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  1. Could be a limited time offer as well. Who knows what is going on in a creator's brain? And selling it at 99 will more likely generate much more lindens in total than selling it at 500 ever would.
  2. Most are gone by now, I fear. I know one good one, but that is a sim cluster targeted to girls, so not much use to you... I guess you should ask a forum mod to move the post over to "commerce" > "wanted"... you might be more lucky over there. Also try out events. Look at 3rd party information aggregators to find them (not sure if I am allowed to post names in here, and also at shops you visit, many have ads for upcoming events)
  3. Why so binary? Femboy hunt is still up. Mix and match and grab some items there, Love My alt will never ever have good stuff I don't own for myself ^^
  4. sorry for the misunderstanding, you quoted me before, so that was leading me on a wrong track there As why they yell at you? Frustration I guess. Most likely the majority of them will calm down within minutes
  5. Thats's a different thing alltogether Innula, I slowly begin to suspect that the bad N -word was replaced by underage content in SL's version of Godwin's law
  6. Welcome to SL Roziela. Hop around some sims to find one, good luck. Takes a while to find a good one. Personally I'm not into steampunk either but I found a bunch of friendly folks at a steampunk InfoHUB so I keep going there. and look for fun stuff to do. SL has the weirdest communities around. There is a big sailing community, and a big aviation one. There used to be a big community of virtual railroaders and hobos (those are stilll out there, nut sure if rails folk flock to communities nowadays though). All those communities have their own meeting places and usually do parties as well. I enjoyed doing costume contests for a while in several clubs... So much to do, no idea where to start... EDIT: Oh... and look at shopping blogs, some stores do anniversary parties or similar, as do a bunch of Events.
  7. Erm,... I never called you a dictator, I never even called you anything, ... ... and shhh if you like to feel offended by things not targeted at you, at least get them right here's a free language lesson: A tinpot dictator is no dictator, a tinpot dictator is more like a dictator wannabe. Usually the only person that considers a tinpot dictator a real dictator... is the tinpot dictator him/herself.
  8. yes there is: most new mesh bodies now include bento hands ^^ I still wear my vistas (female) though, despite having others now
  9. Stop helping newbies or some InfoHub will shanghai you and enlist you as their local pet lion ^^
  10. Ah see, yes indeed I was reading your post that way. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
  11. I know. I currently only sell one 0L item myself. But there is a difference between freebies and demoes without a linked full product
  12. look up MP rules https://marketplace.secondlife.com/de-DE/listing_guidelines go to "Disallowed Actions" > "Non item listings" What you recommend here, does not seem to be allowed You might however be allowed to sell a minimalistic HUD or one colour outfit on MP and sell all the really good addon stuff in an inworld store (but might however not be allowed to advertise this in your MP description, disclaimer: I'm no legal expert, I'm not even from the US, please consult a lawyer if you are not sure about the TOS)
  13. Yay, I really hope those subscriber lists don't get updated. I really HOPE ^^ I can always resubscribe to those I like ;-)
  14. I'm not sure, but I think TP home and TP invite both overrided parcel forced landing, LMs don't. So if you actually set your home in your little skybox and default parcel teleport to ground level that should keep away most accidental intruders. Teleporters on ground level would kinda give it away so I would keep them out. And here's a little cat burgler's advice on entering those closed buildings: Zoom in, see if there is sittable furniture inside and just sit... Tada instant teleport. As this is also your skybox, you can just rez a chair inside to TP there. I had my own workbench chair on the roof of the club I once managed long ago to do exactly that. Please don't use this knowledge to sneak into other people's homes, that would be rude. But it's a great way to hop to the other side of a laggy sim within seconds if there are public chairs available. =^.^= PS: if you have prims left you can place a beach chair on top of your skybox. Nothing beats sunbathing on your virtual roof and waving to the occasional plane pilots that pass by.
  15. Uh there is one? Where did you find it?
  16. Yes, but even when I successfully shrunk my trout pout to a level that does not say "I have a love afair with a botox salesmen" the corners of my lips still have lip texture on it, which seems Akasha's problem with the head she's demoing, her pictures shows lip texture the way you would maybe apply lipstick, but your actually lips go out all to the corner.
  17. Maybe it's a Catwa issue, try other brands, I don't have Catwa or Vista and I don't have the issues. Maybe it's not even the Catwa, maybe it's just the supplied skin. Can you demo other 3rd party skin demos on the Catwa head?
  18. NTP is network time protocol, it keeps the clocks in computers around the globe consistant. Of course it can have other problems but my first guess when someone tells me my clock is off is: To check if my clock is on time.
  19. It might help to configure your machine to synchronize with an ntp server. Some seconds off might be enough to kill the login. Look up in a manual how to do this with your OS.
  20. What Miss Aeon says. I reccommend the subforums: Forums > Merchants > Wanted
  21. Not sure if this would be allowed either. But having items only in the inworld store surely is and many creators long ago started walking that path
  22. You like bad reviews, don't you? Because I in such a secnario I would leave one just to stop getting annoyed. Mind you, I give positive reviews too. Buts most of the time I simply don't leave a review at all. Why? I got what I payed for, I'm more or less happy about it. A review isn't anonymous, It shows everyone I bought that product. Now if I run into something that positivley surprises me, I gladly put my name there. If I run into an issue I contact the creator and usually get it resolved. So far I never had to leave a 1 star review. That whole review thing is useless anyways. I have seen stores advertising that I will get a gift if I leave a 5 star review both inworld and dirctly on MP. I have seen store owners beg their groupies to leave 5 star reviews on a demo so some silly 1 star review by another person does not get as much weight... PS: If you tell us only bad reviews are left by people... it makes me really suspicious who did all the good ones in your store
  23. Shh don't give away that secret I would so love to see them do more dresses for us part time ferals ^^ But yeah, that's kind of the problem, let's say I buy CompanyB's mesh body which really looks fine , but unfortunately l don't have enough cloth for it, and I want to shop some cloth... I will still wear CompanyA's mesh body because I already have enough outfits saved on it that are PG and low complexity enough to go shopping in, whereas I don't have for the body I would prefer. Yay, never bought anything from her so far, but if she happens to support the body I want, I most likely will in the future. As I already said above, I liked her honest "what body would you like us to produce for in the future?" question. Because if you are in my position and would like to buy a body but so far shied back because of the lack of cloth you can still check that box. So far I didn't buy that body, I bought a feral horse instead which has more 3rd party mesh support ^^
  24. Ah yes I see the problem, there was some misunderstanding. The Boutique section just refers to clothing items. I think you have all the body parts needed now. (as far as I understand, you have body, head, skin for head) Go grab some free cloth for it (might take a while due to the way the Shops are designed, but right now their cloth are free and you already have a body, right?)
  25. Yes drake that is a justification I read in one of the copybot foums as well. I think the problem is a recent court ruling about abbandonware online games allowing folks to fix those games to make them run again. Many people have a hard time differentiating between what "feels right" and what is actual law. I read it even somewhere in the forums that people now hope LL will remove restrictions of items by creators that left SL based on that court ruling. See the problem? The items most often didn't get useless with recent SL updates. No one purchased a software in this case, people just purchased the right to use a digital good in a virtual world. So is it comparable? No. Do people feel it is comparable? Yes. Same problem with the base assumption of most copybotters. If I buy something in in RL, I'm usually allowed to do whatever I want with it. No one can hold me back unless I do something illegal. People now think it's the same with virtual goods, which of course it isn't. But unfortunatelly this does not stop them feeling "right" about what they do.
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