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  1. i was getting those messages! and my boat could not get into my parcel either. i have requested a restart. lets see...BTW...what is a host change and can LL do it upon request?
  2. Hello.....my partner rented property on Brazos. for the past week we have been having issues ib rezzing. right now, the issue is that when we rez a prim from the build menu, that prim is phantom! even tho the phantom checkbox is unchecked! i rez normally at firestorm and other sandboxes so i know there is an issue with the parcel. we were hoping that the restart this week may solve the issue but id didnt. If a Linden is listening...cd you please have Brazos restarted? for others...can you guide as in what cd be the problem and if i can correct it at my end Regards
  3. i been having teh same issue for an hour......i hope its not at my end
  4. Hi I changed my DNS settings to the google public dns. this was about an hour ago. but now my firestorm keeps saying "Login failure...despite our best efforts..." i can browse the web over both my chrome and edge. can you tell me if google public dns works with SL? thanks
  5. user = llDetectedKey(0); listen1 = llListen(-99, "", user, ""); llDialog(user, "\nThis is it kiddo!\n You can add upto 4 babies", ["Setup", "Begin Tracking","Exit" ] , -99); } listen(integer chan, string name, key id, string msg){ if (msg == "Exit"){ llSay(0,"Closing..."); close_stuff(); } if (msg == "Setup"){ llDialog(user, "\nAdd Names\n You can add upto 4 babies", ["2nd Baby", "3rd Baby","4th Baby","1st Baby","Back" ] , -99); } if(msg=="Back"){ llDialog(user, "\nThis is it kiddo!\
  6. its a samsung with intel core i5..... it also has nvidia 520T geforece card installed. i have not had this issue before....just started since yesterday
  7. hi...my laptop switches off as soon as i log in firestorm. i log in at my home...it rezzes...then after 2-3 minutes......it switches off browsing the web/youtube work fine any idea why?
  8. Hi I am the owner of a group. I have seen various groups where the member lists are not visible - even for members. I would like to know how to hide the members list. thanks in advance
  9. I have a paypal account with a paybal balance. it is not linked to my bank or to my cc 1. since i have a 'paypal balance', i shd be able to buy lindens? 2. when i go to buy lindens, i select the paypal option and then it asks for a credit card. why? i just want to buy directly from my paypal balance. any help wd be appreciated
  10. Hi......is there any other way to verify age besides billing info?
  11. Hi what wd be a good way to make a tube float on water? like a bobbing action with drift kfm ? or some other?
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