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  1. Five word Story Game

    crack house. Where the sailors
  2. Five word Story Game

    *sits quietly....scratching his head*
  3. I don't really understand your statement. Is it just because you have a premium account and you spend money, you think that people with free accounts can't spend lindens inworld? Premium members are not the only ones who rent land, buy clothing on MP, give money to other avatars for...um...services. You may spend more money than some people (me for example) but I'm sure that others spend as much if not maybe more than you. Can you justify your statement?
  4. Five word Story Game

    forgetting all about the babies
  5. Did that topic just get deleted?

    *response deleted by unknown sources*
  6. Five word Story Game

    which gives a woody flavor (OP's note...remember, no posts in a row by the same user..no matter how funny they are. Thanks)
  7. someone introduced me to Raffi about 5 years ago. I immediately put "Bananaphone" on as my ringtone.
  8. Uh...no it's not
  9. Five word Story Game

    Babies are small...so small
  10. SL Character & FB

    I don't have a FB for my avatar, but members of my SL family did. It supposedly gave them the opportunity to keep in touch when they weren't inworld. I guess they posted photos and things on it..I never really took much notice to it.
  11. Gift cards and Lindens?

    On that topic, I wonder why the Lab doesn't put out gift cards for SL. Most other games do it. It would be so easy for someone to go to the store, buy one and that person would use it to buy Lindens inworld. Just curious.....
  12. Five word Story Game

    *slowly opens baby shaking manual*
  13. Back to the topic at hand.... I disagree with "disincentives" for free accounts. I have never paid for a premium account because I don't feel that they're worth it. Giving users a $300L a week stipend and a free SL house really doesn't justify the money that I'd put into it each month. Plus, when LL runs deals for premium membership, the fine print is a real turn off (1/2 price on ONE month of a quarterly membership). I've also been lucky in the fact that I have never had to put a single RL cent into my accounts, I've gotten jobs (adult ones mostly) that have given me a pretty decent bank account. Besides that, I've never rented land in SL, as I find it too expensive...and having to work to pay rent in SL is too much like RL for me. Making free residents suffer by not paying premium would definitely hurt users. I think that if (after 8 years) LL restricted my access because I was a free account, I'd probably leave. Adding better incentives (reduction of premium costs, larger land, better stipend) might get more people to change, but I'm pretty much against paying for SL period, so I still wouldn't change. As for the whole griefer issue, I'm sorry that you're having these problems. Yes, the ability to open accounts and close them again is a problem. I run into them in groups that I'm in a couple times a week, but making everyone suffer because of a few asshats, really isn't fair or the best way to handle the problem. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming already in progress......