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  1. Read those instructions, all the fishing games I know if have instruction webpages that tell you how to find a new buoy. Yes they run out, that's the way they are constucted. Someone pays let's say 400L to attract visitors and once those 400L are taken by fishers and the fishing game company's share you move on. You can easily do an average of 10L to 20L in most fishing games an hour as well as in crytsal hunting at Linden Realms (more in LR if you know what you are doing and no one is around to obsruct you).
  2. No one ever doubted you can make Lindens there ... we just doubted her "I don't care what it costs" prize tag for outfit, those can be had way cheaper but that needs some smart shopping skills =^.^=
  3. Did anyone even read the old thread? If it is OKed by the original designer there's no problem, otherwise....
  4. That was my expectation too, staying back with buying breedables and pets until we see something big happen. I would really hope to see KIttycats enter animesh, they managed to get cute pets with the limited posssibilities they had, imagine what they could do with animesh.
  5. Sorry for hijacking the thread, they announced going animesh, or is that just a speculation?
  6. Those FXes are not bad, but but they are quite a power sink and a heater. The cooler that comes with them is absolutely not sufficient to handle the heat they can produce. But that does not cause screen freezes, it shuts down your whole computer. So we most likely experience something different there. For me the freezes ended once I switched to a 64 bit viewer.
  7. They will emerge, or not... most belleza users will by now have 3rd party hands, it's up to creators to decide if there is a market worth it. Given that, you can attach old rings to ring finger attachment points. They should move along fine while attached there (other fingers need bento rigging, though).
  8. I wonder how many of your competitors put back on your pants while you were at it. Remember, it's clickable by everyone
  9. How stupid do you take the Lindens to be? They have a law department. If gacha would be illegal, they would have stopped it by now =^.^= Brains are the most even distributed asset in whole humanity, no one ever complained they got to few of it yet =^.^=
  10. ...wait that's OK, but Gachas should be banned? See your own post below: So it is OK for you to game one system but others should be not allowed to game on another? Because you say so?
  11. Oh you have several animation sources: inbuildts in the hand, hand positioners (in body HUD or seperate), bento furniture, bento items with hold animation, bento animated gestures all those can animate your avatar's hand...
  12. Sure they will get filled, but before long owners will learn the secret about those mysterious beings called "bots" and keep 100% of the tips.
  13. No but he will go "I just spent 1000L on my virtual pregancy donor HUD, let's look for a quick 50L romp compatible with that because I now cannot afford a higher prize escort anymore after buying all that stuff" =^.^= For sure he will, we heard the expert talking.
  14. maybe another premium perk =^.^=: "see forum signatures" Nope, don't see them either, maybe they are deactivated by default?
  15. My first encounter with this was bad furniture. Ever since then, "mocap" label reads "buyers beware" to me =^.^=. Short techie explanation (Animators please correct me if wrong): With the advent of bento animators now are allowed to upload animations that move (translate) bones instead of rotate them around the neighbour joint. The raw mocap is just positions. It must be processed into rotation animations. If it isn't the resulting animations will distort you into the proportions and size of the original avatar it was recorded for...)
  16. As far as I know the only method is by using invisiprims and deactivating advanced lighting. It will still appear to be under water for most of your guests though. PS: Oh just had a an lightbulb event (experienced windlight wizards please shatter it if wrong) You perhaps can build a box shaped house underwater with a different windlight if you can manage to subdivide your parcel into a small enough parcel with a low enough different height for the windlight.
  17. Did you use any bad animations (translation ones instead of rotation for the techies). Those can leave your hands in a deformed way, try undeform if undeform helps some previous animation (could be even an inbuildt one in one of the hands) deformed you.
  18. shh don't call her bluff, she might run away and I ordered all the popcorn for nothing You can rebuild the furniture for it, but that does not need a catwa head (any bento will do) and access to that furniture's scripts, nothing to do with the head of the avatar which will use it.
  19. Leave it to SL residents to gamify prostitution
  20. How do you even do that without demos - profit I mean? Hope you are not offended, but I most likely would not buy from you if I had no demo.
  21. It is the only head I know that reacts to the out of date facial expressions in furniture without helper HUDs. And let's face it, obviously the places you frequent cannot use any up to date furniture with bento facial expressions or the problem would not even arise... You always insist on how important customisation is while obvioulsy resorting back to plain jane average choices... I don't get it. Do you even read what you wrote before you hit that submit button and insult everyone around you?
  22. Thank you for the reminder, I already stopped looking in here before you posted it.
  23. Yay, looks nice. You got me interested (an also posting to bump the add in the other thread down)
  24. What is overpriced and what not is difficult to decide. I actually sometimes buy pretty expensive stuff when I deem the creator worthy of my lindens (that can be weird criteria like having the outfit fit niche market mesh bodies too which I do not even own but I honour their effort to keep us diverse)
  25. ah yes... or learn scripting =^.^=
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