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  1. Many places are closing and this is due to world wide recession in many countries, and SL is a luxury not a necessity , LL has to understand one must go with the flow and price increases at this point in time I think is detrimental to SL.
  2. No the responsibility is the the person who rents the stream not the company that provides it, its up the persons who stream to make sure they are legally entitled to stream music and have obtained a licences from the ( UK) PRS and PPL as far as I am aware, LL needs to clarity this
  3. Alwin can you please rewrite in english please
  4. If you play live music in any form , one being a dj in sl are you breaking any of the licencing laws and TOS?
  5. Am trying to submit a destination ( 50s diner) but no category any suggestions folks
  6. First I promote on trying to keep people in sl than trying to promote more,
  7. All well good Zed, but Sl has stagnated, maybe the novelty has worn off and the price for membership ,
  8. If I'm asked personal questions or to give that info, its bye bye SL
  9. Jules your defence is flawed and clutching straws, Gas, electricity, water and even internet now are necessities unlike SL , and I agree if something thats a luxury costs to much or one cannot afford then one can cancel,thats my point,
  10. Bigmoe, some folk this is their second-life ( pardon the pun) but its at a cost and for the likes of me and maybe others one has to draw the line as to what its worth
  11. Its simple Chic, if you going to up the price then give paying members more for their money, either more land space for same payment in Tiers or lower tiers, price increases with nothing in return will only cause paying members to downgrade or leave
  12. membership $72 per year Tiers $22.00 x 12 = $264 minus Stipen L$ 15.600 =$54.04 $336 - $54.04 grand total $281 all for 4096 sq of land if I was to rent 4096sq of land that would be at L$400 per week that comes out to $1.38 then x by 52 = $71.76
  13. I pay now membership $72 per year Tiers $22.00 x 12 = $264 all for 4096 sq of land if I was to rent 4096sq of land that would be at L$400 per week that comes out to $1.38 then x by 52 = $71.76
  14. I did do my Maths and found that what I pay in a yearly account and my tiers for a 4096sq land, I could rent for much cheaper,
  15. I have always been a premium account holder with land, but now I wondering if I should save my money on yearly sub and tiers and just rent what I want, it would be far cheaper,
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