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  1. Even it if's wrong....that's what I always get told about mine! 😅 if it's wrong....see what I'm talking about???
  2. Something funny I saw that fits in with this conversation..... Enjoy!!!
  3. Oh no...my RL personality is exactly like my SL one...bombastic, megalomanical, egotistical, overbearing.....😀 Obviously since I play a space alien bent on taking over the galaxy, he is played much differently than my RL personality. It IS possible to immerse yourself. It's all acting. You're playing a part. It's a lot of fun for me to talk about conquering the Earth and subjugating its peoples as slaves to the Great and Glorious Vaspuemian Empire. That makes SL fun and exciting. You should try being someone else sometime....
  4. You're not really missing anything, honestly. It's a text only app that closes if you open up anything else while you're in it. I'd like to see something better for iphones, but sadly it doesn't exist
  5. I use one called Pocket MV. It's text based only. But after checking the App Store, I don't think it exists anymore...sorry
  6. This may not be about your AVI but a lot of times if someone sees a female avatar with a description that says something like "Sorry guys, I'm only into girls", they immediately think that the user is a man. Reasoning is, of course, that all women only love men and that all the females on SL couldn't possibly be lesbians. 😀 I've played many female avatars on SL (as dancers and escorts...and did very well) and no one ever knew that I was a guy. I had a funny story once that while my avatar was "working" some guy called me a guy because I wouldn't voice or cam with him. Granted he was right
  7. Now, if you charged people $1L to read each one...then you'd have something.
  8. You say "Meet the Lindens" and the Flintstones theme song goes through my head......
  9. I, Lord Dralnu; High Exalted Ruler of Vaspuemia; Conqueror of the Seven Nebulas; Architect of the Journeys of Subjugation; Sovereign of Great and Bountiful Vaspuemian Empire have no problem with humans. The Empire has been monitoring your worthless back water planet for some time and has been abducting females for experimentation and breeding stock. When we finally decide to invade, we shall have a perfect working knowledge of your people and the best ways to conquer and use the planet's resources. (After shutting Lord Dralnu up for a moment) I think people are human in SL because
  10. I'm a bit late to the party (as always) but as a player in SL who has been here since 2008, here's my take... WHO THE F**K CARES??? Do what you want...be happy. No one is going to know unless you tell them. My only advise (aside from what's already been said about not telling people) is as long as you act the part, the other person isn't going to know. If you're going to play a girl, just learn to act like one, talk like one, react like one. If you've got the hangup about it, then that's something you need to work on but for the greater SL community, no one cares.
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