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  1. I just wish it didn't cost $50 to have it changed. If it was, like, $30 I think more people would do it.
  2. Ogling fat ti***es every night BUSTY (not very PC but what the hell....)
  3. *Waves Back* I'm still around. Just not as active as I used to be
  4. That seems a bit extreme, isn't it?
  5. Not as big as the block list on my cell phone...between mortgage companies trying to buy my house, people asking about my extended warranty and companies trying to pay down my credit card debt, I have no room left. *laughs*
  6. I'm a bit late to this topic but I guess it would matter if the copycat was stalking you as well. If someone copies your look, there's not a huge deal. People can tell who's who by looking at your name. But if this person is following you and hanging all over (unwantedly), then you need to tell them to get lost. That's my two cents
  7. There's always the option of changing your lindens to dollars (via paypal or something) and paying tier that way.
  8. Please lift up my s*** (as in moving furniture...get your minds out of the gutter, huh!!!) DRIVE
  9. There's no getting rid of them... WannaBe Dom: gonna pound that a** hard and wild WannaBe Dom: gonna f*** the s*** out Not Your Submissive : well...that's an interesting opening line WannaBe Dom: have it ready b**** WannaBe Dom: ill send you tp WannaBe Dom: understood ? Not Your Submissive : if you say so WannaBe Dom: come WannaBe Dom: dont need you wearing all those clothes WannaBe Dom: undress and keep your heels on .... Not Your Submissive : how about a hello first?? WannaBe Dom: no no no..... WannaBe Dom: proceed as told Not Your Submissive : why? WannaBe Dom: no questions WannaBe Dom: what did i ask you to do ? Not Your Submissive : too late..I already asked WannaBe Dom: time waster Not Your Submissive : what made you think I was some kind of submissive ***** who would just do whatever you ask? Not Your Submissive : no answer? And that was it.....
  10. He's really better known for his Droopy Dog cartoons.
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