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  1. I read the book...absolutely HATED IT!! Part of the reason might have been it was kind of close to SL, but more likely it was just really badly written, with totally unlikable characters and a very predictable plot. Needless to say, I'm not going to see the movie. Sorry, Mr. Spielberg
  2. http://slnamewatch.com/ I don't go to it that often, but it's still interesting to see how many last names they had and how many people share yours.
  3. Nay... no more needs to be said
  4. *takes out his Bishop's cassock* I have a special penance so you all can be forgiven for your sins.... *smiles evilly*
  5. OSHA regulations....it adds to workplace accidents
  6. That's pretty amazing. I did see it before, but didn't realize until just now that it was the Five Word Game thread. Wow...we really don't make much sense in this, do we?
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