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  1. This is a fairly convoluted story so bear with me... Back in 2008, I had an alt who was a slave to a Mistress. One night, she had me kneeling in front of her, just doing nothing, while she played with another slave she had. No hello..no conversation...just kneeling there. Upset me so much being completely ignored like that that I left her and decided that I would find the manliest name that I could and create a new character. My choices were Tex or Clint. Wound up checking through the list of last names (it was 2009 after all) and found Monday. I thought that Tex Monday was a pretty manly name so I took it.
  2. I have taken a few. The instructors are very good. Plus they do some stuff for kajira through their website
  3. I realize I'm a bit late to this discussion but there is a group inworld called Gorean Campus (secondlife:///app/group/585caae1-111e-f4d5-4cbc-12f8ac657248/about). They also have a sim where they do their lessons (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gorean Campus/6/127/23)
  4. Good day everyone, I'm just curious...since LL is now allowing people to change their names in Second Life, coupled with the fact that it costs you $40USD to do it... has anyone actually done it? If so, what name did you choose? I don't have to, fortunately, but wondering if people are.
  5. Hello friends... Have you ever wanted to be abducted by aliens and used as concubines or breeding stock? Even wanted to play an alien or alien collaborator and abduct unsuspecting Earth girls? Then come join our new alien group: Serve or Join the Alien Empire. Check out the group or IM me for more information.
  6. Good day humans, I have started a new alien roleplay group. Come check it out. *********************************************************************************************************************************************** Serve or Join the Alien Empire This group is for females wishing to be abducted by the Great and Glorious Vaspuemian Empire to become concubines or breeding stock. It is also for alien or human males who wish to join the Empire and use these females for their own pleasures. Females are permitted to use this group communicate with each other to discuss their fates. (IMPORTANT: If you wish to breed with or become breeding stock, you must have the Mama Allpa HUD.) secondlife:///app/group/e1d742fb-3bab-897d-0c98-6d94c14a4624
  7. Granted. Getting it rolling is no problem, but the people working on it are incompetent and argumentative and never get anything done. I don't have a wish, so I wish to pass my wish on to the next wisher
  8. I may be late to the conversation so forgive me (I've been out of the forums for quite some time, just finding my way back in) 11 years ago, I was on a bondage website and the owner said that she was playing in SL. Decided to try it and 11 years and 7 avatars later, I'm still here.
  9. Discussion questions: How many of you have done or thought of doing this? (Starting a new account completely.) Never thought about deleting my account. I just keep adding until I can't keep track of them anymore. Some of my alts had specific purposes (dancing/escorting, Gorean play, aliens) so I kind of play each of them when the mood hits me. Do you keep the old account for nostalgia reasons? Again, wouldn't get rid of them. Two of them are over 10 years old and NOT MESH..makes it easier to change from one personality to another when I want to change it up. That way, I try not to get too bored. How do you feel about others doing this exact thing, Do you know anyone who has? Let people do what they want. It's SL after all..if we're not here to have fun, what's the point? I'm sure that I do, but they've never told me. They just fall off the face of the world and I never see them again. I assume that they've gotten into something else. It's sad to lose people like that, but hey...not my SL.
  10. I read the book...absolutely HATED IT!! Part of the reason might have been it was kind of close to SL, but more likely it was just really badly written, with totally unlikable characters and a very predictable plot. Needless to say, I'm not going to see the movie. Sorry, Mr. Spielberg
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