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  1. I have seen you before solar, you always seem very high on negativity, when is your next fix???
  2. Its got nothing to do if I like or if dont, its always the typical response here on the SL forums, most of the time the replies are always negative not just mine but others that have posted, it as if a group known posters are additive junkies to dispell anything that's posted if it does not suit their agenda,
  3. Some of you posters and you know who are must think you own this forum and discount what anyone says if it does not fit your agenda like I said its suggestion, and I really don't give a rats behind what your anti feelings are about my suggestion all I know is this and that's SL is losing members and many I speak to feel SL is becoming stale, hence the suggestions title. A suggestion box that's easy to find and post here is a good idea and the reason I mention it is that SL needs new life and members are the best thing to gauge what might be needed to bring fresh input to SL
  4. Like I said its a suggestion, and I personally think its a good Idea, no one has come with a good enough reason not have it here or even not have one, everyone, knows and comes to the SL forums, as this is the place of topics and debates and " ideas"happen not on Jira
  5. Am sure these forums has its fair share of moaners I would call Anti anything posters, what the hell would another title added about suggestions possibly hurt, really you anti forumers you make me laugh
  6. Because I"m talking about a area that everyone can see posts of suggestions and can add or just read, but if suggestions are scattered all over the place how can we all see them?
  7. Companies all around the world have what we call suggestion boxes, whereby people put ideas forward, this is exactly the same only electronically and located under one title, whats wrong with that?
  8. How did I know the first reply would be negative, so you expect people to trawl through every post looking for suggestions? I think its a good idea
  9. Could we not have "suggestion Group " title As I would think many would have some great ideas for SL that we all could share and debate, and maybe LL staff take on board and implement, What better way to make SL better than ask the people who use it
  10. Done it, seen it, read the book, seen the film,
  11. Its funny I want to stay on longer on SL, but just somehow found no interest to do so,
  12. I rarely go on SL now, I somehow lost interest, how do you feel and what do you think needs changing
  13. I have a property on the mainland its been over 8 years and they still cannot fix this sim crossing problem, I have given up riding my bike on the mainland.
  14. I believe Microsoft has made big mistakes, internet explorer is now 2nd to chrome, Microsoft 365 is losing ground to google docs, and Windows 10 is a joke compared to Windows 64 VR is for teenagers, SL is based for adults I hope LL invest more into
  15. SL is what it is"a secondlife for most" and as long as LL keeps it fresh they will have always have a following, VR is really not for the masses of adults. LL should plough their resources in SL
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