отправляет выручку в эту учетную запись. Мне интересно, правильно ли я сделал это? Если я продолжу передачу L $ между двумя моими учетными записями, будет ли LL запрашивать подтверждение моей основной учетной записи? Мне нужен ответ на секретный вопрос для проверки моей учетной записи? В идеале я хотел бы подтвердить только мою основную учетную запись и сделать передачу в PayPal только через нее. Так как это более удобно. Что нужно для этого? ps : Я не хотел создавать отдельные темы для всех этих вопросов, так как он тесно связан друг с другом. У моей подруги такая же проблема. На самом деле, я знаю многих людей, которые столкнулись с проблемой забытого ответа на секретный вопрос ...
  20. Hello, I have been introduced to Remitly, (https://www.remitly.com) which is like Paypal and Skrill but has much better integration with local banks outside US, making it easier and simpler to transfer funds directly to bank account without having to transfer to a debit card first. Let me suggest to Linden Labs to add the option to add a Remitly account to our "Payment methods" so we can transfer money into an account in their service. Pretty please!
  21. Salve a tutti, sto cercando di aggiungere il mio account PayPal ma non ci riesco. Clicco il link, si apre la schermata di PayPal, inserisco i dati richiesti, clicco aggiungi ma non succede nulla... nonostante abbia compilato tutti i dati correttamente, continua a chiedermi di collegare la carta di credito.
  22. hello everyone, 2 days ago i pu tin a reques to process credits for the L$ balance on my account, and it's been 2 days and it's STILL not there, that's really weird because last time i did it , i was like perfectly two days, what is going on that is delaying this? anyone please help requested 6-20 todays date 6-22 so plss?
  23. Hello! I have some concern about me having two stores that both give me enough lindens to send to the same paypal account. The thing is that I was requested to give my ID for one of them some time ago because of my process credit balance. Thats good and all but now that my other account is giving me anough lindens too I am requested again to give my ID. I actually never occured to me to ask what is the stand of Linden Labs on having an alt that also earns enough to process credit to the same person. Can I actually have two stores if both get enough?
  24. I'm trying to link my Paypal account with my Sl account, but I seem to be having issues.. It says first that It needs to be an account accepted by a bank account (or something along the lines) and it already is.. My paypals working.. Is there something I am missing or should I wait and try again at another time? Thanks!
  25. Hi there! Okay, so I'm new to Second Life. I've visited once or twice, but never really got too into it. I've been eyeing some complete avatars in the marketplace recently so I wanted to buy some Linden$. Now, I use GPB, but I know PayPal does change the USD to GBP when checking out. I have a PayPal account, I sign in to buy Linden Dollars and suddenly this comes up: " - By clicking Agree and Continue I confirm that I want to use Visa # for my current and future purchases with Linden Research, Inc.. I authorise Linden Research, Inc. to charge my PayPal account for such purchases and I instruct PayPal to pay such amounts. I understand this lets me check out faster by not having to log in to PayPal to complete my purchase. I understand that if I have a PayPal balance, that balance will be used first and that if my preferred funding source has expired or been declined, PayPal will charge my backup funding source. I can change my preferred funding source or cancel this authorisation at any time in my PayPal Account. The payments will be treated by PayPal as pre-approved payments as specified in the PayPal User Agreement. - " To be clear, I don't want to pre-approve any transactions. I want to buy a one off $20+ and leave it at that for now (especially since, from what I've read, a lot of this game does use real cash albeit converted to Lindens). I'm looking to purchase a cool avatar and roam around the freebie areas, no fancy land holdings or anything like that. If I enjoy SL and want another, then I may choose to spend more but as of right now, that's a big if. I feel safer with any and all online shopping when I have to use PayPal's checkout so I can watch exactly what I'm buying and when. So far I can't see any option to remove the faster checkout or the pre-approved purchases. Most websites offer pre-approved/faster checkout as a tickbox (which I always avoid/untick) but I can't see it here. Please let me know if I missed anything or how to amend this in one of the account options. Thanks in advance.
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